A "Triplets of Belleville" question

Is Belleville supposed to be in America? The movie had almost no dialogue but it seemed the triplets spoke snatchs of English and the acts they performed with in the opening seemed to be American. The boat appeared to cross an ocean traveling from France and passed what appeared to the Statue of Liberty as it entered the harbor.

The site (requires Flash, sound on by default) says they journey to “a giant megalopolis called Belleville.” It doesn’t say where the triplets are from or where they performed.

The impression I got was that Belleville was a ficticious American town or area in New York City. It translates to “good city”, and I interpreted that as commentary on the city.

Is anyone actually looking forward to seeing this film? And why? I just saw the trailer attached to 21 Grams and despite its not revealing what the general plot is about, it looks pretty bad.

Supposedly I was looking forward to seeing it…but I dunno. Over at the Internet Movie Database, a reviewer said “If you liked Delicatessan, you’ll love this.” I have no problem with the macabre, but admit that I was one of the ones who simply did not get too excited about Delicatessan.

It is, quite simply, one of the greatest animated films ever made.

As for the OP: I have a feeling it’s “supposed” to be America, but it really doesn’t matter. Any big city will do, as the movie takes place in another universe anyway.

I got the idea that Belville is supposed to be the US, or at least a parallel universe version of the US, though the Triplets seemed like they were french(THe french newspaper in the apartment, the frogs they seem to live off of, and the fact the song they love to sing is mostly french). Then again, everything is a twisted version of the real world in “Triplets”(I’ve never heard of the “French Maifa” nor see 150 foot tall ships).

I saw it a couple days ago, and I’m still thinking about it. I tend to like things that are a little offbeat and I thoughly enjoyed “triplets”, a lot more then every other film I’ve seen in the last few months except for ROTK.

I got the same impression as well; that Belleville was in the US but the Triplets themselves were French. I loved the film and thought it was the best one I saw in 2003.

I saw the trailer before Bubba Ho-Tep and although I knew nothing about it decided I had to see it based mainly on the music. I need this soundtrack.

I really thought the grandmother was going to annoy me (the whistle-blowing, pushing up her glasses), but I was totally moved by her single-mindedness and her desire to go to all lengths to find her grandson. Belleville itself looked fantastic.

But why did they have real French locations and fictitious U.S. locations?

So I guess The Triplets of Belleville is set in New York in the same way The Aristocats is set in Paris.