Would you still be alive without modern medical technology?

I probably would have died as a child if I was born a few hundred years ago. I actually almost suffocated in my sleep once when I was about 9 years old due to a combination of bronchitis (which I was being treated for), severe dust allergies, and extremely large, swollen tonsils (removed soon after that event). Not hard to see some combination of that (plus maybe a fever on top) doing me in without modern medicine.

I also have extremely poor eyesight, certainly a disadvantage, but I don’t think myopia genes were as common back in the day as they are now.

I had a life-threatening bleeding ulcer in 2008 that was repaired endoscopically. Before that technology, I would have had to undergo major invasive surgery.

I’d have a good chance of being dead; I had a bad case of bronchitis as a child and spent time in an oxygen tent. No medication and no tent might well have killed me.

I may have died in childbirth, although there’s a chance I wouldn’t have had such difficult births if modern medicine hadn’t intervened in the first place… but them again, the intervention was because of my high blood pressure in late pregnancy which could have had it’s own potentially fatal outcome. I suspect if I’d given birth in an earlier era, there wouldn’t have been a happy outcome.

When I was in my twenties, we had a family dinner with my mother and my six brothers and sisters, of whom I am the youngest. For some reason, we got to musing upon this subject, and determined that, a hundred years before, only I and my oldest sister would still be alive at our contemporary ages. I would almost certainly be deaf, and she would have been crippled.


Nope. Hydrocephalic as a baby.

I was diagnosed with a 90% blockage of my LAD, which was repaired 2 years ago. Untreated, it would have almost certainly resulted in a fatal heart attack by now.

Oh heck yes. I had blood poisoning when I was around 12 which turned out to be relatively minor because for some reason I knew that a red line going up my arm meant blood poisoning, so I pestered my older brother (who was babysitting me) to call my parents and take me to the ER. The doc who fixed me up told them that had we waited until morning, it would have been much more serious in a “maybe she would have woken up dead” kind of way.

If that didn’t do me in, the bit where my pancreas quit spitting out insulin when I was 38 would have taken me.

Yeah, I like modern medicine.

Would a buggered gall bladder be fatal? If not, I’d have killed myself to escape the pain.

Absolutely not.

Childbirth was a total shit-show for me that I probably wouldn’t have survived (emergency c-section). Junior definitely wouldn’t have made it.

Considering that my older brother and I were each born by c-section, “still be alive” may in fact be jumping the gun in my case.

I’d probably be dead. Childbirth problems.

Before that, I wouldn’t be able to get glasses strong enough to allow me to see well. I’d probably be deaf in one or both ears, due to persistent ear infections. I have a bit of hearing loss as it is, and my right eardrum has some scarring on it.

Impacted wisdom teeth as a teenager requiring emergency surgery. Not sure it would have been fatal as of itself, though I would have happily thrust my jaw into the path of a speeding freight train just to take away the pain.

Renal Cell Carcinoma 39.

Infarct with ventricular fibrillation 43.

Guess not

ps Didn’t we run this thread about five years ago?

Without injectable insulin, I would have died 26 years ago. And a nasty death at that.

Well, I was born by c-section, which I suppose counts as modern medical technology. I wasn’t coming out any other way. I would definitely be disabled without the back surgery I had last year.

A couple times I’ve had painful infections that were easily cleared up by antibiotics but probably would have kept going until I killed myself if antibiotics hadn’t been available. But other than that, no, I think I’d still be alive.

I would probably have died if my mom couldn’t have a c-section. Maybe she would have, too.

I also got a really heinous kidney infection when I was 9, couldn’t urinate AT ALL. I was hospitalized for several days. Without modern antibiotics, my body would have filled up with pee. Like, up to my eyeballs! And there was also that REAAAALLY bad strep throat I got.

Would I be alive without modern medicine? I sincerely doubt it.

I would have died before my first birthday. I had infantile asthma, and required emergency medical intervention several times.

Yes, as far as I know, although I guess you can’t rule out the possibility that I would have died of some disease that I’ve been immunized against, or that has been mostly-eradicated.