2006 Weight Loss Club - April

In order to keep the thread count from getting too large in this thread I have started the April addition of the weight loss club.

As expected, I did not work out this week. I was away for part of the week and then my new job and drive demotivated me.

BACK TO IT TODAY! And then look for a place to work out up there Monday.

I’m down 14 pounds since January 1.

I’m down 24 pounds since 27 December.

I started the dreaded Bernstein Diet on March 21, and I’m down 14 pounds.

I started the dreaded Bernstein Diet on March 21, and I’m down 14 pounds.

Down sixteen pounds since December 31st. I’ve gotten a bit more lax in my efforts to eat well lately, so it’s high time to smarten that up. I was trying to buy/prepare/eat one new vegetable a week, but then my husband’s grandmother died, other things happened, life got busy, I’m sick right now, and we have a new puppy in the house.

On the other hand, we have a new puppy in the house! This means walks. She’s not gotten to the point where she loveslovesloves her daily walks, but I’m hopeful it will develope. She’s just a baby yet. Everyone tells me that puppies are uncertain about “leashes” and “walks” at first. The last time I had a dog, she lived for her walks, and she was the best thing ever for my fitness levels.

My goal is still about 2 pounds a week, and a gradual habituation toward lower-calorie, lower-fat meals, with an emphasis on lean meats, vegetables and fruit.

I have allowed myself lunch (not SuperSized) at McDonalds two days a month, in the midst of PMS. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m trying to lose weight. Not really a diet, per se, just trying to intake about 1000 calories a day without getting a lot of fat. I don’t really care where the calories come from, but I’m trying to make sure I get plenty of nutrients, so I’m not eating 200 calories of potato chips or anything.

Hmmm, that’s pretty low. Have you checked out a calorie counter to get an idea (just an estimate) of maintenance calories for a person of your age/height/weight/gender/activity level?


In my experience with over 20 years of attempted weight loss, “dieting” made me fat. I started at age 15 at 130 lbs and ended at age 35 and nearly 200 lbs. Dieting to me was always a radical restriction of calories. Two things always happened: 1) My body rebelled against the extreme caloric reduction and I would eat out of control, feel like a no will power loser and quit. 2) I would reach a “goal weight” and return to the unhealthy eating habits that made me fat in the first place.

I kind of look at the body differently now. The body reacts exactly how I would like it to react if I were truly faced with a scenario of restriction and starvation. It slows down the metabolism, it protects me to keep me alive and it eats if there is available food and it needs some. The body can’t understand deliberate restriction of calories - it’s only been in some parts of the world for a very small part of this century that people weren’t struggling nearly every day to get adequate nutrition.

I look at it like this - if I were a prehistoric woman, I would struggle along eating a few roots a day, basically starving. One day, the tribe brings home a mammoth - we would all gorge, eat as much available food as possible. There would be no question of “control” the body does what it must to survive. My goal is to make sure my body thinks there is mammoth EVERY DAY. No need to gorge, there is no shortage of food. My body doesn’t have to hang on to any fat reserves for a time of need.

I changed my goal from calorie restriction (although I remain aware of total number of calories consumed a day) to eating as many healthy foods as possible every day. I am less interested in the calories as I am in making sure I have 5+ servings of vegetables, 2+ servings of fruit, low fat dairy, lean protien, one serving of nuts a day and other healthy fats. I concentrate on food as disease/illness preventatives - blueberries/salmon for the brain, spinach for eyes, tomatoes for cancer prevention, nuts for the prevention of heart disease.

Beginning in July 2004, I lost about 50 lbs eating 1400-1600 calories a day. When I hit 140 in March I plateaued for months. I decided I was maintaining and increased calories to maintenance level (around 1800-2000). Imagine my surprise when I realized in September that I had lost more weight eating more calories. A smaller caloric deficit was a big win for me!

Wow - talked too much! Sorry :slight_smile: Losing 65 lbs was absolutely huge for me, especially after so many years of failure. I feel nearly evangelical about it sometimes and it’s hard to keep from blabbing about it. Even after all this time, it feels like something completely miraculous happened to me!

I definitely don’t want to too much of a buttinksy, you should do what works for you. Everyone has to figure out what works for them, there is no one size fits all approach to weight loss.

I always read this thread and cheer you guys on, good luck to everybody!

July 2004 - 195+ lbs (unsure of actual start weight, was too scared to get on the scale until several weeks into the new eating habits)
March 2005 - 140 lbs
September 2005 - 127 lbs
Currently maintaining for over 1 year
Size 18 to size 6 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the calculator. It says maintainence calories is actually about 3000, but I figure, what the hell, I can start at 1000 and if I decide I’m losing weight dangerously fast or just can’t physically handle it, I can always bring it up some. As it is, I’m making sure to get some fat in my diet, as well as protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and am taking a vitamin pill just to be on the safe side. Snacking right now mostly on carrots and apples, but that’s because they travel well. I’m also trying to get more exercise in, which I haven’t really had time for right now. So, when that happens, I can also increase the caloric intake some.

And I’m thinking of it as a 4184 kJ diet instead of a 1000 kcal diet. The large number makes it seem like I’m eating more. Psychological warfare.

Been stuck at 183 for awhile now. Despite marathon training…

Been stuck at 183 for awhile now. Despite marathon training…

It’s not so much the “losing weight quickly” that’s an issue, it’s the “hey, I’m barely eating, why aren’t I losing” factor. It’s looking at a short term goal (weight loss no matter what the cost) vs. a long term goal (healthy weight, healthy metabolism).

I have no doubt that you’ll lose weight on 1000 calories a day. How much weight, how long and how long will you keep the weight off - those are the important questions.

If you eat too few calories, you run a chance that your body will do a couple of groovy things to save you from what it perceives as starvation. Lower your metabolism and burn up muscle instead of fat. Makes more sense to the body, since muscle is metabolically active and takes more calories to maintain a day while fat is metabolically inert. If the body is trying to keep you alive on limited calories, it would rather you have more fat.

So, right now you have a body that takes around 3K calories a day to maintain. You lower your calories and your body gets rid of 10 lbs of muscle. A lb of muscle burns an extra 30 calories a day. That’s 300 calories, so your new caloric maintenance level is 2700. You quit dieting and return to your old eating habits - you’re going to gain weight a little faster now since if you ate your old maintenance level, you have an extra 300 surplus a day.

Tons of stuff on the internet both agreeing and disagreeing with the starvation theory of metabolism. It matches my own personal experiences so I believe it. I used to cut calories drastically, I would lose weight. When I gained weight, I always gained the weight back AND more. That’s how I went from 130 to 200 lbs by dieting. This time I decided I wanted to reach my goal weight and LIVE at my goal weight for my lifetime with adequate muscle mass and a healthy metabolism.

This is a great link which says what I’m trying to say a heck of a lot more eloquently!

Once again, good luck with it! :slight_smile: Losing weight is not the hard part, keeping the weight off is the hard part!

Up two pounds since two weeks ago. I’m in the middle of a pretty massive roadtrip and I’ve kind of put the diet on the back burner for the time being. I’m betting I’ll go up another three to seven before it’s all over with but I took it off once and can do it again.

Initial Weight: 360 lbs
Current Weight: 207 lbs
Goal Weight: 150 lbs

153 lbs down; 57 to go.

This week: -1. YTD: -11.

I officially retired my fat jeans yesterday. :smiley: Gotta toss 'em in the “incoming” bin at my favorite thrift shop next time I go.

I’ve just finished my first month at the gym. i went 5x a week and alternated strength training w/ weights and cardio. I’ve only lost about 4lbs but I can really feel the difference. Going to keep it up, i don’t mind losing slowly. (:

I keep saying that I want a life change, not instant results. I am not doing as well as as I want, but I am most pleased with the fact that I now excercise regularly.

Well, I guess it’s finally time to respond to this thread because each month I check it and tell myself I should post one of these days. Todays the day.

I joined WW online mid-December but didn’t really get on track until after New Years. I have lost 19.5 lbs since New Years and depending on my weight tomorrow I have between 20-25 lbs more to lose. I have a small frame and am only 5’3" so the weight I have lost is quite noticable.

