2009 MLB All Star Game

I was just looking at the complete NL and AL rosters (thanks, ESPN, for making it as hard as possible to find this basic information)…

Uh… where’s A-Rod? Where’s Miguel Cabrera? Pena was a last-minute replacement assigned by Maddon - Miggy is an elite player. Inge was voted in for that last call thing - is A-Rod not in to nurse his injury?

Saw an article talking about Wakefield making his first appearance, and the dilemma of who Maddon is going to have catch him. No one wants to do it - but he did somewhat jokingly say that Inge will catch him (who used to be a catcher). If it wasn’t for Longoria begging out because of an injury this morning, that may have been his only change at playing.

Looking at the NL - it looks like they vastly overpower the AL’s offense. There’s really no comparison. However, they can’t have Lincecum and Haren pitch the entire game (okay, they could…).

I predict 6 innings of pitchers matches, with the AL putting it away late, with late inning heroics by either Adam Jones or Ben Zobrist.

No one?

Anyway, what’s the deal with all this pagentry? It’s taking longer to start this game than a World Series!

I admire volunteerism as much as anyone but I’d rather that they just play baseball and leave the preaching out of it.

I didn’t know that Stan Musial was still alive.

I’m picking the NL just because sooner or later, I have to right. Right?

Me too, but that make the game into such an slow extravaganza - with innumerable pitching changes - that it is practicably unwatchable now.

Dump ESPN. Try www.cbssports.com/

Or not.

Fox showed the President throwing the first pitch, but had a bad camera angle and didn’t show the ball actually making it into Pujols’s glove. :smack:

I know! I called my wife in to watch and she says, “Did he reach the plate?”

On another board, those watching the Canadian feed said that it didn’t make it to the plate. I’m afraid that at best, I’d give him 4.0/10 and most of those points are for: wearing a White Sox jacket, wearing blue jeans and standing on the rubber. I’m sure that he was well armored but the throw just looked pathetic.

I actually meant to post this in this thread.

Fox just showed it from another angle, and although it was low, it wasn’t in the dirt and clearly made it into Pujols’s glove.

And I tell you, Wiki has an article for everything: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceremonial_first_pitch

I like the strategery of putting Franklin in. The AL starters likely didn’t take the time to scout and prepare for him, expecting to see just Lincecum, Haren and maybe another starter - but certainly not a reliever before they’re replaced with the second wave.

Time to puke: God Bless America time. Can we PLEASE kill this non-tradition?

Game winning RBI by Adam Jones. I win!

I agree, which is why i didn’t watch it.

I am curious though: according to the boxscore at MLB.com, the game took 2:31. I find that rather hard to believe.

Amen. Fuck that piece-of-shit song.

Yeah, I watched most of it. It’s true. The game was played at a pretty fast pace. Aside from the sloppy defense early on for the NL, it was actually a well-played no-bullshit game. The AL 1-hit the NL for the last 7 innings.

We need to get FOX out of their contract with MLB, aside from the annoyance that is Tim McCarver. Once again, FOX decided that an extra minute of commercials is more important than showing the singing of the Canadian anthem. Once again, FOX decided that we at home just can’t handle hearing a stadium public address announcer, we need to hear Joe Buck introduce the lineups.

I’m happy to be proven wrong about tht time of the game. I stareted watching it a little after 10 PM eastern time, thinking it would olly be the 3rd inning, and it was th 6th already. The game itself was exceptionally fast. The bs around it still slowed things down too much though.

For several innings in the middle of the game, the National League hitters came out swinging on the first pitch they saw. Since the pitchers were changing every inning, I suppose this seemed a good strategy, though since they all were out, it didn’t exactly produce the desired results. :rolleyes:

This does, of course, tend to speed up a game. Jackson only threw four pitches in his half-inning! :eek:

Yeah but in failing health.

I was at the game and was disappointed in two things.

1.) The lack of tribute to Musial. I thought it was really weak, and was hoping for something along the lines of what Mays or Williams had gotten in the past.

2.) The amount of booing the President received. I was hoping politics could have been set aside for the moment while Obama honored the game and the city.

Well, there you go. I figured, even with the relatively low scores, that all the pitching changes and other associated crap would have dragged the game out much longer. Obviously, i was wrong.

I guess that, because every pitcher pitched a whole number of innings, and all the pitching changes occurred between innings, the pitching changes themselves didn’t really lengthen the game. It’s changing pitchers during an inning that really slows things down.