And this is...

My 600th post! I posted 100 times in two weeks! I’m giddy! Thank you, Tokugawa, for giving me an excuse to pad my post count! Woohoo!

:::lurches off down the street, holding her go-cup of Long Island Iced Tea and singing “Whiter Shade of Pale”:::

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green


Good for you, Rilchiam. Come on in and join the party at my place.

Thanks, Phouka! I’ll bring Smokey Red BarBQ Doritos!

“What’s the cure for disillusionment, Charlie Brown?”

“A chocolate cream and a friendly pat on the back.”

SO what…

sorry but I see no reason to get all excited over the amount of posts you have, it’s akin to the first time you pooped in the tiolet. You think you give a shit that you shit for the first time in a potty?

Sorry, I am actually laughing while posting this because tomorrow you really wont care much.

But congrats to you anyway?
I’m drinking a beer for my 654th post…oh wait, I think I have had at least 1 beer for every post I have created…

< I need a happy pill, anyone have any…I am not unhappy, just not happy :frowning: >

sorry that was rude of me…

Damn, talk about a lack of tact, AND common courtesy. Were you raised by a pack of wolves?

It’s worth the risk of burning, to have a second chance…

HEY! I was raised by a pack of wolves and i resent that statement!

do you think i chose to be raised by wolves?


is it my fault that certain socio/economical conditions forced me into a life of wolvery?

again, no!

and futhermore, when you speak of me and people like me, we prefer to be called Lupine-Americans