200 posts. So say the Hampsters.

The hampsters are wrong, of course. I had almost 100 posts, maybe more, when the board was brought down. Just to add insult to injury, it went down while I was in the hospital. Damn!

But here I am now, celebrating my official 200th post. Care to join me? Cheesecake and dancing girls, whipped cream flying throught the air, all the trappings. This is gonna be fun!


Maybe all the people spelling it “hampsters” were influenced by that incredibly cheesy song “The Hampster Dance” by “Hampton the Hamster” that came out a couple years ago?


Flamsterette: Arg, now that awful song will be in my head for hours!
Grelby: Cheescake and dancing girls? That sounds like a party! Now, how will I celebrate my bicentennial?..

::wanders off to fitfull sleep punctuated by images of whirling cartoon hamsters::


That’s why the server is so slow. They can’t run when they have two p.

Use a pun, go to jail. :wink:

Sorry, p@cific@812. That was the first thing that popped to mind. (possibly aided by memories of watching “Fromage 2000” on MuchMusic… it’s a show that catalogs the worst videos of the year) Believe me, I didn’t mean you any lasting harm. :slight_smile:


Its OK. I survived the night. :smiley:

Dang. Hamsters.
Anyway, yes, cheesecake and dancing girls (and boys, why not?). It’s not just a party, it’s the party!