SDMB Weight Loss Club, August

Welcome, cbawlmer and HelloNinja! Come on in, make yourselves at home. Diet sodas are over in the cooler, and raw veggies with fat free dip are on the table, there. :wink:

May I join? I weigh an unimpressive 120kg, however last November I weighed in at 127.8kg so I’m quite proud of my loss so far.

It’s mostly been a result of increased exercise - having moved to a new city and not having a car, I do a lot more ‘everyday’ exercise.

But I’ve been on 120kg for about 6 weeks now, so I need to do something to bump up the lossmobile.


2 year maintainer checking in - my weight is up 2 lbs (reached my max/red zone/danger line of 130 lbs) and I have a trip to Vegas planned this weekend. Grrr. I plan to bring some pre-measured baggies of oatmeal/dried blueberries and a bowl so I can have a healthy breakfast in the hotel every morning. I am also bringing oranges and some dried veggie snacks so I have some healthy things on hand. I plan to limit alcohol and avoid buffets!!!

After 3 years (since I started), sometimes it feels easier and sometimes it doesn’t. Right now, I’m feeling a tiny bit whiny, because it just never ends.

I’d been up to about 175lbs in February, which was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. As of this morning on the scale, however, I’m 154lbs, with a BMI of 22.7. It’s been a combination of switching to a vegan diet–dairy and eggs are cut out in an attempt to control some allergies, meat because going vegetarian seemed to work quite well for some relatives of mine–and regularly hiking about a mile on a wooded trail near my house. As I’ve been losing weight, though, I’ve been starting to think I need to focus more on toning my body, so I’m not sure what I’ll do next. I want to lose a bit more weight, since I’m concerned about the wee bit of fat around my belly, but I think increasing my muscle mass will really help out with appearance.

One of the odd things I’ve discovered in all of this is that, apparently, all of my weight gain/loss is around my waist. My measurements are now 40-29-40. :dubious: Strange, considering I’d always thought I lacked a butt.

Welcome to the club sandra_nz. Good luck losing! :slight_smile:


I am a 44 year old, 6’-3" man, who weighs:

July 1st: ~310#
Aug 1st: 297# (-13)
Sep 1st: 287# (-10)
Oct 1st: 281# (-6)
Nov 1st: 269# (-12)
Dec 1st: 263.5# (-5.5)
Jan 1st: 260.0# (-3.5)
Feb 1st: 253.2# (-6.8)
Mar 1st: 248.8# (-4.4)
Apr 1st: 247.8# (-1.0)
May 1st: 244.4# (-3.4)
Jun 1st: 243.0# (-1.4)
Jul 1st: 240.6# (-2.4)
Aug 1st: 242.8# (+2.2)

My first blemish in a whole year…mumble mumble mumble…but no one to blame but myself…worked out only ONCE last month before some vandals stole the copper piping to the air conditioning unit at the gym which makes it a sauna in there, giving me a half-ass reason not to go. I should go out and spend 8400 calories by searching and pounding those punks to call it an even month.

But I did go on vacation last week and hiked, fly-fished and explored my long time bit of paradise…Mammoth Lakes & Yosemite NP…otherwise, it would have been a very, VERY crappy month.

After complaining that I’d gained nearly three pounds in water weight yesterday, I woke up this morning to find I’d already lost 2.2 of them. Woohoo! So I’m going to claim a loss of 6 pounds for the month of July after all. It would sure be cool to lose that much more by my birthday on the 27th but at this point, I’ll take what I can get.

Welcome to all the newcomers!

A big hug and welcome back to all of the newcomes and returnees. It’s good to see you here.

Goals for August:
Bottom line: hold steady during travel
Ideal: lose 5#

On a similar note:

From Back Door Man, written by Willie Dixon and sung so well by Howlin’ Wolf:
“When you come home you can eat pork and beans
I eats mo’ chicken, any man seen”

Eh, still losing weight. Not as much as I wanted (I was shooting for 10 and got closer to 7.5) for the last month, but not awful. On the plus side, now that I absolutely have to go buy new jeans this weekend (tax holiday in NM and all of mine are almost completely worn through) I should be able to get them 4" smaller in the waist than the ones I’m currently wearing. That’s also enough to make the difference between “regular” and “big” sizes, meaning I’ll save an additional $10 per pair. I just hope the store (I do all my clothes shopping at JC Penney, not that anyone cares) is having a sale to boot.

252 for August 1st, up 4 pounds from a few days ago. I was not feeling well, which prevented me from exercising. I am going to set a goal for the month at 245. A few points for me to keep in mind:
[li]Go Running. I cringe at the thought, but I need to try it.[/li][li]Ease off on the free food at work. I tend to “get my money’s worth” at lunch.[/li][li]Find a replacement for softball on the weekends, as the season is over.[/li][/ul]

I’m in, again. I like to feel like I’m on a sort of weight loss team, and no one I know IRL is trying to lose anything. I’m going on vacation in a few days, so my goal for August is just to stay at the weight I’m at, hopefully by working exercise into the travel plans - we’ll see how that pans out!

169 this morning. Goodbye, water weight.

Woo-hoo! You broke through the 170 barrier!

sigh I’m glad this is the start of the month, 'cause that means I get to post the Good: net of 12 pounds lost so far (in 6 weeks), the Bad: this last week was the first I didn’t lose, and the Ugly: I gained 2 pounds.

Interestingly (to me, not to any of you, I’m sure), I was really anxious this last week, as I shared in the other thread. I do have an anxiety disorder, so this isn’t all that unusual, but it was a very focused anxiety over the weight thing. This brings two things to mind:

One: last night, I read a short article in this weeks *Parenting *about the mind’s power in weight loss. Apparently, researchers told a bunch of housekeepers working at a hotel that their regular job duties “count” as exercise. At the end of four weeks, they lost an average of 2 pounds each and their blood pressure was down 10 points - without changing their activity! The control group, told that exercise is important but NOT told that their normal duties count, showed no change. Interestink…so perhaps my nervous nellie brain told my body is wasn’t going to lose, and so it didn’t.

Point the second: while I ate the same number of points this week as previous weeks, I ate them in a more even fashion day-to-day. It was the first week I didn’t have An Occasion to save my weekly points for, so instead of low days and high days, my days were all about even. I think I’ve been unconsciously following that Wendie plan that GingerOfTheNorth posted about in July. This last week I didn’t, I got anxious, and the weight didn’t come off. I feel like all three things are interrelated some how.

I haven’t done well keeping up with this weight loss threads, but have actually been doing well with the diet and exercise. I started really working on it the first of june when I weighed in at 186. (I am male, 5’7",32 years old) This morning I weighed 169.8. My true weight loss is a little less than that since I’ve been sick for a few days and haven’t had solid food since tuesday. Before I was sick I was running about 172. Either way, so far so good!

Yay!! Try to pop in every so often and let us know how you’re doing. If you’re doing well, we need your inspiration. If you’re not doing so well, you need us! :slight_smile:

Well we did the WW weigh-in this morning, and I am happy to report that I gained 6 tenths of a pound. :slight_smile: .

This is actually good news. Usually when I have a significant loss one week, I gain back much more than that.

This seems to be my pattern lately. One week I will have a big loss, and then the next week I will have a small gain back. It really sounds to me that I am dealing with water weight issues. The heat and humidity here have been brutal.

It all evens out in the end, and overall, I know that I am heading in the right direction.

I, on the other hand, used my “Get Out of Scale Free” card, because I don’t even want to know. Bad, bad week. BAD! We went to Ruby Tuesday on Sunday for lunch with supervenusfreak’s mom, and I had a hamburger. I figured, what the hell? It’s been a while since I enjoyed a burger. Unfortunately, it was their Triple Prime Cheddar burger…looking it up on their website afterward, it has 1000 calories! And 70 grams of fat! That burger was about 22 points!

I not only dropped the whole basket of eggs, I dropped every single flock of chickens in the county…

Back on track today…

Back on track is the important part! We all drop the ball sometimes!