2006 Weight Loss Club - August

In an effort to keep this thread from growing too large, here is the August 2006 Weight loss club.

Congratulations to everyone who has keep on track! :slight_smile:

Got to work this morning and weighed myself for the first time in about a week–work schedule’s been hectic and I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I stepped on the scale to find a 4.6 pound loss since my last weigh-in, go me :). That brings me to a total of 67.5 pounds lost since around February. Woo woo!

Grats to everyone else, as well.

Woo Hoo! Weighed in at 159.5 on Saturday–the first time under 160 in 2 years (and 15 lbs lighter than 6 weeks ago). Now, a couple more and then stabilize…

Big congratulations to MixieArmadillo and ArchiveGuy.

My hat’s back in the ring as of this morning.

Well, a hat’s gotta weigh, what, 6 oz.? That’s bound to help. :wink:

Lost 2# in July, after a more robust start. Now the weather’s a little cooler and a person can exercise without risking death. Goal: 8# in August.

Bah! No cooler here! There’s still a heat advisory in effect through Thursday evening. Heat index topping 100 every day, and in the 90s even overnight. This is supposed to change by Friday, though.

Welcome back GingerOfTheNorth.

Thanks. June sucked. July was much better. August RULES so far - I’m down a pound over yesterday. :smiley:

I have my Blood work and weigh-in at the Doctor’s next Monday.
At home the scale said 205 this morning. That is 34.5 lbs since I started in May.
As great as that is, the important part is if my LDLs go down, HDLs go up and overall cholesterol is down. I hope to be at least 1 lb less by next week, then I could say I lost over 35. For some reason that will feel better. I still hope to be below 200 by September 12th, my 40th Birthday and that will also be the week before the Jersey Dopefest.

Good Luck everyone and I hope we all have a good and successful August.

Well, I think I’m gonna get in here. I posted last month in another thread (I forget where) about my blood sugar levels and how I’d eliminated sweets from my diet. I was going really good for about 4 weeks and had dropped 34 lbs. (I have a lot to lose so that’s not as drastic as it sounds). But the last 2 weeks I’ve been off the wagon and I’m having a hard time getting back on. I hope to turn things around and make August a good month.

I had my first weigh-in today after joining Weight Watchers last week. 2.6lbs lost baby! I’m very pleased. The weird thing is that I didn’t cut out chocolate or ice cream, I just measured and kept track of what I ate. In our group meeting, we talked about how to celebrate our personal milestones without turning food into a reward. Since food is my primary reward, I’m stumped.

Sounds like you share my problem. How do I celebrate, with Food. How to I handle stress, eat Ice Cream.

I loaded my freezer with Low Cal/Low Fat treats.
Good Humor has a variety of Ice Pops at only 15 Calories & Fudgsicals at 60 cals and no fat.
I keep Frozen Pretzels that are around 60 calories and low fat. A great treat and take only 4 minutes in the Toaster oven.
I try to have some no-fat vanilla yogurt around. I chop a banana into it for a treat.
When I feel hungry I will air-pop a bowl of popcorn and eat it without salt or butter. I will add 10-20 Pepperidge farms Goldfish as bonus treats.
Try to find the low calorie treats that will satisfy you.

Good Luck,

I haven’t been in here much, but I’m now up around five pounds from when I started. Huge frustration. (coming dangerously close to 200 pounds). sigh

It’s actually strange, because I feel like I’ve been eating much better than in the past, and I know I’ve been getting quite a bit more physical activity.

My suspicion, though, is that the culprit is lunch. I never used to eat it, but since I’ve been working a regular day job, I’ve been eating lunch in the cafateria every day.

I also let my ‘going to the gym’ habit lapse, but last week I got back on the bandwagon. I plan on auditioning for the role of Motel in Fiddler on the Roof at the end of this month, and I don’t think round and chubby is the look they’ll be after.

Hi All - I was in the July thread as cbire but have resubscribed under my old ID (which will be changed to **Honeydew_cbire ** shortly to merge all old and new posts)… if that isn’t too confusing!

I’m off on holidays/vacation from 5.00 pm tonight (YAY!) for 3 solid weeks and I can’t wait. I’ve bought weights and a stepper that I’ll be bringing with me and my sincere hope is that I, at very minimum, stay where I am but I really would love to lose more inches and pounds - I’m not going to be really fierce with myself on holidays, we have some treats planned but I think once I’m exercising regularly, the good will outweigh any potential bad stuff so I should, at least, stay where I am. My husband does all the cooking and he’s really into healthy stuff so I think I should be ok!

Fingers crossed and can’t wait to read up on all your successes for this month when I get back.

Eonwe, we’re here to offer any support or suggestions we can. So, in that vein, can you brown bag a lunch to take to work? Cafeteria food is notoriously high in simple carbs, fat, and sodium!

Honeydew, have a great vacation!

At my last post, it looked like I’d end up at 246-247. I didn’t quite make it, I ended the month at 248. I’m still pretty happy, especially considering that I was off my routine for four days while I fetched my kids from my Mom’s house up in Vancouver.

Yesterday I found myself without BART money for the return trip, so I walked from S.F. Civic center down to the Daly City station. Based on my 3.5+ mph pace on the trail, I’m guessing it was about 7-8 miles as it took a little over two hours. I was a bit sore afterwards, but feel fine this morning. I don’t think I would have been able to do this three months ago.

Report Card:
May: 295? -> 279 (-16)
June: 279 -> 260 (-19)
July: 260 -> 248 (-12)

Do you guys mind if I join in?

My weight has creeped up to 150 pounds and I’d like to get back down to 120. (Heart disease and cancer run amuck in my family, so I’m trying to keep them away from my doorstep.)

Any suggestions on how to stick with a diet when your SO isn’t on one?

Everyone is welcome Mouse_Maven. Good luck! :slight_smile: