2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees

What do you mean “WAS a great bassist”? They’re still playing.

And I totally endorse the RHCP, but I’m biased, since they’re one of my favorite bands.

I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll is also a cover.

So, no, Joan gets no prizes for songwriting, but I’d say she deserves it as much as anyone.

I’d also say the whole Hall-of-Fame thing is stupid and that who’s in and who isn’t makes no difference to anything important.

Odd they didn’t take the Runaways. (Also, Joan has Everyday People as well.)

And still no Link Wray.

Have the Moody Blues or King Crimson been nominated?

IF any “art rock” or “prog rock” bands deserve consideration, you’d have to start with those two groups who ALMOST invented the genre.*

*( I say “almost” because the Beatles really invented it- “Nights in White Satin” and “In the Court of the Crimson King” are almost unimaginable without Sgt. Pepper.)

I got the info from Entertainment Weekly; I apologize if it’s wrong.
I, too, am disgusted that Link Wray, Brenda Lee, Warren Zevon, Dick Dale, and some of the others aren’t in there.

WHY do I open these threads knowing that it will only cause me heartache?

Still no Rush. And I suppose I know why. But if they’re not one of the best, longstanding, influential bands of all time I don’t know who is. Simply put if you were a young male musician in the 80s and listened to hard rock you wanted to be them. I once saw Billy Corgan do an impromptu cover of ‘Limelight’ in the late 90s and there’s a lot of others out there like that.

Plus the music awards for their playing and the 24 gold and 14 platinum records and no one can say they haven’t achieved a certain level of fame.

I actually suspect that the inductees know that Rush likely couldn’t give a damn.

Could even Chaka Khan name two songs by Rufus?

Maybe I’ll get pilloried for this, but I think the continual snubbing of KISS is as big a travesty as any of the others.

A hall of fame is sort of antithetical, though. “Rock n’ roll” is the music of destruction, revolution, and a rejection of the establishment. The Hall of Fame and Rolling Stone are establishment, they are the Man.

It’s time for the kids making music today to say, “Fuck Rolling Stone, they’re old and stupid, and fuck the Hall of Fame.”

I thought it would be Kiss’ turn once ALice Cooper was in- after all, Alice Cooper INVENTED the kind of show Kiss took to the next extreme!

Kiss also gave Rush one of their first big breaks- Rush was one of Kiss’ opening acts in the mid-Seventies, and Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson still give Kiss a lot of credit for their success to this day. Kiss and Rush may not SEEM to have much in common, but Geddy will still tell you, “They were absolutely great to us. And say what you want about Kiss, nobody works harder to put on a spectacular show and give the audience their money’s worth.”

Do you have a link?

That list is a lot more impressive than a random equal number of acts that are already in.

I can deal with Todd Rundgren not being in yet as a musician. But as a producer? Come on! A production career stretching from The Band to Bad Religion. He produced the New York Dolls, created the The Psychedelic Furs’ signature sound, made Grand Funk’s “We’re An American Band” a huge hit, made XTC “Skylarking” possibly their best album…

If nothing else, he produced the fifth best selling record of all time, “Bat Out of Hell”. Not just produced, but funded it on spec after it had been turned down by a huge number of record companies (he took a percentage, which paid for his lifestyle for decades).


I second all of these sentiments.

HuffPo link here.


Joan Jett had more hits than Guns n’ Roses (Sweet Child of Mine and Welcome To The Jungle).

I Love Rock & Roll
Crimson & Clover
Bad Reputation
Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
I Hate Myself For Loving You

So more than twice as many hit songs as GnR.

Dave Grohl says Joan Jett is the baddest MF’er he knows

I’ve got no problems with the winners, even if they aren’t all my personal favorites.

Just wanted to mention: Doug Sahm has never been nominated

Nope. Six in the U.S. Top Ten. Also: hits don’t matter. Tom Waits is more talented than many other Hall of Famers, and he aptly stated in his speech, “They say I have no hits and that I’m difficult to work with… like it’s a bad thing.”

Can I call it or what?

Rush on the Hall of Fame

Favorite quote: “I’m comfortable with the status quo where they don’t really want us in and we don’t want to be in.”

O, Rly?:dubious:
yes, I know, it’s a RHCP sample…

Guns N’ Roses* >
Red Hot Chili Peppers >
Beastie Boys
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts* >
The Cure* >
Eric B. and Rakim*
The Small Faces/Faces*
Rufus with Chaka Khan*
Laura Nyro
Freddy King*
The Spinners*

I will nominate

Guns n Roses. For making one of the strongest debut rock albums of all time, and being the biggest rock band in the world at that time.

RHCP. For Californication and Blood Sugar Sex Magic, those are great, unique and near-filler free albums. Californication more mainstream, but still strong.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. I don’t know so much of their music, but Bad Reputation, and especially I Love Rock n Roll are ultimate Rock anthems.

The Cure. Made a lot of strong and distinct albums in the 80s, and hits that include Boys Don’t Cry, Lullaby, Friday I’m in Love, Lovecats, etc.

The 5th one I’m not sure, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious choice among the nominated bands. Beastie Boys maybe, although I don’t personally care much for their music.

I’d greatly have preferred The Cure to get in over G’nR, but otherwise, I’m happy with the winners.