Where do TV shows take place?

For purposes of this thread, let’s say that a TV show is a 30-60 minute weekly dramatic or comedic series that one might watch in prime time. They should not be cartoons, news shows, mini-series, documentaries, infomercials, etc. Also, let’s limit ourselves to the US (although if anyone wants to start a non-US thread, that could be fun too).

So where TV shows take place? For instance, The Flying Nun took place in (I think) Puerto Rico. Night Court was in New York, one of the few shows in TV history that have. Cheers was in Boston, The Drew Carey Show was in Cleveland, Gilligan’s Island was within 2000 feet of Hawaii. Miami Vice, Vegas, and Beverly Hills 90210 were probably set someplace specific, though I don’t know where. :dubious:

What other shows were set in what other places? Outside of Viet Nam and Korea, any other international places? How about Nebraska, Iowa, or Delaware? Are any US states not represented? How about any New York boroughs?

Seriously, the list is almost endless.

Frasier had Seattle.
My Name is Earl apparently takes place in Maryland.
The Office takes place in Ohio.
Everwood was in Colorado I think.
Smallville is in Kansas.
Frank’s Place took place in New Orleans.
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia I assume takes place in Philly.
You mentioned New York boroughs… 90percent of tv shows take place in LA or NY so I’m sure there are tons…bucoming to mind Everybody Hates Chris takes place in Brooklyn(?)
Full House was in San Diego
Monk is in San Fran
An old Carol Burnett soap opera parody series “Fresno” took place in Fresno.
Dallas took place in Dallas.
There was a short lived series a couple of years ago about life at an American Embassy, I believe in England.
Keen Eddie also took place in England.

I don’t watch much TV, but you’re kidding here, aren’t you?

One of the few? Lots of sitcoms took place in New York.
Friends, Caroline in the City, The Single Guy, Sex and the City, Seinfeld, Mad About You, Just Shoot Me, Becker, Will & Grace, The Cosby Show, NewsRadio, Veronica’s Closet, Sports Night, The King of Queens, All in the Family The Jeffersons, Maude, Good Times and even *The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy, Barney Miller, The Odd Couple, Welcome Back, Kotter, Kate & Allie, * and The Nanny all took place in New York. I know I’m missing some.

Dramas, you have the various Law & Order shows, Third Watch, NYPD Blue, CSI: New York, and The Sopranos.

Notably The Honeymooners.

Less notably The Patty Duke Show.

I’m sure this has been done before. Do a search in CS and it’ll turn up. I don’t remember the conclusion, if all 50 states were covered.

Few shows take place in New York? How about Seinfeld, NYPD Blue, the King of Queens, Law and Order (all of its incarnations), Rescue Me, Spin City, CSI: New York, the Odd Couple, All In the Family.

I could go on.

Baretta, Barney Miller, Welcome Back, Kotter, Taxi, Sex and the City.

OK, I’ll stop.


Rock and Homicide were set in my old home town of Baltimore.


Ah, yes. Set in Yellowstone Park.

Colorado -

Dynasty, Mork and Mindy, South Park

Indeed, some sarcasm meters need to be adjusted. Because if we exclude shows set either in NYC or the LA area, we have but to determine where the other three are.

And I swear this thread has been done before, but I couldn’t find it.

I’m serious about NY boroughs, though. Manhattan is over-represented.

King of Queens and All in the Family: Queens

Welcome Back Kotter: Brooklyn

The Bronx? Staten Island?

I think the other threads were for TV shows that weren’t set anyplace specific, or that were someplace fictional. A much shorter list, I’m sure.

Well, to be picky, most of the DVD show took place in New Rochelle, and The Sopranos hardly ever shows NYC, because they live and operate in New Jersey.

It most certainly does not! The Office is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

…damn… that’s right… How did I get Ohio? Oh is the other Dunder Mifflin branch in Ohio? Do they go to Ohio at some point?

Wikipedia lists a bunch of shows by setting:


One Day At A Time was in Indiana

Murphy Brown – Washington, DC

Hot L Baltimore – Baltimore, I believe

Soap was in Dunns River (?) CT

Who’s The Boss was also in CT

Yes, Dear – Los Angeles

Bob Newhart – Chicago, then Vermont, unless he just dreamed that.

I watch way too much TV. And then there are all the shows I’ve forgotten, which I guess numbers in the zillions.

Happy Days was set in Milwaukee.

The John Cleese classic Fawlty Towers takes place in Torquay, England.

Twin Peaks is set in David Lynch’s head.