20% Off at Borders

I just got a new Borders’ loyalty card. So I can get 20% off any one non-electronics item at the place. No special orders allowed. Any ideas?

Maybe I ought to get a nice Christmas gift for someone.

(I wish they sold those nice bookshelves.)

I’d wait for the 30% off coupon if you want to get something big. They are distributed pretty frequently via e-mail. And in fact, there’s one going on now for completing a survey. But there’s usually one that doesn’t require filling out a survey pretty frequently as well.

Hell, buy a couple of things and they wills start sending 40% off coupons.

Really? I haven’t seen any 40% off coupons and I’ve definitely bought more than a couple things. :mad:

:goes digging through e-mail to see if I can find one that I missed:

I’m interested in buying an $89 book, but not without a coupon.

If you give them your e-mail address they will send you coupons regularly, usually for 20% and 30%, but sometimes for 40% off (a few times a year). And when you buy something with your card, your receipt will often have a coupon on it. Wait for the 40% coupon and spring for the complete Calvin and Hobbes. Or a DVD box set. With the 20% coupons, I buy single CDs as stocking stuffers.

If you sign up, you can have discount codes sent to your txt message. It is very dangerous to have this done.
I leave home without coupons all the time, but I never go anywhere without my cellphone.

::: Goes and looks at old e mails from Borders:::
Lots of 40% on hardcover best sellers, some 40% on Boxed sets of CD/DVD, and a few on anything.
Most are in the 20%, 25%, and 30% range.

Here’s the latest from Slickdeals.net:

Borders has a new 40% off coupon DMB5387A valid for any book. The discount it taken off list price, and will not apply if the discount is already 40% or more. Shipping is free when shipped to a US store, or with $25+ purchase. Thanks kharedi

Alternatively, use coupon DML5388Y for 30% off any item, not just books.