2014 NASCAR Fantasy Racing--FREE

Hello Paul,

Welcome to Yahoo Sports Fantasy Auto Racing.

You have created the Private Group called Welcome Back #3 and entered the team called 4 The Win in that group. To allow other people to join this group, send them the Group ID# (9508) and the Password (password). Remember, it is the Group ID#, not the group name, that other people must use to join your group.

Feel free to invite whomever you want. All I ask is that participants participate. Every year, people join only to crap out after 8 weeks.


What’s the accused violation?

Your post looks like a c&p of a spam email. I actually reportd the post as a possible hacked account when I saw you are a long time member.

Oh, I see. Thanks for looking out for the security of my account. I appreciate it.

It actually is a copy paste. It’s authentic not a hack; I’ll verify that I pasted it because I’m lazy.

Hacked account?? The entire freakin’ board was hacked about a month ago.

I’m back for another season as JP_Racing.
Let the racing begin.

Can’t wait to see how the new rules package works out.
Thanks for setting up the Group.

Hey, I did my best last year, but I severely underestimated the time a second baby would take. And now she is pregnant AGAIN, so August is going to be tough for me.

I’m still in though!

A Sheep at the Wheel returns, I hope managing to avoid a repeqat of last year’s mid-season meltdown.

The Demon has returned yet again

Glutton for punishment