2006 Census Test

Last week I got a letter in the mail asking me to be on the lookout for the 2006 Census Test that would be going out soon. Sure enough, here it is. It is a nice official government envelope with all the official government markings. In big bold letters is says:


I’m 99.999999% sure this is a legitimate census form that is being sent out to checkout processes in preparation for the upcoming 2010 census.

But, for the love of Og, I can’t bring myself to write down all this personal info on this form. My phishing radar keeps going off like nobody’s business. Constant internet vigilance has made me hard and wary over the years. I feel like if the government doesn’t already know this stuff, then I darned sure ain’t going to tell them.

I’m tempted to find out what they mean by the ‘required by law’ statement firsthand. Has anybody else gotten this and being given pause while trying to fill it out?

Toss it. I got one of those last census. Shredded it and never heard a peep out of the Feds.

Here’s a link so there is something going on.