2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees

Guns N’ Roses*
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Beastie Boys
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts*
The Cure*
Eric B. and Rakim*
The Small Faces/Faces*
Rufus with Chaka Khan*
Laura Nyro
Freddy King*
The Spinners*

*nominated in first year of eligibility
The usual procedure is to induct five nominees. They hedge the announcement by saying “those with enough votes will be inducted” and don’t state a number.
If you’re looking for Rush, keep looking.


Donovan’s not in the R&RHoF yet!?!?

He should get in, followed by Small Faces/Faces. For the rest, whatever.

From that list, I’d vote for Guns N’ Roses and Heart.

Rush not being on the list is puzzling. They were more…everything…than The Beastie Boys ever thought about being. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts have what…two songs? I Love Rock and Roll and a cover of Crimson and Clover?

The continuing omission of Rush from the R&R HOF nomination list is not surprising. Many, if not most, of the selection committee used to be music critics for Rolling Stone and Rolling Stone always hated anything having to do with “art rock” or “progressive rock”. Rush is a “progressive rock” band so that means as long as the Rolling Stone mafia controls who gets nominated, it will likely never make to the ballot.

As for me, I’m not a Rush fan but I do think they certainly deserve to be nominated.

Hopefully they will recruit Todd Rundgren to induct Laura Nyro should she win. She was a huge influence on his early solo albums, wrote a song about her and produced her album Mother’s Spiritual. And it would underscore the fact that he STILL hasn’t been inducted as a musician, songwriter or producer (Bat Out of Hell, anyone?)

The RR HoF will remain bullshit until Jann no longer can exercise his veto power.

Freddy/Freddie King (both were used) isn’t in?! Really?! One of the biggest influences on the Brit Blues of the 60s’ - legendarily, Clapton sought out a Les Paul because of Freddy holding one on the cover of an album. Gets my vote - done, end of story.

Joan Jett has the Godmother of the Riotgrrl Movement thing going for her - I’d be surprised if she didn’t get in.

I would love to see Heart get in, but I can also see them on the outside looking in for a while…same with The Spinners, Rufus, Laura Nyro and maybe even The Cure…

Beastie’s had more crossover appeal and longstanding influence vs. Eric B. and Rakim, but Rakim is regularly held up as one of the greatest rappers ever and they were in the earliest days, so cast a long shadow. Tough call, but I doubt there’s room for both.

I have been listening to a lot of Faces since I was just given their collection Five Guys Walk into a Bar. Man, why they never made it super-big in the U.S. is unclear - probably a combination not getting the right songs onto a single, killer album, along with Rod Stewart splitting his time with a solo career (and using the Faces on a bunch of his tracks)…

RHCP’s should’ve gotten in on their first ballot. Innovation, commercial appeal, influence, endurance - they’ve got the resume…

If G n’ R are first ballot inductees, then something’s wrong…

Bad Reputation is better than either of those 2.

I forgot that one. Ted Dibiase had a video set to that song during one of his heel runs, so I should have remembered it.

It looks like there are too many stars in the OP. As far as I can tell, only GNR and Eric B. and Rakim are in their first year of eligibility.

If I had a vote, the only band listed that I am sure that I would vote for is the Beastie Boys. Of the others, I can’t really get worked up one way or another. For five years at the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s, GNR were the biggest rock band in the world. The Use Your Illusion releases were huge at the time, although they ended up being overshadowed by an album released one week later in “Nevermind”.

There are a number of bands that should be included. I’m keeping in mind that the criteria as listed by the HOF are “the influence and significance of the artists’ contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll.” Prior inductees indicate that “rock and roll” is construed broadly. With that, my pick for bands who should be on the nomination list. This is, of course, heavily influenced by personal taste as well.

  1. Public Enemy. Eligible for the first time this year. A huge band in rap that also influenced the metal scene through their collaboration with Anthrax. Say what you will about the rap-metal crossover, it was huge in the 90s and the PE/Anthrax pairing helped kick it off.
  2. Pixies. Eligible for the first time this year. Kurt Cobain notably said in reference to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”: “I was trying to write the ultimate pop song. I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies. I have to admit it. When I heard the Pixies for the first time, I connected with that band so heavily that I should have been in that band—or at least a Pixies cover band.”
  3. Sonic Youth. Eligible since 2008. Helped secure a major label for Nirvana and hand picked the band to open on their 1991 European tour. Cobain also listed them as a major influence.
  4. The Replacements. Eligible since 2006. Another hugely influential band. Wikipedia quotes Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong as saying that he would have played in “bad speed-metal bands” if not for seeing the Mats live.

The Small Faces need to be in, and Joan has a lot more cred than people might realize (talk to the troops that she’s played for, I bet they’d agree).

I’ve never heard of Eric B and Rakim. Off to google…

Can someone explain why it is called the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” still? Shouldn’t we just call it the “Music Hall of Fame” or something similar? Eric B & Rakim are probably worthy, but R&R they aint.

From that list:
Guns N’ Roses
Laura Nyro

I’d love to see GnR get in but you know Axl will spoil it all by being his usual bitch-queen diva self.

Can you expand on this? I will admit my bias - I hate this band, but I also hate The Cure but I can at least see their influence/innovation/etc. The only thing I see from RHCP is commercial appeal and endurance. Flea was a great bassist, but what else did they bring to the table?

They’re in for their fusion of funk, rock, and rap – nobody sounds like them. No one has ever said, “Oh, RHCP doesn’t sing that. I thought that was them.” They could probably get in just on the strength of Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

Perhaps, but I could just as easily turn that around - nobody sounds like them since, so its hard to claim they have had a huge impact on rock music. I can’t think of one band today that I can say “these guys never would have existed if it weren’t for RHCP.”

Just read an article on the nominees, and it said that the following acts haven’t ever been nominated:
T. Rex, the Smiths, Yes, Jethro Tull, Devo, Todd Rundgren, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roxy Music, Willie Nelson, Warren Zevon, the Replacements, ELO, Chubby Checker, Hall and Oates, Los Lobos, Black Flag, X, the B-52s, Dick Dale, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Nick Drake, Captain Beefheart, Sonic Youth, and the Go-Go’s.
Screw Jann Wenner.

As always, no love for Johnny Rivers?

Brenda Lee. Always overlooked.