2006 Weight Loss Club - July

In an effort to keep this thread from getting too large, here is the July edition of the SDMB Weight Loss Club.

I saw my weight loss surgeon yesterday. Since my surgery on June 2nd, I’ve officially lost 38 lbs. Needless to say, this rate of weight loss won’t continue. But I’m still pretty pleased with it.

Looking forward to Monday. I’ve been pretty good this week (apart from a couple of “slips”) and I’ve been getting some aerobics in every other day, about half an hour to forty-five minutes or so but it’s more than I’ve been doing in the past. So I’m pretty confident I’ll have a decent loss this week.

Here’s hoping :slight_smile:

I joined other one of the other threads of the weight loss club, but I didn’t keep up with trying to lose weight.

So here I am again, this time I’m going to aerobics three times a week for an hour each time.

I haven’t weighed my self to see if I’ve lost anything yet, but I will say I have a lot of weight to lose. Long, long road…

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

First time to read one of these threads, so I don’t know how it works.

I started a reducing diet on March 13th, after seeing a doctor, getting checked over, and having some nutritional advice. So far I’ve lost over 37 pounds, just by eating less. I had bulked up to 227 pounds, and am now just below 190, with a goal of 170.

I never blamed my genes, or my build or anything, I just stuffed my face all the time. I like to eat, it’s a real pleasure, but I also hated how I looked. So I went “cold turkey” on the junk food, and make sure to eat lots of fruit and veggies. At 1400 calories a day I’m still losing.

January: 230 lbs -> 220 lbs.
February: 220 lbs -> 210 lbs.
March: 210 lbs -> 207 lbs.
April: 207 lbs -> 203 lbs.
May: 203 lbs -> 202 lbs.
June: 202 lbs -> 189 lbs.

As pleased as I am with my progress, especially over June, actually looking in the threads and seeing how horribly I did from March to May, losing in three months what I would normally lose in three and a half weeks, is sucky. If I had been able to keep the same pace in that time, I’d be at 170 right now. Bah!

Oh, well. I’m still losing and that’s all that really matters.

All right, damn it, I’m back. Count me in for July. My goal is -8.

I had a (too) large meal at the Macaroni Grill Wednesday night and it took until this morning for the scales to get back to 214 again. So this past week ended up just being a maintaining my weight loss week. I am on vacation for the July 4th week and so I expect this to be another week where I either maintain or gain a little.
**Good Luck everyone on your goals. **
My diet started on 05-15-2006, my weight was 239.5. My reason is mainly to lower my high Cholesterol and LDL levels with the weight loss being the bonus.
So I have lost 25.5 pounds in less than 7 weeks. Much better diet where I largely avoid food with saturated fats, greatly increased roughage and increased exercise.


Aesiron, for no good reason anyone I’ve talked to knows, sometimes your body just seems to need to take a break from weight loss. That’s why it’s important to look at the long term picture! Long term, you’ve done wonderfully!

Baker, welcome to the club! So far so good!

Shoshana, good luck!

WhatExit, I think we need these weeks sometimes where we relax and let down our guard a little. I think it keeps us from getting obsessed, or crashing and burning.

norinew, what you said about our bodies taking a bread, that’s what the doctor told me, when I saw him for a check up after starting this diet. He was startled that I’d lost 25 pounds at that point, and explained that such swift loss was sure not to continue. He also spoke about “plateaus”, where weight would stay steady before beginning another dip.

With the pig out BBQ I’ll be having on the 4th, I don’t expect to lose this week, but if I can keep from gaining I’ll be satisfied.

Taking a **break **, not a bread! See how my mind is still on food?

Baker, something else to consider about hitting a plateau: many of my WLS friends find that the weeks they don’t lose pounds, they lose inches!

Well, I was pretty much on the road and/or visiting with friends constantly from the beginning of April to about the middle of May, driving from Oregon to New Mexico to Oklahoma to Tennessee to Pennsylvania to Quebec and then back to Tennessee all while being stressed from the nonstop driving, being unemployed, and losing a few friendships all in the same timeframe so it’s actually a small miracle I managed to sustain loss instead of undoing all my work, which I actually thought I had begun doing at one point in May when I binged for about two weeks and my scale said I gained ~15 pounds. I was in a gloomy place at the time.

…and, er, sorry for the novella. Heh.

Well, I’m glad you’re doing better now!

True, but to keep going for me, is the hard part. I have no problem starting things, I just tend not to finish.

I know exactly what you mean! But we are here to help you help yourself! (I know, I know, I sound like a cheesy commercial for credit counseling or something) :wink:

Progress! I weighed myself again and it actually seems like I lost some weight. Down to 175! That means only 5 to go to no longer be in the overweight category according to my doctor!

45 down, 5 to go

Ok, I’m joining for keeps this time. I don’t have immediate access to a scale right now, but last time I weighed myself I was at 220. My realistic short-term goal is to lose ten pounds in the next two months. More would be better (and possible), of course, but if I set a reasonable goal then I can feel encouraged when I meet it.

Quasi, WTG! :slight_smile: