2006 Weight Loss Club - June

My apologies to **Khadaji ** if he feels I am stepping on his toes in starting this month’s thread but I had a question and thought I would go ahead and start June’s thread while I was at it.

Due to various factors, my diet has sucked the past few weeks and somehow wound up gaining fifteen pounds, going from 197 to 212, in just over a week. I was overeating in that time but not to levels that would make me gain that much weight so quickly so I assumed a good portion of it was due to food still in my system, water retention, and whatever else and my theory seemed to be proven when the scale said I rapidly went from 212 to 208 after getting back on track but, two days later, I’ve supposedly lost another six pounds and am weighing in at 202.

Needless to say, I’m a little skeptical of my scale and weighed myself at least a half dozen times in different areas to make sure that it wasn’t a temporary glitch but it gave me same exact number every time I stepped on it. Is this possible? I’ve been using the bathroom pretty often the past few days while also restricting my intake but is there any way I actually had ten pounds of food and water in system or do I need to get a new scale?

Assuming the best (I am going to try to be optimistic for once) :

Initial Weight: 360 lbs
Current Weight: 202 lbs
Goal Weight: 150 lbs

158 lbs down; 52 to go.

After a weigh-in this morning of 203 and a test-weigh by my mother that showsher at the same weight as she was at a couple weeks ago, it seems the scale’s in perfect working order and my week and a half of gluttony only cost me four pounds, not fifteen. Yay.

I haven’t posted in a month or so, as I’ve been… not really working on achieving my weight goals. It’s amazing how guilty one can make oneself by not meeting personal goals that are accountable to no one.

Anyway, I’ve been floating at 190-195, which is pretty much where I started. However, I did train a bit and run a leg in a local marathon last weekend, so even if my weight hasn’t changed significantly, my level of physical activity has increased dramatically, so that feels pretty good.

I’m still hanging in there. Yesterday I hit a new low of 174 but today I’m back up to 176. Easy come, easy go.

Still, I’m eating less and exercising and not drinking nearly as much wine so I think it is slowly working. I haven’t seen the 180s for months. I’d really like to lose 10 lbs in the next two months before we go on vacation to NY.

Could happen.

Aesiron I think that you definitely could have been hauling around that quantity of water/food. In my experience if you step on and off your scale repeatedly and it gives you the same number it’s OK or as accurate as any bathroom scale is going to be.

Two days I’ve missed going to the gym, instead I’ve ended up working out at home. It isn’t the cardio workout I would get at the gym but I’m still working my abs and upper body using some weights I have here at the house. I’ve discovered I can do leg lifts by laying down on the couch with my hips on the edge of it. I hold the back of it over my head with my hands to keep myself on it, and then proceed with the leg lifts. Not as good as the captain’s chair (which gives me more range), but it’s better than nothing.

I’ve got family coming into town this weekend so dieting is probably out the window, small portions are the key and magic ingredient this weekend.

That’s the plan at least.

:smiley: No apologies needed. It’s a club after all. Besides, I was clearly derelict in my duties. I probably would have gotten around to it tomorrow…

I was pretty good all week. I worked out every day and am doing (only) ok on my eating.

In a previous thread I mentioned I ran a half marathon. Been running for a year. Yet still can’t shake these goddamned last 10 pounds. I’ve been at 180 for about 4 months now. What in the world more must I do?! I get sick of seeing my string bean roommate chug down beer and pizza to no end, and not gain a pound.

Well I won’t let this stop me. Most of my weight is in my upper body so I guess some upper body work now would help. Anyone have any sites or ideas on how to best work this area?

I finally joined a gym this past Sunday after not belonging to one for about 3 years. However, since the last time I belonged to a gym I learned the expensive lesson that having a keychain barcode with a Fitness Club name on it does not make you lose weight, this time I signed up with a gym that offers fitness programs, personal trainers and keeps track of your progress.

I’ve gone three times this week and I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. So far so good.

