Red and Blue Trafalgar


I don’t get it. Are the French not going to know what the red and blue stand for?

If they are that worried about it why hold the event at all?

Should we now re-edit all the Civil War movies in the US so the North never fought the South because it might offend someone? Should the bad guys in films about WWI and WWII be replaced with space aliens?

I think that this comment sums it up best

Actually I can’t remember any Napoleon’s victory having been celebrated. The only celebrations I’ve ever heard of were 20th century wars and the french revolution.
By the way, what is this Trafalgar thing???
Seriously, it doesn’t make sense. If they assume that celebrating Trafalgar could offend someone, then except if the guests are all complete idiots I somehow suspect that they’ll be able to guess who are these “blue” people, and be offended anyway.

Maybe it has become not politically correct to celebrate victories of intra-european wars, and in this case, I think it’s not necessarily a bad idea. I don’t think there’s much to celebrate in these pointless bloodsheds, whoever might have been the victorious side. But then , they should scrape the celebration altogether.

By the way, when are the british going to stop offending french tourists and change the name of the Waterloo station?

Well, in the case of Nappy, one could argue that if he’d gone on to conquer the whole of Europe, democracy might have never had the chance to catch hold, but AFAIK, he wasn’t quite the nutjob that another European country produced a century or so later, and who’s defeat is being remembered as having happened 60 years ago.

And one would hope that radio stations would stop playing that song by ABBA as well (in fact, they can quit playing everything by them and I’ll be happy).

This thing is only a small part of a much broader events programme.

Bolding mine. Who cares about that little bit of son et lumiere on June 28? Just a bit of touristy twaddle, by the sounds of it.