It has been a major lifestyle change. I don’t eat out very often anymore because I really like to know exactly what I am eating and how it is prepared. This is a lot different for me, I like to cook but live alone so eating out, take out and fast food is more convenient. I am also eating a lot healthier, at the beginning I was still eating some not so great foods but now shy away from them because eating healthier means I get to eat more.

Eating healthy has been a challange at work as the people in my office really like to eat and there is always take out and delivery. My one splurge during the week is getting a chef salad and BLT delivered from a local pizza place near the office. The salad and sandwich are full of fat but oh.so.good. If I stop losing weight I will stop my once a week order and only order once a month or every other week.

I have never been much into excersize other than walking, which I really enjoy when I have a walking buddy (and I don’t have one right now, maybe when the weather gets better). My job is fairly active even though it is a desk job, I rarely ever sit for more than 5 minutes at a time at work or at home.

Most of my clothes are just hanging on me which is a bit depressing because I look frumpy but on the other hand I am just waiting for the satisfaction of showing off when I do buy a new wardrobe. It will be shock for most people to see how much my clothes have been hiding my weight loss.

There have been so many satisfying moments since I decided to get serious about improving my eating habits. My willpower has been strong, I do occassionally splurge but I would prefer not to deny myself all the time rather than always deny and then fall off the wagon. I am always proud of myself when I am able to say no to a temptation and remember that pride when faced with another. I’d forgotten that I have hip bones! I forgot what is was like to be able to squat down to pick up something that fell under my desk rather than getting on my knees to pick it up. My arm and legs muscles feel and look more defined (I am blessed that my body is the type that builds and keeps muscle easily which means I have a small butt and nice legs but I carry my weight around my middle which is a higher risk medically). I love to say “Thank you” to someone who hasn’t seen me in a while who tells me how great I look. I love trying on a pair a jeans I haven’t wore in a while and realizing they are way too lose, or trying on new clothes and finding I need a smaller size. Looking in the mirror and focusing on lines and wrinkles instead of a chubby face is even a plus. More confidence in my appearance is great, I went from blonde to brunette last fall but kept the same haircut. A couple weeks ago I was feeling good about myself, checked out some hairstyles via the internet, went to my local salon and now my hair looks like this only brunette.

Thanks for letting me add my 2 cents. I am not keeping my weight loss a secret from family, friends and coworkers but it’s not something I talk about much so it was nice to share my findings with all of you dopers. I have loved the weight loss and all the additional benefits. The weight loss thread has been a great inspiration to me so thank you all for sharing your own journey.

Monday Morning weigh-in: 229… :cool:

Did 2 miles on the track at the Y this morning, and I ran 1-1/2 of it… :cool: :cool:

Well, to date I’ve lost a total of 7.5 lbs since January 1. Not exactly the progress I’d hoped for in three months but progress not perfection, right?

I have been walking 4-5 mornings a week for 2.5 miles or so depending on my route.

This past week I’ve cut way back on my wine consumption which I blame for my relative lack of progress. I also went back to a mostly low carb eating regime. Lots of veggies and lean meats. Some nuts and berries but no bread because I just can’t seem to stop eating it once I get started.

Glory Thanks for sharing your story.

PeachNoMore You too. 20 lbs in three months was my original goal. I’ve missed that by a mile but I’m still here.

Right now I’m just about 10 lbs away from some much needed work clothes. If I could just get to that point I’d feel like I was really on my way.

So my family is going to Mexico at the end of June, and my sisters and I have decided to set 20lbs lost this quarter as our goal.

At the end of April my ride to work gets married, which means I take the bus and walk 1.2 miles round trip to work. This month I am going to walk for 15 minutes when I get home at night. I know, not much, but I’m adding half an hour later in April, and my goal is to work up to 3 miles a day.

I’ve started getting up at 6:30 instead of 6:50 so I can have time to eat my high fiber cereal/soy milk in the morning, which makes a hhhhhhuge difference in my energy level/desire to eat healthfully during the day.

I’m switching to eating my big meal at lunch. And I’ll see if I can fit my sandwich/apple that is my lunch now in my bag as well so I can eat that at 4:45 for “dinner” instead of waiting til I get home.

So, here’s my starting stats: