2006 Weight Loss Club - April

I was bad all weekend. Mom made home made chocholate chip cookies for Easter and other good stuff. Shame on me for having no control. :frowning:

Khadaji, don’t be too hard on yourself. Start again tomorrow. In the grand scheme of things, what’s a day or two?

Yeah, I know. And today I start at the gym, which is a good thing. But darnit, I have been fighting this sweet addiction all year. I just have to get it under control.

At least I haven’t given up. :slight_smile:

I’ve not lost anything in the past 2 weeks which is upsetting considering I’m gymming 5 x week. I know from previous experiences my body loses weight very slowly but it’s still frustrating.


Ok, so I finally got busy. Is started the South Beach diet last Tuesday and lost 5 lbs so far. (Yaaay!) I’ve also been walking every day for a mile or two on my lunch hour at work and have been doing 5-10 mins on an exercise machine I bought from a friend. Yeah, only 5 or so minutes because that machine kicks my arse!


(I was up to 195 around christmas but somehow lost 6 lbs between dec and march)

39, M, 5’11", type 2 diabetic, depressive w/discipline & routine issues. My old doctor wanted to me to cut weight for years due to my high cholesterol and family history of diabetes. His preferred course of treatment was lecture 'em, leave 'em be, then lecture 'em again. This didn’t take well with my depressive personality, but that was OK with him, because I was on antidepressants already, so my psyche was Not His Problem.

In 1999 and 2000, I went from 195 to 182 through a semi-obnoxious personal training and diet regimen. I kept that off for exactly 6 months before I broke my shoulder in a bike accident. I was so poorly cared for in a large county hospital that I forswore all strenuous exercise for over a year. I put all the weight back on again and, of course, refused to go near my doctor. Yep – life handed me lemons, so I chewed 'em whole, then dumped sugar down my craw to kill the taste.

I went from 200 to 173 after my diabetes diagnosis in 2003 because I had a real reason. I did it by going low carb and undertaking a sensible, friendly low-impact exercise routine (walking & biking, mostly).

I maintained nicely for 2 1/2 years — then, insidiously, the “treadmill effect” set in and taking care of myself just became a neverending nag. Every time I went out walking I found myself imagining every one of the sixty-seven million four hundred thousand-odd steps I would take walking three miles a day every day for the rest of my statistically average life.

So I turned off the newly re-recorded guilt tape, ate, drank, napped, relaxed.

In 6 months I’ve put back close to half of the weight I lost —4 lb more even after cutting back on the chow and returning to modest activity since February. (Ain’t that a slap in the face? You will pay for your insolence, worm!) And while my sugar is under fairly good control with meds, my doc and I agree a) it could be better and b) the best way is if I weighed less.

I’m 187 this morning. If I can get my 173 back by Labor Day by getting back to my old routine (or maybe a little more) – and not becoming any more aware of that neverending THUD. THUD. THUD. than absolutely necessary — I’ll be a very happy man.

(The word I was looking for above was indolence, not insolence. Although I’m known for both, usually first the one, then the other.)

First day at the new gym: I am sore all over, even though I have been working out at home. But I have more energy now than I usually do in the afternoon. Of course, it is still early. :slight_smile:

Checking in:

Weight Plan: Bernstein Diet
Start Date: March 21


Easter was tough. I wanted to stick my head inside the cooked turkey and eat it from the inside out. I settled for a couple of tablespoons of stuffing instead. Also difficult was watching my two year old niece THOROUGHLY enjoy her chocolates…

Maybe it’s not such a bad idea:





Disclaimer: Maybe all these posts don’t really mean what they seem to indicate. It just seems like a worrying trend, in light of the comment about being less than 95 pounds.

Ugh. I feel bad for even posting this. :frowning:

Nope, I agree – extremely worrisome pattern. Good for you for noticing it.

SurrenderDorothy – is there any reason at all we should not think you’ve got some serious issues with your body?

I managed to put back on a couple of pounds last week by eating and drinking with reckless abandon.

So, 185.5/177/140

But I’m back on the straight and narrow this week. Watching what I eat and trying to eat fewer calories and keep up with the walking.

SurrenderDorothy you mentioned that "I currently weigh little enough that I’m smaller than anyone I know, but not little enough for me. I want to lose enough that I quit FEELING fat. "

It takes a while for your mental image to catch up with your physical image. Especially when you’ve lost a large amount of weight as you have. You may still feel fat even when you have reached your goal. Anorexics never manage to resolve the conflict between the mental image and physical image. Some starve to death trying to lose that last 14 lbs.

If you are 5’4" as you mentioned earlier in this thread and 95 lbs as you mentioned in another thread that would seem dangerously underweight by even the strictest standards. Losing another 14 lbs (which would leave you weighing 80 lbs) will make you seriously ill and could possibly kill you.

If these things are true, please seek professional help. At the very least have a checkup with your regular physician.

So if I’m reading this right, you’re only eating between 500 and 900 calories per day? That can’t possibly be enough, especially if you’re exercising. Many people’s weight loss slows down when they are eating too little. Some people even gain weight.

Here are some hugs for SurrenderDorothy. I have body issues too, as do most of us overweight people. If yours are severe, I sincerely hope that you understand previous posts as expression of loving concern, and not as aggression, and will take them to heart in the spirit of friendship.

I appreciate this very honest post. I recognize many of your difficulties in myself. Depression is both a cause and an effect in my life, and I only recently realized the behavioral reason behind the majority of my weight gain - aside from inactivity due to depression, and side-effects from Paxil. I have chronic severe headaches (with fibromyalgia), which can last without letup for as long as several weeks. OTC meds don’t help a bit, and the only relief I get from the unrelenting pain is just after I eat. I’m not talking about low blood sugar headaches, btw. It’s as though eating redirects the blood supply to digestion for awhile and so relieves the headache pain - for an hour or so. I eventually ate to relieve the pain, a completely unconscious behavior, but one which was well-rewarded.

I found long-lasting prevention help with doxepin, but recently began the whole cycle again when my doctor asked me to cut my dose in half. That’s when I observed the eating/pain relief connection again, and realized how much it had influenced my original gain.

In my weight loss class, they asked us how many people we have known, or even seen around in public who were overweight and in their mid-70’s. !!! Most of them are dead, of course. That really hit home for me. I come from a long-lived line of Scotswomen who die in mid-90’s, generally from hip-fractures, but if I don’t continue my weightloss, I may only have another twenty or so years left in my life, not the 45 I’ve always assumed.

No that’s net calories: food minus exercise. I’m on a comprehensive doctor-supervised very low calorie diet with great results. We exercise a minimum of 2000 calories/week. Not to worry.

Ahh, OK! So I did read it wrong then. Thanks for the clarification.

Me too. I was just thinking that you must be starving.

I’m glad it’s working for you.

Thanks for your concern. No worries.

Anyone local-ish want an exercise bike? It’s one of those ones with the arms that go back and forth as you pedal.

Where do you live? If it’s near me, I may be interested.