2006 Weight Loss Club - April

frustration grrrrrrrrr.

holding steady still at -93 lb.

I’ve changed my goal. I’ll still be a chubablub after 14 down.

I don’t know when I’ll stop. I guess I’m setting my new goal at 72 down.


When I left off updating here last, I was around 215. For whatever reason, I gained five pounds. So then I was 220. Grr. Okay. When I came home from my surgery last Wednesday, the scales shot up to 230! ACK!


Ever since the gallbladder came out, the weight has been steadily dropping, dropping, dropping…

Since last Wednesday, I’ve lost 20 lbs, without even trying. It’s just sliding off, as if the key to the weightloss was trapped inside that evil, vile, bile-spewing gallbladder. I’m at 210 today. I’m also no longer hungry all the time, crave fruit more often, metabolism has shot sky-high, and for some reason, I no longer seem to be lactose intolerant. I can also sleep better at night, my mind is sharper, and I’m more willing to wake up in the mornings and eat a healthy breakfast, then get exercising. The weight keeps sliding off. I don’t think the surgery can get all the credit here, but I think that combined with my better eating habits are causing the sudden weight loss (also, most of the recent weight loss is water weight, and, I would guess, some of the gas that left after the surgery).

Start: 220
Today’s weight: 210
Goal: 150
Total weight lost: technically only 10 lbs. (with some fancy fluctuating in between!)

PeachNoMore, I, too, always read this thread for inspiration, as I am trying to lose those last 10 pounds of “baby weight”. (My baby is a year and a half now, though!) I’ve been keeping an online food journal and it’s really helped me to see that, while my overall caloric intake isn’t too high, most days I do eat more fat calories than I’d realized. I go to the gym or run 5 days a week usually, except this week I’ve been sick and I’m just now thinking I can get back there.

SurrenderDorothy, in this thread you state that you weigh less than 95 pounds. If you are a person of small stature and the mid-70s is actually a healthy weight for you, then I apologize for my presumptuousness. Otherwise, I don’t think anyone in this thread really wants to help you achieve anorexia. Of course, I shouldn’t speak for everyone, but I’m willing to bet I’m correct.

I was reading that as number of pounds she wanted to lose, not her goal weight – could you clarify. Dorothy, so we know whether to stage an intervention or not?

'Cause you know we will, should it be necessary.

I have only done half a work out all week. The weight training part. The drive up and back and the new job leave me pretty tired when I get home, so I never had the energy to do the cardio. However, I did investigate all the gyms in the area and have picked one to start next week.

I’ve stopped exercising almost completely. (One day this week I walked a mile to the subway, otherwise nothing.) And I’ve started eating after 8 PM again, which I was very consistent about avoiding. I’ve been feeling low and very anxious, and keep waiting to snap out of it, but I’m very unmotivated lately. When I’m hypomanic, I can’t understand why these fat people want to keep stuffing their faces with unhealthy food, but when I’m not I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t walk around all the time with food in each hand to keep the mouth-machine going full speed.

72 lb was what I want to lose, not my goal weight.

I know it’s unrealistic. I was just being stupid because I was frustrated.

I’m not anorexic, either. I just watch my weight and food intake. Anorexics are sick and thin and I’m not.

and I’m 5’4, by the way. pretty average.

pseudotriton ruber ruber, good luck in getting motivated again. Do you have anyone irl to keep you accountable? a workout buddy or anything? Have you tried rewarding yourself (things like, “if I go to the gym every day this week, I can see a movie on Saturday.” or “I’ll put the money i save not buying junk food in a jar and get myself a new pair of earrings” or “with the money I save on gas/bus/subway by walking to the place I need to go, I’ll get myself some really awesome smaller pants and then I WILL fit into them.”). Also, if your gym will let you keep stuff in a locker, you could get a reward ahead of time and leave it in your gym locker. That way you can’t cheat as easily- you HAVE to go to the gym to get what you want. I’m sure you’ve thought of these already, but sometimes a reminder is good.

Khadaji, half a workout is better than no workout at all. Once you start the cardio, you’ll get more energy. You’ll finish breathless and high as a kite on endorphins, and it’ll feel GREAT. and then you’ll get home and be tired, but alert, and then sleep like a baby. damn, I can’t wait to get to the gym again.

Anastasaeon, that’s great! I’m jealous.

(psst – pseudotriton is a he, and I don’t think his ears are pierced).

Weekly weigh-in: this week, -0; YTD, -11.

I’m not losing as much as most of you, or as fast as I’d hoped – but I’m still chugging along with it and not feeling deprived, and I’ve officially moved into a smaller pair of jeans, so it’s all good.

Well, I’ve actually managed to hit the 10 lb mark. :slight_smile:
I’ve stopped drinking every day which I think is a huge help in two ways. One because of the extra calories I’m not consuming and two because when I drink wine with my dinner I lose control over how much I eat and tend to overeat.

My clothes are starting to fit a little better but those grey pin strip slacks are just too tight yet to wear in public. I’m thinking I’ll have to hit the 160s before they actually are wearable.


heh… goes to show how self-centered I am. I was just using the type of rewards I’d buy as an example.

So…to translate what you said before, then, you have lost 93 pounds and want to lose 72 more? Or 72 total? Or?

Sorry, but what you’re saying here and in other threads just doesn’t add up. Such as here where you talk about other people’s reactions to your size. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I have a few reasons for harping on this:

  1. I was anorexic and bulimic for many years and have lasting heath issues as a result, and I hate to see others go down that path.
  2. This is the Dope, where people are expected to be consistent and truthful, and feelings really do get hurt when people feel like they have been duped by other posters.
  3. I didn’t want people to post things like, “Don’t worry, Dorothy! I’m sure you’ll lose weight if you cut out a few more calories” without realizing that they are encouraging someone who actually should not be losing weight.

[/off soapbox]

I went to Boot Camp class at the gym today. I love Boot Camp! It’s everything I hated about elementary school gym class—running laps, doing jumping jacks and sit ups and push ups, and all kinds of nifty interval training. For those of you who feel like you are in an exercise rut, I encourage you to try different classes if you can. It really helps to shake things up a bit.

I have lost 93 pounds since I started recording.

I want to lose 72 more- only not REALLY. I was being dumb and exaggerating because I was frustrated. Like saying “I have to lose like a million pounds!” or “I weigh six tons.” I would be quite dead if I lost 72 lb.

My actual goal is 14 pounds away.

I currently weigh little enough that I’m smaller than anyone I know, but not little enough for me. I want to lose enough that I quit FEELING fat.

And I’m not sick. just careful. And a dancer, so being thin is a huge asset. the thinner the better.

And I’m being truthful :slight_smile: I’m not trying to dupe anyone. If I was, I’d find something cooler than “I could afford to lose 72 pounds.” (like “I’m a child prodigy” or “I’m 5’8 and 115 lb, a perfect 36-24-36, with long blonde hair and baby blue eyes and legs for miles” or “I’m an acclaimed neurosurgeon.”)

Checking in:

Weight Plan: Bernstein Diet
Start Date: March 21


Overall, I’m doing okay, with occasional psychotic episodes involving fantasies about pizza with chocolate covered bacon topping and extra cheese, but otherwise, thumbs up!

Adding my own goals/accomplishments:

Diet: WW (Core Plan - but I started with Flex Plan)
Total Loss: 22.5 pounds
Stats: 172/149.5/135

I’ve been lazy about exercising so far, though I’m getting a bit better. I just bought Tae Bo Boot Camp DVDs, which kicked my ass this weekend. I did the beginners boot camp workout on Saturday, and the Abs boot camp on Sunday. Taking today off. I think Monday and Friday will be “rest” days from working out.

I started Weight Watchers online (never been to a meeting) in September, so this is a total loss from then. It’s slowed down as I’ve gotten smaller, but I’m more interested in getting to my goal and STAYING there than worrying about how long it actually takes me.

I’m just starting. I put on about 15 pounds in a few months and the doc discovered that my dosage of thyroid medication needed to be increased, and now it’s a higher dosage than I’ve ever been on before. Hopefully, this will translate into more energy. I’m trying to cut out crap and watch serving sizes and I’m getting into the gym habit. This first month I’m starting with easy aerobic exercise (the treadmill for 40 minutes). Next month I’m going to add strength training to the mix.

So, I’m starting at 195 and hoping to get down to at least 150 (which would still be considered overweight for a 5’2" woman, but was my stable weight for a decade), and then will consider going down to 130, depending on the state of my health and how I’m feeling.

Khadaji, I just wanted to pop in quickly and reply to a post you had in the March thread. (forgive me if this has been addressed already)

You mentioned you were worried about working out while you travel. Depending on what these travel arrangements are, you can find most hotels with a gym that you can use while you stay. Also, most gyms in any town will let you workout as a guest. Just go in, tell them you’re from out of town and ask if you can try their facility. Most will let you do it for free and some will let you use it only asking for $5. (It’s a fiver better spent there than on a greasy sandwhich and fries at the drive-through.)

Weekly weigh in: This week, +1; YTD -10.

Not a surprise; I totally took a break from dieting this week. It was my first week in a new job, and since I went in at a pretty senior level, three different people took me out to lunch on three different days (kind of a getting-to-know you deal; interesting dynamics, totally different type of conversation in each case, but this ain’t the right thread for that meditation). Anyway, so I had two pretty substantial lunches (did have a salad-topped-with-chicken for one of them) instead of my usual PB sandwich. Plus I haven’t figured out a place to walk up there yet, so only walked one day. It’s rural, and the office is on a busy state highway; the nearest crossing is half a mile away and it looks almost as busy but without the wide shoulders. Gotta investigate.

So, more food than usual, and less exercise; not a good combo.

OTOH, I was talking to my neighbor across the back fence yesterday, and she asked me if I’d lost weight – yay! It’s always nice when someone notices!

I’ve hit a blip in my downward curve. I’ve gained weight the last two weeks, in spite of staying on program and working out; net calorie intake about 500-900/day. The math doesn’t work, so it must be water, but still…two weeks?

'Tis the end of the semester, which means no time for me to worry about dieting. Expect me back in May.

-14 for the year and holding steady. I expect that I’ll drop a pound of water weight in a few days - I always gain a pound or two in water every month.