46 dollars in a Borders/Waldenbooks gift certificate, and a 20% teacher's discount

Well, the title says it all. My birthday is this week, and a friend of mine gave me the first four volume of a Manga by the guy who did Love Hina. I’ve forgotten the name, but it is about a young Welsh Wizard who ends up teaching a Homeroom class in a Japanese High School. Personally, I didn’t lik it.

Today, I went into a local store and returnd the books. I would have prefered cash, but that wasn’t an option without a receit. Now, as a result, I have a 46 dollar store-credit card. In addtion, I have a 20% off card, supposedly for classroom use only “Oh, it’s a reward for a student!”, which I use for whatever I feel like. (My teacher’s id also gets me into the Science Center, and the Visionary Arts Museam)

Looking at the book store, I saw few fantasy books which interested me, and while I saw a few manga which looked interesting, I was turned off by the idea of paying $8 (10, before discount) per book, leaving me with only five books, plus change for such a large amount of money. Frankly, my mind stopped in the 80s, where $5 was an average price to pay for a paperback, and the highest prce for a candybar was $0.50

Well, any Baltimorean dopers want to buy a gift certificate? If not, what books for 20, 10, and 5 dollars, of almost any genre are more then worth the price?

P.S. No, I don’t teach, except for a little Summer School, but it still gets me a teacher’s ID, in case you are wundering.

P.S. I see spelling mistakes. However, I am not done downloading OpenOffice, and am a horrible speller. Sorry.

Well, I just reread this, and I realized it looks as if I am saying, “Hee, hee, I have a discount card, and you don’t!”

Well, srew that. You want to go to a mall with me? Feel like saving two buck, or so? I’ll help. :wink:

When I get Borders gift cards… I always use them on the internet. Borders.com is actually just amazon.com - if you go there by typing borders.com (which you have to do to use a Borders gift card), you only get the stuff that they would normally sell, but as long as you buy it online you get the amazon.com prices, which are generally cheaper than in-store on all sorts of books, and WAY cheaper than in-store on any CDs, DVDs, etc. For most manga, it looks like the online prices are about 20% off list, so you probably wouldn’t save any more there than you would in-store… but if you want to buy a DVD set or something, it’s a way to get a pretty good deal. Just something to think about :slight_smile:

Very good advice.

Anyone else, any suggested titles?