I only have my initial weight right now, which I’d rather not plaster on the internet so I’ll say that I’m aiming to lose about 80 lbs and right now I’m at 0. :slight_smile:

My scale is still packed and we still have not moved an unpacked. So I’m still outta the game.

This week: -0


1.9 kg down this week.

Awesome. Just awesome.

I’ve lost somewhere around eight or nine kilos in the last five weeks. Even with the occasional blowout, and doing almost no exercise. It’s amazing how much difference just eating properly will make.

I can’t see a difference yet, but it’s still early days. I’m shooting for 130kg at the moment. Once I hit it, a new hairstyle is in order, I think.

I’m also going to look at what the cost for the local gym is. I do need to get into some exercising, and left to my own devices, it’s never going to happen.

I had a horrible cardio workout today. I barely got through it. It was the first time in a long time that I wanted to quit half way through. OK, I always want to quit, this was the first time that I came really really close to quitting. I kept telling myself that this was just a “wall” and that I would do better tomorrow.

Oh well, at least I did finish.

Weight on Easter: 174.3kg

Current weight 171.4kg

Aiming for something like 165kg (less than that and I start getting irregular periods), but actually more worried about not spreading out than about the scales.

Going to the gym about once a week. It’s from a chain and one block from my current apartment; I like that there’s others from the same chain in quite a few places, so I may be able to continue the membership next time I move. The starting period was only 6months, which is the time I’m supposed to stay here. I also liked that they evaluated what I can do and asked what my goals are, instead of taking a look at my more-muscular-than-they-look thighs and sniggering :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, sorry to nitpick, Nava but are you sure you meant kg when talking about your weights? Are you sure you didn’t mean pounds?

My goal for June is to lose the ten pounds I gained since coming home from school. It’s disappointing to let this setback take over a month of my overall goal, but I think it’s doable so I’m pleased about that.

No weigh-in for me at the moment. I stopped by to say today makes it a year since I had my gastric bypass…


Happy anniversary!

Quasimodal Might I suggest that your scale weight is the least accurate measurement of fat loss. Personally I wouldn’t care if I weighed exactly the same as I do now if I could fit into a size 8 :slight_smile: but since you’re almost at your goal you might want to take measurements and get some skin fold calipers and measure your body fat % and figure out how far you are from looking like you want and fitting into the clothes you want to fit in rather than concentrate on the scale #.

You may well be more muscular now than the last time you weighed 180 and so there’s less fat and more muscle.

I’m hanging at 176 at the moment. Would like to be 166 and/or fit comfortably into my size 14s by the time we go to NY in late July.

Happy Anniversary VunderBob You’ve done well. How does it feel?

I got over whatever it was that was sabotaging my efforts and except for a bout of weakness last night due to my mom making the most awesome primavera sauce ever, I’ve ruled my diet with an iron fist this week and have managed to lose the five pounds I regained, broken 200 again, and am back to the same weight I was two weeks ago.

Initial Weight: 360 lbs
Current Weight: 197 lbs
Goal Weight: 150 lbs

163 lbs down; 47 to go.

I think it’s also time to buy some new pants. I can ball both fists and fit them inside the waist of the (40") pair I currently have on and have one pair that’s a size smaller that I’ve been able to wear for a while now which means I might actually be able to fit into a pair of 36’s again. I literally have not been this small since my pre-teens.

AesironGood for you! That’s some excellent progress you’ve made.

My numbers are holding steady this week but I’m hormonal so I’m sure that’s packing on a couple pounds of water.

A friend on another message board recommended a hoodia supplement that she used to lose her last 20 lbs and reach her goal weight. I tried it and wasn’t all that impressed with the effects.

This week I’m trying it again and you know what? It’s very subtle but it is doing what it is supposed to do. Supressing my appetite. I just don’t really think about food as much and don’t get nearly as hungry between meals.

I really expected it to feel speedy or buzzy like most otc diet pills but it’s nothing like that.

So, I’ve had a good week food-wise and I’ve walked 4 days out of 5 so far.

This weekend we’re going on a short vacation so I’m going to have to be extra diligent.