2 questions about Sesame Street

On the TV Show “Sesame Street” it all takes place in New York City right?
I was thinking San Francisco but now I am almost 100 per cent sure it takes place in New York City.

My other question

Did “Sesame Street” say anything about 9/11 on the show? (In a simple kid’s way of course)


Yes, Sesame Street is set in a multicultural fictional neighborhood in New York City that has the world’s largest concentration of Muppets.

Yes. The Muppets Clash and Elmo addressed 9/11 in a show that aired in February 2002. PBS produced a child-friendly show about 9/11 featuring the stars of various shows.

I’m one year older than Sesame Street, and a kindergarten teacher. I have come full circle.

It is also filmed in New York - not Manhattan, but in Astoria, across the river. I forget the name of the studio - it’s not Silvercup, but the other one.

They also indirectly addressed 9/11 in an episode in which Mr. Hooper’s store catches on fire. Fire alarms go off, and everyone has to evacuate the building until the firemen come and put the fire out. The store is OK, but Elmo is pretty traumatized and much of the rest of the episode deals with his emotional reaction to the fire.

The show originally aired on Feb. 4, 2002. There’s a brief episode recap here.