2004 Oscars; Belleville singer?

Does anyone know who sung the song from Triplets of Belleville on the Academy Award show the other night?

The song Belleville Rendez-vous was performed by the singer Cheri (sp?) and composer Benoit Charest.

Oops! I was wrong about the name. The singer was Betty Bonifassi, who is married to Montreal jazz musician and composer Benoit Charest. Betty voices one of the triplets.

I believe she was introduced just as “Betty”.

My two cents here, but that was easily the best performance of one of the nominated songs during the show. They did a great job of capturing the wackiness of that song and translating it from animation to live action.

I haven’t seen the movie yet - but seeing that performance definitely made me want to more. Very kicky - definitely one of my favorite performances of the night. To be honest, of all the songs performed, the one that won (from LOTR:FOTK, of course), was my least favorite. I think I would have prefered that The Scarlet Tide won, if I was to go strictly by performance. I’m not big on sappy songs, but both performances by Alison Krauss were just incredible.


Before we drift to Cafe Society with this question, I will say that vacuum cleaners and bicycle spokes are an important part of the “plot” of the film.

Thank you, Walloon and BobT. I agree with Susan. I enjoyed that song more than any of the others, and Benoit’s wife did a great job on it, visually and vocally.

This is definitely headed toward CS, I think, so I’ll just say: Triplets of Belleville is in my top five for the year. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Finding Nemo was great, but Triplets is genius. And yeah, the music kicks ass. :slight_smile:

Oh, and a final note more in line with GQ, the lyrics to the Oscar-nominated song were written by the film’s director, Sylvain Chomet.

Do you think it’s easier or harder to write lyrics that make no sense?

And in two different languages!

I wanted one of the guitarists to start playing with his toes.