200th Anniversary of Battle of Trafalgar

Time to break out my edition of Wooden Ships and Iron Men and re-fight the battle. “Crossing the T” and all that.
Nice to see that the British didn’t want to rub it in about winning and all at the re-creation.

Er, the actual anniversary is October 21st. Today is just the review of the fleet by her maj the q.

The whole red and blue thing bothers me frankly. I am reasonably sure that everyone there knew who won. I suspect that anyone who would have gotten upset at seeing England win again was likely upset that England Celebrated it at all.

Should we in America now do our civil war re-inactments between the orange and purple?

When we fly the stars and strips on independance day should England be offended that we are happy we won?

I’ve come across a few people who still seem to assume we are! On my first visit to the States a barman was surprised we drank Sam Adams beer. He seemed quite upset when I told him not only did we not care, I’d be surprised if many British knew who Sam Adams was.

It may just have been my school, but British-American history just didn’t feature, apart from some stuff at the time of the Independence Bicentennial.

I would guess we didn’t want to rub the French up the wrong way. I recall media reports of demands to rename Waterloo station when the EuroStar terminal was put there.

Yes, and I’m going to be in Portsmouth that day. Woo Hoo! I need to check what activities the town has planned, if any.

An authentic re-enactment of a press gang – one minute you’re enjoying a relaxing drink in a local hostelry, the next you wake up below decks on a rat-infested frigate, en route for the West Indies.

As long as I’m not the ships Peg-Boy…

In Mrs Trollope’s ‘Domestic Manners Of The Americans’ one of her hostesses assumes that the very name of ‘New Orleans’ will be anathema to her.
Few people here have ever heard of the Battle of New Orleans (and even fewer would care). A recent survey showed a substantial number of the population didn’t know America had ever been a British colony :smack: