2010 CFL Season

Just got back from the game and watching highlights on the tv. The scoring was almost the opposite of the last home game against the Ti-Cats, where the Riders won on Luca Congi’s foot. This time, he never stepped on the field: 5 touchdowns and one safety surrendered by the Lions for a score of 37 to 13.

Observed on the way to Taylor Field: an SUV with a vanity licence plate: “SK RDERS”. Not unusual to see in Regina en route to a Riders game? Well, they were Ohio plates…

You know how NHL '11 (the video game) is going to have the CHL included as playable teams? I think it would be awesome if the CFL could get the NFL/Madden football videogames to include the CFL as a side-league as well. Different game and different rules, but I think it could work as a “side quest” kind of thing, and it would be great advertising.

Hamilton is kind of destroying the Bombers in the first half right now. Going to be interesting to see what the Bombers do in the second!

so, any speculation on whether Richie Hall keeps his job if the Esks lose to the Riders this week-end?

I’d be sorry for Richie, since he was such a key part of the Riders organization for so many years, but business is business…

I have a feeling he’ll be there until the end of the season. If you’re a potential CFL coach, do YOU want to come into that sinking ship?

well, it’s moot for this week, given how poorly the Riders did on Saturday… :frowning:

The Riders really did suck on Saturday, didn’t they? Not as badly as the Lions sucked in their game, but still…losing to the Eskimos (by blowing a 14 point lead) is kind of sad! Of course, I was cheering for the Eskimos in that game because I kind of dislike Durant and I like to watch him fumble and get intercepted!

The Alouettes will be playing without Calvillo this week - Chris Leak will get his first CFL start since Calvillo has a bruised sternum. I nearly panicked watching him on the field, and then unable to walk off after that hit! I hope he’s back next week, but I also hope Leak does well and doesn’t underestimate the Lions, even as badly as they have been playing.

I’m going to miss this weekend’s games since I’ll be camping with friends.

And the Ti-Cats saga continues, with a new site at Aberdeen and Longwood being proposed. I like that suggestion - I hope that one works out!

“And the Roughriders are really giving the Roughriders a run for their money. All else aside, I must say the Roughriders are simply out matched by these Roughriders.”

a) One of the teams was called the “Rough Riders”
b) That joke is 14 years out of date (RIP Rough Riders)

Well, we know the answer to that now: Lions Show Signs of Life as They Roll over Alouettes [38-17].

Okay, this is getting silly.

I’m watching the Calgary-Edmonton Labour Day game, and Calgary is absolutely destroying Edmonton. Burris has thrown three TD passes, and Calgary has picked up 21 points on turnovers. Current score: Calgary 52, Edmonton 5; with 1:33 left in the fourth quarter.

I don’t care if it’s getting silly. Go Stamps! :smiley:

I apologize, I couldn’t resist the South Park reference and the fact that two teams in a REAL football league existed simultaneously with the same (somewhat silly) name is just…funny to me. And probably only me. No offense intended.

Well, I watched the Bombers lose the Labour Day Classic yesterday. Again. The Riders were indeed the better team.

Once again, it appears the Bombers are in a “rebuilding” year. Of course, for the third season in a row, there’s a new coaching administration and a new QB(s) Buck “Glass” Pierce is back in sick bay - probably for the rest of the season. Long live Jyles.

Because there are teams as pathetic as we are, there’s still hope for the playoffs.

I’ve been getting some strange sense of satisfaction watching Edmonton lose this year. And BC - though I did enjoy seeing Montreal go down this week. Misery loves company.

Hope to be watching the Riders having a rough game next week.

Edmonton’s descent into the depths of mediocrity continues apace: Calgary Stampeders crush Edmonton Eskimos 52-5

The Bombers defence was in pretty good shape on Sunday, so it could be a good fight - not like last year’s Banjo Bowl (the score for which I won’t post again, having gloated enough a year ago :stuck_out_tongue: )

So, after all my gloating last year about the lopsided score in the Banjo Bowl, I have to admit that the Bombers totally outclassed the Riders in last week’s BB (I meant to post earlier, but I was [del]hanging my head in shame[/del] err… busy, yes, that’s it, I was busy). An average of scoring one point per half is not the hallmark of a championship team.

However, the Riders redeemed themselves this week, beating the Stamps in overtime, having come from behind. Still in second place, but one more match-up to come with the Stamps, and it’s at Taylor Field…

Sorry to hear that Nik Lewis has re-injured his knee. It looked odd when he went down without being hit on the final play in overtime - there were jokes that he’d tripped over the Riders logo. Turns out it’s more serious - he was stretching to catch Burris’ pass, and the knee just gave out. Initial reports were that he was out for the season, but later reports are more optimistic. I hate to see a player go down on something like that when they’re playing well.

Lions @ Stamps is on right now; 15-3 in favour of BC!?!

Mid-way through the 3rd quarter and no-ones had a touch-down; all field goals.

Following up on last week’s game in Regina, the Stamps must be asking what’s happening.

Henry just got sacked for a loss of 25 yards!

and has been pulled - they’re putting Tate in.

mind you, things aren’t going that well for BC - McCallum just [del]split[/del] hit the uprights. The score of 21-3 definitely flatters BC: 6 field goals, one safety, and one rouge.

I didn’t get to watch the Bombers-Als game, and I hear it was poorly officiated, but I’m happy 'cause my team won and I’m getting a kick out of the rather rabid rants on newspaper/TSN comment boards from Bomber fans…one guy had something about the CFL commissioner wanting full control of who would win the Grey Cup, kind of like Hitler controlled everything in Germany, and that there’s a special place in hell for people like that. It’s awesome! I wish I could remember where I read it! :smiley:

Did anyone watch the [del]Touchdown[/del]Turnover Atlantic game between the Argos and the Eskimos? It was such a wonderful comedy of errors, with a bazillion interceptions, the complete inability to score by either team (the Esks kept getting touchdowns called back because they suck). By the end of it, I was pretty convinced that the Argos should have put me in to replace Lemon…at least I know that you’re supposed to throw the ball to the guys wearing the same colour shirt as you! We also concluded that Ricky Ray is kind of retarded…it doesn’t matter whether anyone is open, he throws the ball anyways.

didn’t see it - we went out to the lake for the afternoon.

I’m still befuddled by last night’s alleged game between the Stamps and the Lions. What’s going on when the first touchdown of the game by either team is scored with 2:05 left in the game? :confused::eek::confused:

And, I’m curious how Henry Burris is going to react to the fact that his team did not score any points when he was on the field.