2 Unrelated Questions.... Nose Piercings & Spell Check

Not necessarily in that order. :wink:

First up, I use spellcheck.net. Now I got that from Googling, but apparently my search skills are not up to par because if you even put in something misspelled like “occasionally,” it’ll mark it wrong yet can’t figure it out enough to offer the proper correction. Ugh. So, do you guys know of another online site that would be better? Obviously, it wouldn’t take much, but I’d rather have advance knowledge of something good than goofing it up myself again. Repeatedly. :mad:

Second one. I got my nose pierced almost two months ago. And although it’s healed okay, it still seems pretty damn sore for the most part. If I put a ring in it, I’m alright to go. If I use a stud/bone with the little increase in the end, the more problem I have (especially if it’s slightly bigger than most). Therefore, any suggestions? Or am I just doomed to deal with it forever like this? Last night though, I’d had enough of constantly wincing at it and forced, finally, a bigger hoop through. Which roughly means going from an 18 or 20 gauge to a 16. Would that help? Hurt? Argh! What do I dooooo?


:o :eek: <---- Those are the closest we have to denoting my hurting. No piercing emoticons for us. :frowning: :smiley:

  1. I use m-w.com for spellchecking.

  2. I suggest using a nose screw. Buy a sterile one from a reputable piercer and let her/him put it in for you.

Oh bless you! Thanks for the link. You’d think I would’ve thought of that on my own. :smack: Sigh.

As to the nose screws, I’ve definitely seen plenty, but have absolutely no idea how they work. From looking at them, it seems that the bent part would stick out from the bottom of the inside of your nose? Is that right or am I not understanding the dynamics? If not, do you just turn that part up? Or bend it a different way?

Looking forward to any help you (or others) can give me on that because, obviously, trying to search for “how to wear” one doesn’t give me much information. But I’ve already admitted that I’m inept at that, so maybe that’s why. :frowning:

Nose screws come in various sizes, so you should be able to find one that doesn’t hang down too far. The straight part should be just slightly longer than the thickness of your nostril. The curved part is what keeps it from coming out. Same function as the little knob on the end of a stud. They’re not adjustable or bendable.

Does that help?

I have had my nose pierced since 1993. I have pierced many other noses since then. I have 9 piercings total. I know holes. :slight_smile:

A nose piercing is a cartillige piercing. Thus, it is a lot like Archie Bunker. It heals slowly, holds grudges, and generally gets cranky if the wind blows wrong. Totally unlike a skin piercing, such as an ear lobe, which tends to go with the flow.

First, STOP STRETCHING THE THING. 8 weeks is NOT an abnormal amount of healing time for a nose piercing. Pierced at an 18? Leave it at an 18. For like 3 or 4 more months. Take that 16 out and put in an 18ga ring. Now. I’ll wait while you do this.

Now leave it alone. Stop playing with it. Stop wishing for a bone. You have angered the piercing gods. You must now leave it alone with its 18ga ring for about a month. Why? Because further angering your cartilige piercing will result ina keloid- a very nasty looking scar that will not go away. So trust me, leave it alone.

Now then, you have an 18ga ring, and you wish for something studly. You have left the poor bastard alone for a month and it has finally stopped hurting. What now?

Now you find something studly that will work for you. Here are your options:
a) Get a regular stud, clip off the end a bit, file smooth and bend into a loose “l” shape. Cheap, but can be irritating and takes a knack to get the bend right.
b) Nose bone. Now that you piercing isn’t so angry, the bump at the bottom should go in much easier. Get an 18 ga one. DO NOT STRETCH IT AGAIN. BAD! Nose bones are easy to use, not pokey, and relatively inexpensive. But they fall out pretty easy too.
c) Nose screw. A stud with a curly wire on it. “Screws” in. Can hurt like the devil, especially if coil is too curly or you are not used to them. But cheap and secure.
d) Small labret stud. Get a short 18 ga labret stud.Something like this should work. Get the shortest size. Very secure, and less expensive in the long run because it won’t fall out. But you will look silly putting it in. Very comfy though. Micro balls look best, unless you are into the big-ass ball look.

Remember to always buy quality jewelry- steelnavel.com and tribalectic.com are good places with high quality and reasonable prices. The usenet group rec.alt.bodyart is also a very useful resource. Google groups will allow you to read and post.

You don’t have to deal with this frustration forever, but you do need to let it be for a month or so. Remember, keloids are not your friend. Do not invite them by pissing off your cartillige piercing.

Hope this helps!

foxymoron, I gotta now. I’d wondered how on earth those were supposed to work, considering how they seemed to me and you explained it perfectly so that it makes sense. Glad to know I was completely off base, but I really don’t like the look of something coming out from under and inside my nose. I just want a continuous hoop. Go figure.

Now inkleberry, thank Og you’ve arrived! Just what I’d so desperately wished for… an honest to goodness expert piercer person. Woohoo! Anyhow, I’m really sorry for pissing off the gods of body metal. :frowning: I had no idea. But I hope you’re still here because I’ve got a question before I rush off to change back to the smaller gauge (I know, I know, but bear with me) I was pierced at because getting it in last night was a HUGE, HUGE pain in the, well, nostril. :slight_smile: So, since initially it was a (gasp!) 20/18, I can’t leave it like this? Due to the fact that it’s already there?

::: whimper, whine :::

Or would it never work/heal after the fact because it’s so new? Or even, would it look awful? I don’t think I’ve done any damage yet, but I’m not 100% positive. I just wish I’d been told to leave it be when I had it done. All they said was to wait a month and it was a professional. But I do promise that once I do whatever I need to that I will stop messing with it for the required amount of time. I’m even assuming (after your thorough explanation) that it’s similar to the cartilage piercing in my ear and how it’s taking forever to stop hurting. Um, probably for the same reason. I’ve just recently left it alone and it’s been quite a while when I had that done. Ah, live and learn.

Another question: I really am not too fond of anything but a hoop. Perhaps I was overly influenced of the early days watching Joan Osborne. :stuck_out_tongue: Although that was the standard then, it seems to be something impossible to find these days. I’ve even been to both of the places you recommended (a couple of days ago) and the closest I’ve seen is the ‘continuous’ or ‘seemless’ rings that have to be put on using special pliers or a practitioner. Is that true? Would those work? Is there another kind or somewhere else to go? Or am I just overlooking them? Or give it up and stick to the kind you suggested? So much to know!

Well, until I hear more, I want to say thank you both for all your help. Here’s to you guys having a great holiday and me to stop torturing myself.


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— Author Unknown

For nose rings (hoops) I get ones like this:


You can find them in a variety of gauges - even in drug stores and piecing salons.

Regarding the hinged hoops - you don’t need pliers either - you can take them out and put them in yourself very easily, and you can add a bead very easily for a different look every day.

There are lots of places to find them online too:

Look for hinged hooks & captive hinged hooks

I got twisted ones that look like these from Shoppers Drug Mart.


One more url with lots of hinged hoops:


I wish I could find a baby sized one for my top of my ear piercing.

lexi, those are perfect! And I’d actually found one, at Hot Topic, like you pictured. However, I stupidly was under the impression that it was the only size they carried, so I didn’t look any further. Because it ended up being too large for my nose, but fine enough for my upper ear (and like you, I’d love to find a baby one). Anyway, now that I know they come in all sorts of different gauges, I’ll seek out some more of those. I’m sure I’ll be buying some real soon as an early Christmas present for myself.

Ooooh, mucho gracias! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.