2012 U.S. Election

Prom king?

I agree (and shudder) that Rick Perry will make a run. He’s already doing a nationwide book tour. But, will the nation be ready for another Texas governor? Ricky will make Dub look like a frickin’ genius.

Seconded. I’d say he’s as dumb as a sack full of hair but it would be such an awful insult to the hair. And the sack.

I really don’t see how it can be anyone but Romney at this point. Gingrich, the only other likely centrist Republican candidate, has little support. Palin, Huck, and Perry are all too far to the right to swing states like PA/CO/NM/OH, and Ron Paul is, well, Ron Paul. But Dopers more politically minded than myself can fight my ignorance here.

Four-letter or seven letter?


Four-letter or seven letter?

Yeah, Ryan sure is a superstar. I especially liked his fictional budget that not even his own party would acknowledge existed. That was so impressive.

Looks like ye-olde edit function is screwy. Yay.


Wow, Ryan Paul looks like a Ronald Reagan impersonator!

Dear Og.
Not Palin. Please, not Palin. I will never drink, smoke or peek at porn again if you make sure it’s not Palin.

Uh huh. Because all superstars start out on top, right?:rolleyes:

Per my post, keep your eyes open, and per this post be prepared to eat some serious freaking crow in the next 2 years or so!

No, they don’t start out on top. However, if their own party ignores their super awesome groundbreaking idea, the one that is supposed to showcase what a great, upcoming “Young Gun” they are, then they are nothing. They pretended that it didn’t even exist. I know he’s your homegrown cheesehead GOPer, but that doesn’t really count for much.

Remember Jindal? Man, he was going to be the token that took down Obama. It was going to be so AWESOME! And then he stumbled through a sad little speech like a little kid thrown into the big leagues.


Palin /Voldemort for 2012!

Jesus, you ain’t kiddin’. Someone tell me he was wearing a Reagan wig.

Can historians pull up this time in 2006 or 2002 or 1998 and say who the front-runners were thought to be? Is there time for a nobody to become a somebody?

Actually it makes perfect sense. The Constitution does not allow the Feds to have UHC but the States can (10th Amendment)

Wait, the Feds can’t levy taxes for the common welfare? Dangit, my copy of the Constitution must be out of date. Does this also apply to Medicare, the VA system, and the federal employee health plan?

My point was that there is a way to justify implementing UHC at a state level while railing against it at the federal level. Not saying it’s Constitutionally accurate (especially after the New Deal , SD v. Dole, etc.) but assuming that “general welfare” doesn’t mean “whatever the Feds say it is” then yes, I think that position can be argued under the 10th Amendment.

But then again, that’s up to SCOTUS isn’t it?

Quick Q from an outsider:
Are there currently (or have there recently been) any Californian Republicans who would be ‘republican enough’ to win their party nomination and, in the general, ‘liberal’ enough to carry their own state? ( Yes, in the mould of Senator Vinick from The West Wing. )


You want Scott Walker the county commissioner to run for President? Seriously, why stop there if we’re just going to name conservatives with ties Wisconsin? Brett Favre won’t have much to do next year.

Scott Walker is the Governor-elect. Before that he has been the County Executive of the largest metro-area of the state, and before that he was in the state legislature.

By 2012 he will have had way more executive experience that Obama had.

Being Governor is reasonably relevant executive experience.

However, Milwaukee County has a population comfortably under a million. Granted, it’s not Wasila, but it’s not much more relevant.

959,521 is

comfortably under a million”?

Why, it’s practically the sister city of Glenbeulah.:wink: