2004 hypothetical: If Kerry wins, does Edwards still cheat on his wife?

Assume Kerry/Edwards win Ohio in 2004 and thus the presidency. Does John Edwards still cheat on his wife while he’s Vice President? If so, what happens?

My guess is yes, Edwards would still cheat. It seems to have been an obsession with him. I’d guess that Edwards would either be forced to resign or else he’d be dropped from the ticket in 2008.

Would Kerry pick Barack Obama to be the new VP? I’d say there is a very good chance he would. Hillary Clinton might be an interesting choice, but NY had Republican govrnor Pataki, so her seat would have flipped parties.

I thought the affair began before the election.

Wikipedia has it in 2006 and I believe that is correct,

…in an August 8, 2008, statement, and an interview with Bob Woodruff of ABC News, Edwards admitted the affair with Hunter in 2006, but denied being the father of her child. He acknowledged that he had been dishonest in denying the entire Enquirer story…

Probably not. IIRC, he met Rielle Hunter, when she approached him at a bar in New York in 2006. If he were VP, he would have been in “the bubble,” and probably not hanging out in places or be in situations where someone could have just come up and started flirting with him.

Of course, that’s not to say he wouldn’t have just had an affair with someone else, like a staff member, but from what I’ve read, there was just something about Rielle that made him go head over heels.