2007 Weight Loss Club, July

In order to keep this thread from growing too large, I welcome you all to the July edition of the weight loss club. Good luck losing!

After straining my hamstring from overuse last week I *finally *got back to the elliptical yesterday. I only worked it for 40 minutes because it was my first time back in a week, but my legs are sore today… I will work it again today, but will try to go light.

Hey everyone. I’d love to join in and share my experiences. I’ve so far lost about 92 pounds, I’m trying to lose the last 10 and it’s practically killing me.

I know that I’ve done an amazing thing so far and it was tough at times and I am very proud of my accomplishments. I did it using Weight Watchers. I also went to the gym sporadically at first but going very regularly for the past 8 months. Exercise has really become a part of my life now. Yea I know that’s almost pukeworthy but what can I say,heh heh…

So my struggles deal with the plateau I seem to be on. I really could lose another 20 lbs but I’ll settle for 10. My body just seems to want to hang on to them though. It’s very frustrating.
I’m still doing Weight Watchers, in fact I even started working for them part time. I also go to the gym in the a.m. 6 days a week, do an hour of cardio and about 15 min. of weights. I also jog at night for about 20-30 minutes. So I know I’m getting PLENTY of exercise, I can’t do much more without keeling over.
I guess patience is the key and if I have to lose it one ounce at a time, so be it.

So that’s my story!

Cattitude, GET OUT OF MY BRAIN. I’ve also lost about that much (long story, but -60, +50 pregnancy, -75 after) and STUCK on the last ten or so. I’ve been close to a plateau for about eight months now. It’s so so so frustrating. Are you having loose skin issues? Wobbly old lady arms, flobbity belly?

My July 1 weight is 171, due to not enough water and too much salt yesterday. My lowest was 169.

Well, I started June at about 185, and I weighed in today at my lowest so far of 181. I think I need to become more dedicated at limiting my consumption if I want to reach my target of 170 in the near future, lol.

We bought a new bathroom scale last weekend. Last Saturday, I weighed in at 206.2, this morning at 204.4, so that’s almost another 2lbs. gone. But I don’t know how the new scale lines up with the scale in my surgeon’s office, and won’t know until July 12th, when I’ll post an official “total loss” number; it’s somewhere around 140lbs. gone.

Hey!! Big congrats on your success so far :slight_smile: I had a similar experience. I lost 55 lbs in 7 months and then it took another 9 months to lose the last 15 lbs. It was maddening :slight_smile: Hang in there, it just gets a lot tougher the closer you get to your goal weight. The weight did come off, it just took a looong time.

Since you appear to be doing AWESOME with exercise, the only thing I could possibly suggest is just being brutally honest with calorie intake (measure and record everything you eat) and trying to eat as cleanly as possible (limit processed foods, etc) - which you are probably already doing!

I had a very interesting experience. I eventually got to 140 lbs (5 lbs from my original goal of 135) and just stopped losing weight. I worked out more, worked out less, cut calories to 1200. Nothing worked. I finally figured the body was done with weight loss and increased my calories to maintenance (around 1800 a day). I actually lost the last 13 lbs (eventually I reached 127) but eating more than I ate to lose the first 55 lbs. I am not a doctor, nutritionist or registered dietician, so I’m not sure why I had that experience.

My own personal pet theory (with no scientific backing at all) is that my body interpreted the long term calorie reduction as a sign of little available food and did what I would want it to do if I were really in a famine, slowed down my metabolism and hung on to stored fat reserves. When I started to eat a little more (but still under maintenance calories for someone of my height/weight/age/gender/exercise level) the body realized there was enough food coming in, no danger and let go of the fat reserves. Like I said, only a theory!

Good luck to you on your last 10 lbs and huge congrats for your journey so far!

Hey we’re close in weight too. I weighed in at 173 this morning. I’m 5’ 8" so if I get down to about 163 or 164 I’m ok. Like I said, I’d LOVE to be in the 150’s but it seems like that is a far way off!!!

So low 160’s will be fine for me if I can ever get there.

Ginger—Thanks for the advice. I could be doing a little better with the diet. I do not go over my allotted points for the day at all but could be using them a little more wisely. I eat plenty of fiber, lean protein but I do need to increase the veggies.
So this week, I bought some baby carrots, sugar snap peas to take with me during the day to snack on instead of Luna Bars. I’m also going to do salad at night. I get home late @ 9 ish or so. I can’t eat a big dinner then anyway.

It’s kind of hard during the summer, I am a visiting nurse by day and am in my car most of the day. I’ve started packing a little cooler with stuff and that helps. Then I do the Weight Watchers gig at night. I’m always eating on the go.

I also just started doing weights again about 3 weeks ago. I just hate seeing such slow progress. Well, off to my run in a few. Do you all post weights frequently or what?
I guess I should read the rest of the thread :smiley:

I’m in.
June: -2.5#
July goal: -5#

I got to another milestone this weekend. I lost another pound, last week, bringing my total to 80 lbs lost. **Jayjay ** had a great week also and beat me by losing 3.8 pounds!

Go us!

snort…I’m so far from the “last 10 lbs don’t wanna come off” point it’s not even funny. But I’m getting there. I’m down a size in my shorts now, so I’m feeling better about that. I’m way impressed with how much weight you guys have taken off. Makes it easier to realize that even though I have like 35-40lbs to go to get to where I want (195) people like Ginger, Cattitude and Glory have already lost much more than I have to go. So it is possible…I just need to hit it a bit harder.

I’m having so-so luck with my running. I’ve reached a point where I can run faster…but I can’t seem to keep it up for the distance. So I’ve ended up with shorter runs that are taking less time. neither of which is what I want. I need to get off my duff and get the cable set up in the workout room so that i have something to distract me, right now I’m just getting bored to easily.

Most of us do. I try to post every week, but due to illness I didn’t even weigh in last week.

Also due to illness I stopped exercising for three days, and started again with an abbreviated routine. And I missed grocery shopping, which means restaurants and prepared foods. I don’t expect to be down any weight this week, but hopefully I won’t be up any either.


I am a 43 year old, 6’-3" man, who weighs:

July 1st: ~310#
Aug 1st: 297# (-13)
Sep 1st: 287# (-10)
Oct 1st: 281# (-6)
Nov 1st: 269# (-12)
Dec 1st: 263.5# (-5.5)
Jan 1st: 260.0# (-3.5)
Feb 1st: 253.2# (-6.8)
Mar 1st: 248.8# (-4.4)
Apr 1st: 247.8# (-1.0)
May 1st: 244.4# (-3.4)
Jun 1st: 243.0# (-1.4)
Jul 1st: 240.6# (-2.4)

Pretty much eating regularly, without snacking. Exercising 2x a week on the elliptical, but NOW I am busting rock and sifting dirt in our backyard since we have a pool being built.

Hard Labor in July in the High Desert…I LOVE IT!

Good job, Shoshana!

And HUGE congratulations to my Amish bears!

I’m having so-so luck with my running. I’ve reached a point where I can run faster…but I can’t seem to keep it up for the distance. So I’ve ended up with shorter runs that are taking less time. .[/QUOTE]

What is your goal with running? I do it to add to my cardio for the day and I’m really starting to like those endorphins. But I think I’m going more for the slower, building up endurance kind of thing.

I stopped smoking 6 months ago. So as of yesterday, I do about 2 miles. It’s not the lungs that give out first though :stuck_out_tongue: , it’s the damn achy knees and ankles.

I’ll get in on it. 5’10" 24 y/o male, weighing in at 195.5lbs. Looking to get to 175lbs by August 15th (around when school starts back up), which shouldn’t be too hard if I just watch the diet as I spend summers doing pretty physical work in a warehouse that’s about 10 degrees hotter than it is outside (putting it around 100-110F). Those long, hot days make it especially hard for me to hop on the Bowflex when I get home to really isolate muscles for growth, but in the past, doing it for about 3 or 4 days straight gets me doing it longterm. Gonna hop on it right now.

With the number of people posting to this, it shouldn’t ever fall off of the front page. Unless you’re not posting because you don’t have anything good to say, which is rubbish. We’re here to support whether it’s good or bad news. So many people think that we should only share the good, but let me tell you that some of us have been where you are right now. We’ve been through the same struggles and we can help.

snort…to get it over with as fast as I can. Seriously, I hate running. But in my opinion, it gives you the most ‘bang for your buck’ so to speak in regards to calorie burning. Since this is the second time I’ve done the exercise/diet/weight loss routine, I know about how my body will do. I found that running between 4 and 5 miles a day, 5 days a week with a long run of 7 to 10 miles one day a week will allow me to burn off just about anything I eat. And that is a key point for me…I like to eat…I enjoy going out and having dinner at Red Robins with the onion rings and bottomless fries… But I also realize that I can’t eat as I’d like to without having some way of getting rid of those calories. So I run…even though I hate it.

So for instance Wednesday and Thrusday of last week I did two miles in like 18 something…a pretty good pace for me just starting out. But then I was about dead and could only do another .5 before I had to stop. So that means my total exercise time was only like 26 minutes or something. Not nearly long enough a period of time. But I get really bored if I go slower. I have to fee like I’m pushing myself to run as fast as I can. I have a hard time with ‘easy’ runs. Yesterday I did 3.5 miles…the first 2 pretty fast, then tapering down to a slower pace…still bored, but I managed to go farther. So I’m going to modify my goals a bit. I’ll use Monday and Thursday as my longer days (want at least 4 miles) and Tuesday/Wednesday as shorter days but I can go faster (3 miles those days). Saturday is my sprint day (1.5 miles as fast as I can go - 13:20 right now) but I still haven’t gotten started on my long run on Sunday just yet. I need more of a base before I start that.

I did finally get around to hooking up the TV in the exercise room, so now at least I can put on something to watch on those slower days to distract me.

Wow that was rambling. What was I talking about again? :smack:

I think I’ve developed a new Doper Crush on Atrael. :smiley:

So, I haven’t budged since Thursday, as expected. My damn metabolism is just so bloody responsive to my reduction in calories. Still, I’m eating better and feel better, so I’m going to stick with it and see what the scale says in two days on my Official weighing day. My guess is some of my points will be going away…

WhyNot, if you’re fussing about no movement on the scale after only a couple of days, then put the scale away.

WhyNot, I’ve also noticed that if I lose a lot one week, I often won’t lose much the next week as my body adjusts.