2008 NFL Mini Camps and Offseason Thread

You left Philly off the list at 8.5.

Woops, sorry.

LeCharles Bentley passed his physical and is cleared to practice. Two years ago the guy tore his petellar tendon, then got a nasty staph infection during the recovery that made him lose 50+ pounds and was so severe that they seriously considered amputating his leg.

If he manages to get a starting spot on a very good line (or even makes the team as a primary backup) it will be one of the most remarkable sports recoveries ever. If he comes running out of that tunnel on opening day the cheers will be loud enough to shake the foundation of the stadium. I’m cautiously optimistic - he’ll probably be a shell of his former self - but if he can even manage 80% of what he was we’ll have the best O-line in the league.

Can Cribbs play CB? You’re needing help in that area.

He has no experience doing it. He was a QB in college.

Yeah, CB has become dangerously thin since Holly went down. There will probably be a June 1st cut pickup or something along those lines.

I’m not too worried about the starters - Eric Wright improved quite a bit after the first few games, and his man coverage skills are excellent (although his ball skills suck - he rarely locates the ball. He defensed a few passes last year because he was so close to his man that the ball bounced off the back of his helmet). McDonald looked very good in limited playing time, although a 2nd year 5th round pick being a starter is scary. The depth is pretty atrocious though.

Not if he’s been in the league less than four years:

I still think you guys got the short end of the stick on that Bodden deal. I suppose it all depends on whether or not you get the Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde version of Shaun Rogers.

The Bengals, for the first time since 1990, actually have a solid secondary now, particularly depth-wise.

As far as the Purify thing goes…bah. I doubt he makes the team anyway, especially since Chad is coming back and we drafted three wideouts.

Make no mistake about it: Chad will play. He has to, otherwise he isn’t going to get paid, and he can’t put up the stats he covets in order to try to negotiate himself out of town after this next season.

I highly doubt anyone will actually claim Benson off waivers. You’d have to be nuts to keep paying the guy top-5 draft pick money, between his legal issues and the fact that he hasn’t actually produced on the field.

Once he clears waivers, he’s a free agent, and someone will probably sign him to an incentive-laden, minimal salary deal.

One great season does not a great returner make. Eddie Drummond, Donte Hall, Philip Buchanon, the Beer Guy… the league is littered with guys who had one terrific season as a PR/KR and then more or less disappeared. If he puts up the same numbers next year, I’ll have the crown ready.

I thought that at first but I’ve been getting more optimistic about it.

I was a huge Bodden pimp after his 2005 season, but he simply hasn’t been very good for the last 2 years. He always has some nagging injury that really affects his performance.

Shaun Rogers won’t be asked to be on the field all game like he was in Detroit. I think fatigue and being the centerpiece of the defense to some degree gave him his “unmotivated” tags when it was really “worn out”. Shaun Smith (you might be familiar with him…) was pretty solid when he was able to play NT last year and should take a significant portion of the snaps.

I doubt he can match the raw numbers from last year - he had the second most kick return yards in history and you can’t expect that to keep up. Ideally he’ll be making fewer returns due to a better defense. But I see no reason his averages should drop significantly.

He may start getting the ball kicked away from him, though. It’s strange that teams didn’t do that last year. Even late in the season, teams would kick to him, get burned, and then kick to him again…

Shaun Smith absolutely is no more than a role player, and not a very good one at that. Sure likes to run his fat mouth, though. At least Chad can back up his bullshit with stats. Smith, not so much.

What stats would you expect a run stopper to have? He’s a role player, definitely, but he makes a fairly solid 2 down 3-4 NT. Not great, but he’s not a weakness.

I’m going to take this opportunity to predict that one of the Buccaneer ends will have a 14-sack season. I’m just not sure which one yet (2007 1st-rounder Gaines Adams, or practice-squad fodder turned Arena Football MVP Greg White).

I’m inclined to say White.

According to PFT, the Stains just released LeCharles Bentley.


Gah, what the hell?

There was some serious bad blood between Bentley and the organization for years now (no one is sure why), but this was unexpected.

He wants to start somewhere. He may have found out he’d only be depth here if he’s significantly hampered by injury.

This whole situation sucks really horribly.

I’d imagine it might be related to the staph infection he got from the Cleveland locker room…

Just a few days ago I was hearing on local sports radio about how inspirational it was going to be for Cleveland fans to see LeCharles running out of the tunnel for the opening game. HA.

Real classy, yeah, laugh at the idea of an inspirational comeback from a guy who worked extremely hard to come back from a devastating injury and live out his dream playing for his hometown team. Laugh it up.

Hmmm…Eric Ghuichec, the Bengals center, is the weak link in our oline…

I wonder if LeCharles would like a chance to rub it in the Browns faces twice a year?


Chad Johnson reported to camp today and sorta practiced.

In news for Ellis Dee the Giants have released the Pillsbury Throwboy, Jarod Lorenzen.

And so endeth the inspirational story of a fat quarterback and his… uh… throwing motion.

Who? Jared Lorenzen?