2011 CFL Season Thread

I think one thread will be enough. We can start another one if not!

Currently watching BC beat Calgary - the score is 24-0 with 2 mins to go at the end of the third - in the first (as far as I know) preseason game of the year. Winnipeg plays the Alouettes tomorrow evening.

Off-season changes that I paid any attention to largely involved the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Montreal Alouettes exchanging players in free agency. I have no opinion about the outcome of these trades, because what do I know?

This year, the Alouettes are without Ben Cahoon but with Anthony Calvillo (who is without his thyroid gland, which may or may not have any impact on his awesomeness, I’m hoping for either no impact, or dramatic increase in awesome).

Really, I rely on the rest of you CFL fan Dopers to provide the content for these threads. Have at it!

GO ALS GO! Three-peat!

Ok, I’ll be the first to post in my own thread… Calgary Stampeders…STAMPEDERS…Horse logo…cowboy hats…

Why is their mascot a dog?

Same reason the Padres have a fucking chicken.

See, I thought mascots were supposed to be child-friendly. A fucking chicken seems…not so much :slight_smile:

The NFL Network will be showing CFL games this summer- the first will be the June 30th BC@Montreal game. Good for the CFL!

You do know that the Stamps have somebody ride a horse down one sideline and around one end of the end zone after every touchdown? Quite a sight to see…big white horse and girl with a Stampeders flag.

Yeah, I know that. But they also have a dog mascot, and I can’t really figure out why. It’s not a particularly cowboy-ish dog, and I was in a silly mood when I posted it. Then again, I’m a Habs fan and their mascot is Youppi!.. hardly something that makes sense at first…or any…glance! Though he was adopted from the Expos, so we can blame baseball for that one. :smiley:

The Ti-Cats pasted the Als last night 57-20. I’m not sure the Als remembered to bring their defense at all. I like the Ti-Cats, though, so it wasn’t too frustrating to watch. That, and the it’sonlythepreseason mantra I kept repeating!

BC beat Saskatchewan, though I paid less attention to that game. Lots of dropped balls by the Riders’ receivers.

Home opener was closer for the Als than it should have been. Watching Ti-cats and bombers now.


I just learned about this event for the first time ever today…O.o weird.

I learned about if from your link. Weird indeed. I followed a few links from that page, and found this page, where it is claimed that,

Mnemosyne, were you aware that this is how your Habs have chosen to spend their off-season? :wink:

Watching Edmonton run roughshod over Saskatchewan right now. With the score 27-13 with a minute to go in the first half, it ain’t pretty.

Okay, it’s getting better for Saskatchewan. At the half, it’s Edmonton, 27, Saskatchewan, 20. Once again, the Riders are proving that it ain’t over 'til it’s over.

And then it got very bad, lol.

I only learned about that championship from TSN. Someone from the Argos whose name is eluding me is coming out of retirement to represent Canada at the event!

Awesome. I knew they played soccer fairly often as a team-builder/warm-up, but perhaps they got confused with the term “football”? :wink: Hal Gill was a football quarterback through high school - and was fairly good, apparently. He gave it up for hockey!
One week into the CFL season, and I’m a little surprised at the game outcomes so far. The Als beat the Lions, as I expected, but it was a close game. I think that was the only game that went the way I assumed they would - I thought the Ti-Cats would demolish Winnipeg based on their pre-season game against the Als, and turns out it kind of went the other way. The Argos were better than the Stamps, but I’m surprised anyways that the Stamps lost at home. And I certainly didn’t expect the Roughriders to be mauled by the Eskimos, again, not at home!

I think it’s going to be a fun season!

Go Als Go!

I think so too. There was plenty of good football over the past weekend; and surprising football too, as the Stampeders and the Roughriders found.

Wellll… :wink:

You people are terrible at maintaining threads. I go away on vacation and miss a few games, and you guys can’t even muster a few words about your teams? Shame on you! :smiley:

So…Warren Moon, Brett Favre, Dan Marino and…Anthony Calvillo. The fourth professional quarterback to reach 400 touchdown passes in a career. Calvillo has already beat Damon Allen’s career completions and reached the 70 000 yard mark for passing yards on the first play of tonight’s game. That leaves him somewhere less than 1838 (since he got a few more during the game) shy of Brett Favre, and less than 2381 than Damon Allen’s pro quarterback record. Oh yeah, and a cancer survivor, and husband to one as well.

I am loving being an Alouettes fan right now, if only to be able to truly cheer Calvillo not only because he’s amazing, but because he’s QB on “my team”! The calm and composure during the game, and the execution of his plays is just amazing to watch.

So, what the fuck was up with Edmonton starting 5-0? That just ain’t right. Glad things are being set right!

Saskatchewan being 1-5 going into this weekend’s games is…alarming? But also funny, but that’s 'cause I don’t like them.

Calgary and BC are just about where I expect them to be, as are Hamilton and Toronto.

Winnipeg is…puzzling.

Fun fact: I was in such serious withdrawl while in Europe on vacation, that I downloaded the TSN CFL ap to get info. Yep, you know you’re a sports fan when… (yes, I also have a Habs ap on my iPod!)

Yeah, I was at the game last night. Made friends with the tailgaters by the side of the stadium, had way too many beers. Great match. :slight_smile:

http://lesgarsquivivent.com (tailgater guy’s website :p)

That’s cool. We are looking at perhaps going to the Sept 11th Ti-Cats-Als game (it depends on plans for my FILs birthday party, which depends upon his on-call weekends since he’s a doctor…!)

GO ALS GO! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. I also saw AC driving into Molson Stadium, almost got an autograph, but I was walking too slow.

(And then walking back to the train station this morning, I was about a foot away from Rafael Nadal. But I was too slow taking out my cellphone camera! :frowning: )

[mildly observes that the silent posters are Roughrider fans… where’s that poke-with-a-sticksmiley when you want it?]

Bye week for most of the East (Calgary is off, Argos “play”, if you can call it that).

I’m beginning to wonder when/if Winnipeg will come crashing back down to earth.

Just hadn’t noticed the thread before - I’ve not been around much recently, due to holidays and work/family events.

There’s that old chestnut, “the season starts at Labour Day”. unfortunately, the Riders appear to be taking it literally, based on their trackrecord so far. :frowning:

I think it’s the NFL that starts at Labour Day…

Well, they played well enough for about 7.5 minutes in the 4th last night! Though the fact that it was against the Argos probably makes that loss that much harder, right? That game was hilariously bad on both sides. I loved how often the Rider’s coach was seen tossing his headset onto the ground - I kept expecting to see him jump up and down on it in a fit of rage and smash it to smithereens :slight_smile:

Next up: Lions at Esks. Who to cheer for…do I want the Esks to lose a third game in a row, or do I want the Lions to start 1-7 again?