2012 Summer Olympics: What are you watching? [spoilers likely]

We watched the Opening Ceremony live, then watched the Parade of Nations again after we got back from dinner.

Just got up a little bit ago, and NBC is showing Swimming and Cycling. CTV is showing Women’s Soccer (Canada vs. South Africa, 1-0 at the half). Another NBC channel is showing Women’s Soccer (New Zealand vs. Brazil). I’m only mildly interested in these events. I want to see more swimming, Beach Volleyball, and the Track events. The SO is looking forward to Gymnastics. As an occasional shooter, I should be more interested in Biathlon. Only, it’s been studiously ignored by broadcasters for most of my life, and I don’t know who’s who.

So what are you watching/planning to watch?

The Biathlon is in the Winter Olympics.

Track & Field for me (no kidding, right?:slight_smile: ). Cycling, weightlifting, anything that happens to catch my interest at the moment.

I do wish there was more coverage outside the Big Few sports.

Now, you see… If U.S. broadcasters were not afraid to show guns… :smack: But I could swear I’ve seen events that combine running and shooting. I guess not in the Summer Olympics.

There is a summer version, just not in the Olympics.

I must have seen it elsewhere.

The Canadian women are up 2-0 in the 85th minute. :slight_smile:

Woo-hoo! Go Canada! :slight_smile:

We like watching men’s and women’s gymnastic finals - as well as the men’s swimming.

I also like to see some of the track and field races. The rest is fine if I just see short re-caps on the sports news at the end of the night.

To think these athletes have been practicing, day and night, for years and years, all leading up to this one moment - it is thrilling to see them win, and truly heartbreaking to seem them fail at this point.

I believe that this year the Modern Pentathlon is combining the shooting with the distance run.

It is. I can remember being young, and I can almost remember having knees. To be young and fit and competing in front of the world is an awesome thing. Though many of the ones who don’t medal will be heartbroken, they will always be Olympians.

(Speaking of Olympians, we lost one Thursday. 1984 and 1988 U.S. Olympian Pat Porter died in a plane crash.)

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Field hockey, water polo, rowing, boxing, team handball, and soccer are at the top of my list.

Watching the US take on Italy for the gold medal in team archery.

Close, tense match. Italy’s last archer with a clutch 10 barely on the line to win by one point. The first US archer has to be kicking himself – anything in the yellow and they would have won or gone to a shoot-off.

And to answer the question, I’ve been watching tennis.

Even before the opening ceremony there was an incredible story. Im Dong-Hyun of South Korea sets a world record in archery, even though he is legally blind.

That said, I am going to be rooting for Clara Hughes in her attempt to become Canadas most decorated Olympian. And I also hoping that Alexandre Despatie completes the full comeback from cracking his melon on the diving board a few weeks ago, and wins the gold.

You might be thinking of Pentathlon, the modern version of which is Shooting, Running, Fencing, Riding & Swimming. The shooting & running events were combined into a Biathlon type thing a few years ago. Clearly, this is sport to follow if you’re a fedora-wearing archeologist.

Here’s the TV listing for NBC in the US; you can sort by day or by sport:

Pentathlon is being shown on the 11th and 12th.

I guess all the stories about Phelps screwing off and not training until the last minute are true. He barely qualified for the team.

Ryan Lochte just beat him in the 400IM and Phelps got 4th.

There is, outside the main NBC channel. Today I’ve seen fencing and badminton on MSNBC.

Womens 10M Air Rifle and Mens 10M Air Pistol is scheduled today. I’ll watch the replay on the NBC live feed.

I’m not sure how you’re defining “barely qualified for the team,” but Phelps is scheduled to race 7 events at the Olympics, and beat Lochte a few times at the US Olympic trials.