200 years ago, I'd be dead. How 'bout you?

I used to be part of the SCA - a medieval/renn recreation group. One of our people used to do this thing called “Kill the audience”.

She’d get the audience to stand then start “killing” them off by having people sit who’ve had appendicitis, etc. - things that would’ve killed them without modern medicine. She could get a majority of the room to sit without effort.

So, I’d be dead without modern medicine - I had appendicitis at around 19 years old.

How 'bout you? Life-saving surgery? Serious Illness? Broke a major bone? Are you here by the grace of modern medicine?

Considering the vaccinations I was given as a wee one I might very well have come in contact with a deadly disease and never known it. The only serious illness I had was minor spinal meningitis when I was 12. Talk about a sucky spring break. I don’t believe that I would have gone to the big pasture in the sky if it was left untreated.

Otherwise, healthy as a…Horse. :smiley:

Appendicitis at 16 or 17. Dead as a doornail.

Pneumonia at age 8. Most likely I’d be done for.

If you lived in a developing country, you’d probably be dead too. Technology has not benefitted everyone.

I had pneumonia at age 19. I might have survived without antibiotics, but I doubt it.

My nephew had a congenital heart defect requiring open-heart surgery when he was only a week old. Obviously he wouldn’t have lived.

So yeah, thanks Modern Medicine.

200 years ago people were tough. A little appendicitis would barely slow you down.

You just sucked it up and went about your business.

Today’s youth on the other hand is always whining when an internal organ ruptures, or a bone breaks, or they lose an eye or a limb.

No fortitude.

I think chula’s point is valid - living in a developed country as I do, who’s to say whether I could make it in a less developed environment.

Having said that - to play out the question on a more conceptual level - I dunno; I might’ve done okay:

  • Hernia repair and tonsillectomy, both at a young age - I might’ve been uncomfortable, but don’t know how life-threatening these would’ve been if left untreated

  • mild cases of chicken pox and the mumps

  • your usual array of glasses, braces, etc… - again, not life-threatening in my case (although I wouldn’t want to have explained that to myself in junior high as my social life took yet another hit)

  • allergy shots

No major broken bones, no scary diseases. Who knows? Again, though - if this were really put to the test, I’m sure I would last about a week at most…

I don’t know if any illnesses would have killed me in 1802, but I certainly would have been stoned to death by the villagers in the 1600s.

Oh, shoot - I just thought of something. I get my annual sinus infection every year - I wouldn’t be surprised if that wouldn’t be sufficient to put me down if very little time…yuck, death by inflamed sinuses…

No appendicitis, but I had Bronchial Pneumonia and Tonsillitis, both of which put me in the hospital. There’s a good chance I’d be dead.

Never been in the hospital except to visit someone else.
Never had a broken bone.
No serious illnesses.
No glasses, braces etc.

The only things that seem even a little doubtful are 1) I’ve had my wisdom teeth out and 2) I was a cesarean birth.

I think I’d have been okay. Wouldn’t have liked it, but I’d be okay.

I may or may not have died from a pneumonia bout or two as a tyke.

If I lived through that, I would definitely be completely blind now, though–medieval technology not quite being up to handling retinal detachment, no matter how many leeched they slapped on.

Never been seriously ill or injured, but my mother and I are both small, narrow-hipped women, so there’s a good chance I would either have not survived my own birth, or died in childbirth by now. Other than that, I think I’d be OK, just severely bucktoothed.

I would have been burnt at the stake if they caught me.

Never hospitalized, no stitches, no broken bones. Have been thrown by my horse and not killed - have been bitten by dogs and not seriously injured…I think I’d still be around at my ripe old age of 41, if I hadn’t been downed by childbirth, of course. I would assume that the probability that I’d be 41 and single and childlessand responsible to make my own living would be somewhat remote back then.


with as many times as I had Bronchitis, Pneumonia and Strept throat as a kid(we’re talking dozens of times here) I’d definately have bought the farm by now.

Dead as a door nail.

Aside from the Hydrocephalus I was born with (which prolly would have meant the end of me up until the early part of the 20[sup]th[/sup] Century), I have also had my appendix removed.


Emergency c-section, age 33. Me and baby, dead. :frowning:
Modern medicine, good. :slight_smile:

Breach birth with the cord wrapped around my neck. I wouldn’t have lasted long at all.