2006 Weight Loss Club - May

I guess I can jump into this now. I’m going on a cruise to Bermuda with my girlfriend at the end of the month. In an attempt to wow her, I’m hitting the gym extra, extra, extra hard this month. I’ve recruited a buddy of mine who’s been looking for a morning workout partner for a while.

We hit the gym at 6:30 sharp Monday through Friday. We do three or four exercises to keep the muscles from getting all flabby, do some abs, and hit the elliptical for an hour. I usually burn close to 1,000 calories according to the meter on the machine. I’m also taking Hydroxycut along with my multivitamin and my glucosamine supplement.

In the last week, I’ve dropped 4 pounds. I’m guessing that it’s mostly water weight, but I’ve been told that I look like I dropped some weight. I’ll try to remember to check back in right before I leave with a final status report.

The oly weight you’ll lose with Hydroxycut is that of the bills in your wallet…

My Tuesday weigh-in showed my first significant loss in several weeks. Now I’m down 27 pounds since Jan. 25, which is my biggest consecutive loss ever.

Today I had to buy a few new clothes. I’m down 3 sizes and really nothing fits at all, including underlovelies. I’ve been avoiding social situations (as in: leaving the house, ever) for lack of clothes. This may have been my very last trip to Lane Bryant, since normal sizes beckon. I’m hoping that I’ll begin feeling better about myself once I’m wearing clothes that accentuate the improvement.

I made sure to buy a swirly kneelength skirt, so I can take dance classes (maybe contra) if I can talk myself into it. I wanted to do that before I began losing weight, but dreaded sweltering in pants.

When I get to my goal weight it’ll be Tango and fuck-me pumps.

I want to point out that last night I went to K-Mart, and for the first time in about 20 years, bought shirts whose sizes contain but a single X.

I have a wonderfully gaudy Hawaiian shirt on now. :cool: :wink:

LOL. Congratulations and good for you! :slight_smile:

There’s gotta be a good “all his taste is in his mouth” joke here somewhere…


The wife and I are headed over to the Colonies for some shopping tomorrow (go you Canadian dollar!), and I may actually pick up some stuff that contains nary an X at all.

It seems I was a little premature in saying I was back on my diet (in the previous thread) as I’ve been binging like crazy for the past week and have gone up about five pounds since last Friday. I’m still trying, though.

Initial Weight: 360 lbs
Current Weight: 208 lbs
Goal Weight: 150 lbs

152 lost; 58 to lose.

…and congrats, VunderBob. I’m wearing sizes that I honestly don’t remember the last time I was able to wear. It’s a fantastic feeling, isn’t it?

This week: 0. YTD: -12.

Effin’ perimenopause. I’ve got my period again – a mere 2.5 weeks after my last one. Reffa steffa shneffa. So I had the munchies yesterday, plus am carrying some water weight.

The good news is, I put on some shorts yesterday – first time this year – and those puppies were huge. Had to tie the drawstring instead of relying on the elastic waist.

I’m down 18 today.

Okay, after spending the first five months of the year pretending to be dieting, but really just eating right and still snacking (but not gaining anything back, thank God), I really need to Do It.

I’m in the process of applying for a new job, and I’ll be taking a physical agility test sometime around the middle of June. I can do all the tasks required, but there’s a time factor involved, so I need to eat right (no junk food!), and do some actual working out. I can go for walks, obviously, now that the weather is nice, and I have an exercise bike here at home, and I can practice the agility tasks a bit at my firehouse (and there are three sponsored practice sessions before the actual agility test).
I just need to get in shape a bit before the big test, I’m very nervous, since I’m a bit older than many of the other applicants, and I’m not in as good as shape most of them will likely be.

I have no idea how it is even possible but I have weighed myself a good half-dozen times (and on two different scales) to make sure and it seems I am back down to 203 from 208 on Friday morning. I am somewhat amazed.

Today: 272/218/160

I haven’t checked in since March, when I was 220. I’ve only lost about two pounds, but this was on purpose - I’ve been on my [del]diet[/del] lifestyle change for just over a year, and have found that my metabolism has slowed down. Even with the same calorie deficit every day, I was losing less weight than I “should” be. I think my body got used to the diet and compensated by lowering my metabolism, so I took the last month off - just eating enough to maintain my weight and not lose or gain.

The month is now over, so I’m back on track (pretty much), and I’ve also started exercising more to get the 'ol metabolism cranked up.

Also, I’m proud to report that my swimsuit-related cowardice from March has been (somewhat) overcome, and I today I went swimming at the local college’s pool. Although I felt a little awkward (swimsuit fits okay, but not fantastic), wearing it in public wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

I’m also planning to buy an annual membership (including pool and gym) - they give a 10% discount if you buy a year membership (instead of going month-to-month), and my employer gives me $125 per year towards a “fitness benefit” (gym membership or purchase of fitness equipment). So with the discount and my employer’s benefit, I’ll be getting the membership for the equivalent of about $18 per month (CND), which is a pretty good deal.

What are you talking about? They had a doctor in the commercial talking about how he recommends it! And I know he was a doctor because he was wearing a white lab coat!


If nothing else, it gives me the energy I need to be at the gym at 6:30 in the morning. That alone is worth it to me.

Checking in:

Weight Plan: Bernstein Diet
Start Date: March 21


I’ve decided to revise my goal weight. Looking at myself, I just don’t have another 20 lbs. on me to lose. I’d end up looking a little gaunt, which is how I looked back when I was drinking. When I get to 165 I’ll see if I want to lose any more or not.

I dread throwing my hat into the weight loss club threads on my various messageboards, because I’m afraid I’ll invariably fail. I backtrack, give up, feel ashamed, slink away. It’s a terrible way to think and feel, and I need to stop it.

I weigh somewhere in the vicinity of 140kg. That’s not something I want to be, at the age that I am.

I gave the WW points plan a go a little while ago, and did manage to shift some kilos in the first few weeks. So here we go again. I’ve got the online points tracker, recipe finder and recipe renovator. My ultimate goal is to shed nearly half of my weight, somewhere in the vicinity of 60-65kg.

Wish me luck.

Welcome aboard! Don’t worry, we’re here to offer support, not criticism. Heck, although I’m doing great with the exercise, I’m still doing badly with the eating. The key is to just keep trying. This week (with only 1 full day into it) I’ve done really well. Take it a day at a time and good luck! :slight_smile:

Welcom Sierra Indigo!

No one here will judge you or chastise you. It’s so common when trying to live a healthier life to backslide here and there. You have to stop seeing those days as failures. Just climb back on the bus the next day.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times but it’s important to think of your weight loss process as a lifestyle change in your eating habits rather than a diet.

Making healthier meal choices and becoming more active are much easier things to maintain than restricting all the things you love to eat. Every little positive thing you do for your body will help. Short walks if you haven’t the time for a long one are better than not taking one at all. Getting out in the garden is a workout, spring cleaning the house. Hell, just vacumming will burn calories. It’s the little things mate.

Good luck and whenever you need a boost or redirecting from negative thoughts, just come here. We’ll help you through.

Reporting in. Today’s damage on the YMCA’s scale was 226 for a gain of 1. I’ve had a a big of a problem lately with some of my plumbing not doing it’s job, so I’m pretty certain that my gain means I’m full of sh!t, over and above the call of duty. :smiley: Pooping problems are common with weight loss surgery patients.

Yesterday, on running Monday, I managed 12 laps around the indoor track before walking; 15 laps is a mile, and for the entire session of 30 laps, I walked only 5.
Today I went swimming, and cut it a little short because of time pressures at work.

Six lbs from minimum goal; 21 from surgeons’; and 27 from my ultimate.


I was at work (a vet clinic) the other day and I decided to weigh our clinic cat on our walk on scale. He’s been getting a bit overweight so we have been letting him run around the clinic a lot. He looked like he gained back a little weight but was still under 14 pounds which was his heaviest. A little while later I decided to weigh myself, for a second it seemed it was going down and then it shot way up and I panicked for a moment then looked behind me to see the clinic cat sitting on the scale and looking at me as if to say “what? I thought you wanted me on here?”. Evil cat, he knew what he was doing.

Thankfully, once I subtracted the cat it turned out I lost a pound. Not a lot but all I have done so far is cut out a bit of snacking and try to eat better meals.