2012 U.S. Election

Of course it’s too early…

So who will be the Repugnican nominee?

Romney. He is a sentient of faith!

Why Repugnican? Is that really necessary? Sheesh…

Anyways, there are a ton of possibilities at this point, but my money is on a GOP governor. Mitch Daniels, of Indiana, being my current favorite (meaning most likely, not the one I necessarily like the best). Christie is an interesting one, perhaps more for VP. Getting a number of new Governors last night really helps the GOP bench.

Rubio is certainly a possibility as a VP candidate, but much will depend on how he handles his new Senate role.

I believe without MassCare, Romney would be the clear choice.

Palin/Bachman 2012!

Or here’s an idea:

Bush / Cheney 2012! They can use the same buttons, even.

Jeb and Liz, obviously.

Pawlenty, Romney, or Palin. I expect it will be name that’s got some reputation already, not some new person out of nowhere.

I would agree, if there was anyone with name recognition that didn’t have massive negatives. Pawlenty seems to have absolutely zero pull within the GOP base. Palin has ridiculous disapproval ratings - it’s possible the 25-percenters will carry her to the nomination, but I’m not sure how viable that is for a presidential run (when was the last non-establishment GOP presidential candidate?).

Which leaves Romney. Who created his own little Obamacare, is from liberal-hellhole Mass, and is a Mormon.

I’ll take the field. :slight_smile:

Sorry. I would have said Democrap but I think we already know who that nominee will be :smiley: And actually it’s not too early by much since they’ll be lining up early next year and in full campaign mode by the end of the year. I expect to see Newt also testing the waters and maybe another go for Huckabee.

Don’t know how many times I have to say this, but PALIN WILL NOT RUN. There’s not enough money in it and people will say poopy things about her. She’ll hint vaguely about “maybe” running, but if she does, I’ll give each of you a big wet sloppy.

I do not believe it will be someone from the field. By the time the campaign gets underway only two or three months from now, the economy will still not have recovered and (especially after the recent results) Obama will be percieved as eminently beatable. I expect every Republican heavyweight, 3/4 of the middleweights, and half of the lightweights to have announced by March or April.

I have two predictions, and they depend on what happens with the Tea Party in the next year to year and a half. If the Tea Partiers blend back in with the Republican Pary, I would expect the nominee to be Romney; otherwise, Palin.

I disagree. At least with the all caps.

I think Pawlenty/Jindal or Romney/Pawlenty or Romney/Jindal has a nice ring to it.

She’ll run, all right, and stay in the race at least long enough for the first primaries. Then she’ll quit. Got to keep stretching out those 15 minutes, after all.

I’ve said before that Romney is the most likely choice. No, it’s not logical to rail against the national health care bill and then vote for someone who did basically the same thing at the state level, but what does logic have to do with anything?

And it definitely isn’t going to be Pawlenty. Who, aside from Pawlenty, actually likes him? Even among Republicans, he’s not all that popular, and I get the impression that Minnesota is pretty well sick of him.

Rick Perry of Texas will be the Republican nominee.

All he needs to do is win the states Bush won in 2004.

At this time there are too many possibilities and too many unknown variables for me to make even an educated guess who could be the nominee 2 years from now.

I would love for Paul Ryan or Scott Walker to be on the ticket, at very least as VP if not for President.

Either way, keep your eyes and ears open about both of these outstanding gentlemen. They are going to be the next superstars of conservative politics for at least the next decade and, considering their youth, much, much longer!

From your lips to God’s ears, Chefguy. I can’t vote if the election comes down to Obama/Palin. I just can’t. Romney feels more realistic though.

I know people who’d like to see Marco Rubio run, but he’s way too young to be a real contender. Maybe in 1216 or 1220.

She may possibly form an exploratory group which will bring more cash into her bank account, since it will generate speaking engagements, but expose herself to live debate and the inevitable public ridicule: I really doubt it.

I believe last week "the quitinator, Palin’ said if no one else takes the reins, she just might have to run. poor woman would be forced to give up so much money to save the union. Such a sacrifice.

Are we talking about him running for President, or for King?

That’s a pretty safe bet, by her. No commitment, and she knows there will be many who will be happy to ‘take the reins’. Or “reigns”, if they get their way.