SDMB Weight Loss Club, August

Since today is the 31st of July, I thought I’d start a new thread for August!

Posting so I can subscribe, since Thread Tools seems to not work for me at the moment…

Damn! I’ve been made obsolete! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck losing everyone! :slight_smile:

:eek: I thought this was your month off from starting a new thread, and I was just filling in for you. Honest. Truly. There is no talk from TPTB about replacing you.

Really. :wink:

Is it August already? ehhhhhh… that means I have to start a real grownup full time job :frowning:

Today, an old friend drove to town to visit me and we scoped out a Turkish restaurant. It was Not A Core Day. Oh well.

Okay, weighed in again today… ultra-accurate :wink: pay scale says: 302 pounds, 2 ounces.

Which is - nearly NINE POUNDS less than my last reading, two and a half weeks ago on the 15th. Great, and very surprising - I didn’t think that I’d been THAT good, though I’ve been making an effort to take longer and longer walks, up near the three mile mark.

So congratulate me, and maybe offer an opinion on how concerned I should be about exceeding my ‘two pounds a week’ goal. :smiley:

I lost about a pound a week last month which is not too bad. I’d dearly love to have that 2 pounds a week loss some of you have experienced, though. My goal is to lose 6 more pounds in August. I’ve eaten too many sweets this past week but hopefully I will have more to cook and exercise more now that I quit my crappy retail job. (We’ll overlook that I’ll also have more time to eat.) Have a good month, everyone.

A pound a week is actually quite reasonable, Slow and steady wins the race.
I know. I know. The cliche police are on the way… :smiley:

Just wanna say congratulations to all those in this club I had significance weight loss at an early age and know that at first it takes real wanting for it.

185 pounds to 114 pounds, woo hoo!
Took me a while.

I suspect my August 1 weight will be the same as my July 1 weight. I’m not particularly pleased with this. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

I was pretty sick for about 3 weeks and dropped about 14lbs. Does this count? I’m back on my beer diet, but eating less (still not much of an appitite, and if I start drinkin early, I don’t eat at all!) and am shooting for sub-200 by ski season!

August 1 = 170.5. WOOHOO! A WHOLE HALF POUND.


LOL. It counts. Since you couldn’t help being sick, take the good with the bad! :slight_smile:

Just popping in for a moment to say that, thus far, my goal for the summer is going very well - to maintain at or below 180. I’m still at 180, no gain over the past couple of months.

My weight today is 174. :frowning:

No one to blame but myself though. Haven’t walked in a week and haven’t exactly been watching what I eat.

August 1. A new beginning. A time to renew my commitment.

I’m up about 2 pounds this week. Now, logic tells me that can’t possibly all be fat. There is no way my body can accommodate enough calories to gain two pounds of fat in a week, plus I’ve been walking like a fiend (Baha’i conference on college campus last weekend, plus amusement park yesterday). So at least some of it must be water. But I have been eating too much crap (I know, I know; bad! Bad norinew!) So, new plan: I will pre-plan (at night) what to eat the next day. My rule is that I can trade anything I want on the menu, but only for a better choice, not for a worse one. Also, I have a list of “free” foods: meats (rolled up lunchmeat ham slices are satisfying), cheeses, nuts, peanut butter with no bread or crackers, protein drink, protein bars).

Since I need to eat often, I’m planning five meals and one snack a day. The snack can be crap (today, I have an ice cream cone on the menu; if I put a half cup of ice cream in a bowl, it looks like nothing, and I end up going back for seconds. If I put it in a cone, it’s much more satisfying), but only that one snack, and only in moderation.

I must stop buying powdered sugar mini donuts, no matter how much the rest of the family likes them. I have no control around those damned things!!

Hi all… I just found this thread and have been quite inspired by all of the great stories of weight loss.

I’m a 32 year old man, 5’10’’. Since high school my weight has ballooned from 185 to a high of 298. I’ve tried several diets and weight loss programs. Atkins helped me lose 35 pounds quickly, but of course I couldnt’ stick to that system and gained it all back and then some.

Weight Watchers was the best program I’ve tried, losing close to 30 pounds a couple of years ago. However, I had trouble affording the weekly meetings and eventually completely fell of the wagon - gaining it all back again.

So last October, weighing the most I ever have at 298, I decided to finally do it for real. But I knew that if I tried a diet or WW-type program, I wouldn’t succeed. If something is too regimented, I knew that eventually I would rebel and fall off of it. My goal was to do WW-Lite, as I call it. I basically count my points most days, and I try to keep it around my target points - but I don’t stress about it. Most days I keep w/ my program, but a lot of days I don’t. I’m not afraid to have that occasional cheeseburger or pizza or chinese food.

What I’ve done, I believe, is really changed my lifestyle. I don’t consider myself on a diet, but I just make better choices most of the time. Since October of last year, I’m now at 268. Thirty pounds GONE! And I can honestly say that I don’t think they’re coming back. Of course, I have a long long way to go to get to my ultimate goal weight, but it’s not a race.

This weight loss was almost entirely from changes in my eating habits. I haven’t added much exercise, though I am planning on doing something along those lines soon.

Anyway, keep up the great work everybody. I’m looking forward to following your progress and sharing mine along the way.

Welcome to the club HelloNinja. Good luck losing!

Yeah…mini anything is bad…because you can eat like 20 of them and not even know it.

I haven’t weighed myself in a while. I’m still going on the “how do I feel, how do my clothes fit” scale. I’m down a pants size…and while my 38 inch pants are just a tad tight, I can fit into them without having to lay down and have two people pull them together. My goal is to get into my 36 inch pants. Mostly because I have like…20 pairs that I’d like to be able to wear again.

Running is going good now actually. I did 3.5 yesterday. Still cheating a bit with the sweats (damn cheap gedunk closet at work is my kryptonite) but even that is tapering down. I tend to go in spurts…eat crap for a few days, then taper down to nothing for a week or two until something comes up that makes me want to eat crap again. :slight_smile:

You’ll get there Ginger…I think I remember that you’re doing this mostly through diet, not as much exercise, right? If so then I’m doubly impressed at the progress you’ve made. No way could I just loose weight through watching what I eat. I’m too weak willed for that.

Can I join? I’ve managed to hit an all-time high of 250, which is NOT GOOD. At least it’s settled in nice proportions – the nurse who weighed me at the doctor’s the other day way underestimated where she needed to set the scale – but it’s not healthy and I can feel my knees going. I’m making every effort to get on the good health bandwagon, including scheduling a complete physical in a few weeks and going back on Weight Watchers (just the online program, not the meetings). I lost 50 pounds on WW back in 2004, then had to have a couple of unrelated surgeries in early 2005 which killed my momentum and I gained it all back and then some. I can do it again, but self-control is so boring!

Realizing that my health is just going to collapse if I don’t lose about 110 pounds is a good motivator. Also, we want to have babies in the next few years (I’m 30 now), and I want to be in good shape for that and going forward, to set a healthy example for the kids.