2006 Weight Loss Club - May

Wow, May already. In an effort to keep this thread from growing too large, I have started the May edition of the weight loss club.

As the man who started the club, I should be embarassed, because so far all I’ve done is increase my excercise. I am making no progress on the eating.

Still, I am building some lean body mass and am seeing some good results in the arms and shoulders.

Oh well, keep on soldering on. As long as I don’t give up I haven’t failed.

This week I did good work outs every day. I am using the eliptical at the gym on my lunch hours at work and am increasing a little each day. In the evening I do my weights. I am pretty consistent about doing these things. I am a little concerned because my right ankle is acting oddly, and it wasn’t before I started using the eliptical, but I’ll wait and see if it gets worse. Basically, one place on the ankle, when pressed, causes “pins and needles” to go down through the foot. I don’t know if that indicates overwork or what, but as I said, if it gets worse I’ll see a doc.

Next week I will be on the road two days, so I won’t get my full work outs. I will literally on the road most of Tuesday and Wednesday - 14 hour days or more. I fear that will be a pattern every few weeks on this job. But one has to work and so I’ll fit the work outs in where I can.


Had a sort of unencouraging month of not losing a single pound. I quite like your mantra “As long as I don’t give up I haven’t failed”. I’m adopting it as I really do feel better despite my clothes not being much looser. I’m getting my secind weights program on Tuesday so maybe that will help.

And oh how I could use that mantra about now…

Last week I was on vacation and even though I didn’t go anywhere and could have exercised every day I didn’t. I also used it as an excuse to eat whatever the heck I felt like a the moment.

Two steps forward, one step back.

I’m getting back on the straight and narrow today. Good luck in May everyone!

The last two weeks have been somewhat of a set back, as I have gained 10 or so pounds. This was due mainly to stress and a poor diet. The good news is that I went to Gold’s Gym today to see what the cost of membership would be, and I think that I am going to join. I’ve been working out at home, as well as running, but I have to admit I have been lazy the last little bit. I’m still down 100 pounds, but I find myself slipping back into my old habits so easily. It’s not about the weight loss for me, I need to fix the reasons as to why I gained the weight in the first place. I don’t want to wake up a year or two down the road and find that I’ve put it all back on.

My hope is that by actually joining a gym, I’ll be more motivated to actually go, rather than just sitting around. Has this helped with anyone else, or will I just be throwing away my money?

Every time I travel, the healthy living plan goes out the window. I will not go for an early morining run in districts I don’t know, every one expects you to have a beer with them (I don’t complain) and it is difficult to find decent food that won’t pork you up.

Checking in. Down another pound, and running a little farther today. Fifteen laps around the indoor track at the Y is a mile. I managed 7 at a trot right off the bat, and finished my 2 miles today walking 1 lap for every 3 I ran.

I’m also 6 pounds out from my minimum goal of 220; 21 from the surgeon’s goal; and 27 from my ultimate.


Had a few beers Friday and Saturday night, oh and Pizza at work on Friday (boss bought it, so, you know, had to eat the free 'zza.) It didn’t screw me up though since I worked out for an hour on Saturday, did housework, then on Sunday we did the spring cleaning…all day.

I lost 2 more pounds. :slight_smile:
FYI, exercise and South Beach diet are my methods.

Checking in:

Weight Plan: Bernstein Diet
Start Date: March 21


Another good week with very few temptations. But I’m getting real tired of that Domino’s commercial where they order every goddam add-on they can.

Especially the cinnamon sticks…

Following the lead of the previous post, I should add that my weight loss plan is a laparoscopic RNY, low-carb diet of no particular plan, and exercise.

This has worked for me. I run also, but there are days when running doesn’t seem like a good option for me, for whatever reason (weather, injury, want to work some other part of my body, or just bored with running), so it’s great for me to be able to take a class or use the TM if weather is the issue, or just plain do something different. I do kow people who join gyms and never go, though, so YMMV.

I don’t have a scale at home, so I have no actual weight progress to report. I did run a 10K yesterday, though, so feel pretty good about that.

Checking in on the thread. Everyone is doing great! Remember that the weight was not gained overnight and it will not be lost overnight.

Down 2 pounds this week which makes total pounds lost since New Years 26.5. I am still completely motivated to lose the additional 17 pounds, maybe even a few more.

My clothes are baggy (mostly the jeans and sweatshirts) but I was able to pull out some spring/summer tops from last year that aren’t too big on me and actually show that I have lost weight. I was getting tired of looking so frumpy in too big sweaters/sweatshirts and jeans.

I have been stressing over coming up with money for new clothes (this month, last month and next month are a bit tough for me financially) and I had some fantastic suprises happen to me at work last week. First, I got a substantial raise, yay me! My boss also told me some great things about me that was much needed and appreciated. In addition, my birthday was Saturday and Friday I had an Elvis Singing Gorilla sing me a birthday song and give me balloons and a rose. Yes, you did read that right, an Elvis Singing Gorilla. One of the guys at work hired him for retaliation for his birthday earlier in the month (for his birthday I got the guys to all come to work dressed as various Village People, I plastered his office with Village People pictures, he will still be finding the pictures months from now, and this was complete with me playing Village People songs all morning and a Village People picture cake). In addition to the Elvis Singing Gorilla I got a dozen orange roses (my favorite color), a card singed by most of the techs and office people and this was complete with a $200 gift certificate to the mall. The gift certifiacate was a complete surprise! Also it is very appreciated by me. What can I say except that I work with some great people (actually all men except for one other woman).

So to sum that long paragraph above I had a great month in April, I lost an additional 5 pounds plus had some fantastic people do some very nice things for me. I feel really motivated to lose 7 pounds this month so I can start using that gift certificate (I gave myself a goal to start buying new clothes).

Have a great month everyone! Keep up the hard work.

Hello all,

Let me apologize in advance, this is going to be long and rambling.
I haven’t posted to any of the other threads, by the time I notice them they’re monsters and I can’t keep the attention span held long enough to plow though 15 pages.
I hope y’all don’t mind that I’m participating in spirit, but am not sure I can bring myself to type in the numbers of pounds, at least not until I’ve had some degree of success at keeping it off. I notice that the majority of you are working on losing what seems to me a small amount of weight (and I know this is a mental thing on my part, I absolutely do not mean to demean or belittle anyone’s struggle, it just seems that I have a monumental way to go, and honestly I’d be absolutely thrilled to be “only” thirty pounds overweight) I was, for a time, morbidly obese. I’m sure I still technically am, although I have almost never felt that way. I lost a whole bunch of weight a couple years ago eating a strict vegan diet and working out to a pathological degree (including two hours of martial arts, weight lifting, and running two miles, all in the same day, every day). As can be expected, I couldn’t maintain that routine forever, and it’s crept back on slowly but surely, particularly after moving in with my heavily carnivorous (now) husband and going jobless for six months, meaning no classes and no gym membership.

So, I’m attacking it now with a renewed conviction of subtle life changes in the spirit of slowly but surely will keep it off far more certainly than a crashing 180*, so to speak. My first change was to pay a lot of attention to when I was hungry, only eat to satisfy hunger, and only eat until that hunger was satisfied. I learned to eat much more slowly instead of sucking my lunch down as fast as possible in order to get errands and such done on my half-hour lunch break. I stopped snacking out of boredom or frustration. From this change alone I am losing half a pound a day or more. Only by eating an average of 1500-1800 calories a day, sometimes more and sometimes far less–and sometimes I have pizza for dinner or a coke with my lunch, and I no longer beat myself up about it–I am losing about half a pound a day. I bought an elliptical machine and am working out about five times a week, an easy three ten minute sets with crunches and leg lifts in between. I work out hard enough to sweat and feel like I’m pushing myself, but not like I did before. I am paying a lot of attention to the food I eat, but not necessarily in a bad way. I have a long history with eating disorders, and have to be very careful not to slip back into a 300 calorie a day mode.

I feel like the difference is that these changes are normal. These things I’m doing are what normal people do in the course of taking in food for the day, and expending energy. I’m not eating an ultra-strict diet, I am just careful about portions. I also find myself craving veggies and salads instead of eating fried foods or sandwiches with lots of cheese and mayo, which I think I did more often than I imagined. If there’s a birthday cake at work, I might have a bite or two to sample, but if I don’t really enjoy it, I won’t keep eating. If it’s really, really good, I’ll have a small slice, and that’s okay. We have a little junk food in the house, but because I am being very careful to listen to my body and only eat to satisfy hunger or craving, I find myself not ever touching it… not because I’d beat myself up about it, but just because I don’t want it.

The thing that has me a little worried is that it seems so easy… as though I’m not having to work hard for it even though weight loss is such a difficult thing. And maybe it’ll come back to bite me in the ass later on down the road. I know that my basal metabolic rate is huge, vast, and that I’m losing weight quickly mostly because I have so much weight to lose. I am also aware that it’ll slow agonizingly when I’m closer to a normal weight.

Since mid-January, I’m down 37 pounds. I’m mentally congradulating myself for every ten pounds lost. I have three big goals, fifty pounds, one hundred pounds, and one hundred fifty pounds. At that point I’ll still be a heavier than the charts say I ought to be, but the charts are wrong. At the “ideal” weight for my height my hipbones and ribs stick out, I look sickly and disproportionate. My husband has very seriously asked me to never be that thin again.

One of my closest friends is bemoaning a bit of belly left over from her last (of six!) pregnancies. I told her I had more weight to lose than she weighed, period. She looked at me like I was insane, “you’re joking… right?” I said I was, but not by much, and in all honesty I wasn’t joking. I’m feeling a bit humiliated even discussing it, so I may or may not post again.

Thanks for your time.

I found that for me, I am much more motivated to work out when I don’t feel like all the 0% body fat muscle dudes are snickering at my flabby ass on the treadmill or the butterfly machine. I did go to Gold’s for a short period of time, but absolutely dreaded going and am far more consistent about excercising now that I have a machine of my own, at home. Also, even though the cost for a year’s gym membership and a machine were about the same, expending it all in a lump sum and having it staring at me in the guest room every day is a bigger motivator than the monthly membership fee that I won’t use :wink:

I’m dieting to lose just a few pounds, but it’s been harder than I thought. I started half-heartedly a couple of weeks ago, by just cutting some of my calories out at lunch. Didn’t work.

I’m at the point now where I’m concentrating on the diet all the time, and I have just started to make progress. I’m drinking a big glass of water before every meal, and having mostly fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch. At dinner, I get to eat what everyone else eats, but I have to eat just a sensible amount instead of gorging myself like I want to. (That’s where I’ve screwed up the most so far.) It helps if I eat it slowly, if for no other reason than there won’t be any left when I go for seconds.

I’m pretty hungry during the day if I don’t keep myself busy thinking about other things, but if I do notice a burning sensation in my midsection I try to think of it as fat burning up. The fruit, veggies, and water are sending me to the bathroom a lot more than usual, as well, and I’m trying to think of that as departing fat as well!

I also go to a gym now and then. My husband gave me a membership so I could help motivate him to go, but since he’s paying for both of us, it doesn’t hurt my personal wallet and therefore I am not motivated. Between the two of us we can usually come up with some reason not to go. I think I’d do better with a machine at home also.

I hurt my foot running. And I am sooooo pissed off. My last run was 8 miles, and I’m preparing to run a half marathon. It’s been sore for the last four days. I haven’t been running…and I miss it so much. Hopefully it gets better soon.

Reading my post over again, I feel like it seems very off-putting. I just wanted to reiterate that I’m not belittling anyone elses’ goals or acheivements, just feeling a bit bogged down in my own long trek.
Good luck and good health to all.

MixieArmadillo welcome to the club. There are no rules and so if you don’t want to post your lbs no one minds. This is for support. If posting helps, post. If not, don’t. We’re all just trying to help each other lose weight.

Glad you came on board!

I haven’t really started yet, trying to get my sleep habits corrected and trying to get rid of junk food to start off. Although the dreaded PMS and cravings for salty and sweet things set me back again on the junk food front but I am trying to limit those treats to the actual serving size.

-16.5 since January 1. I’m very frustrated with how slowly I’m losing since having the baby; it really helps to try to remember that when I began ‘dieting’, I wore a size 24-26 and I’m a hell of a lot smaller now. People I’ve seen after a long stretch haven’t recognized me right away.