2016 Bernie Sanders (D-VT) campaign for POTUS thread

[The AP is reporting that he’s gonna run:

](http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_DEM_2016_SANDERS?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2015-04-28-18-01-14)Aye, I do indeed think he will add quite a bit of metaphorical “color” to the discussions about to be had. I could also see where he might garner quite a bit of support and could find himself on the ticket even if he doesn’t win the primary.

What do y’all think of Senator Sanders campaign and of his chances?

I think he got recruited by the DNC so he could bracket Clinton, reducing any traction the predictable “dangerous ultra-liberal” bullshit will have. Warren wouldn’t do it but somebody had to.

I have no problem with supporting him as long as he stays in the race, although I still think Hillary’s gonna be the nominee in the end. I want to support a more reliably left of center candidate while I can.

He’s 73! HRC and Elizabeth Warren are both in their late 60s. Why don’t we have any Democrats ready for the big leagues who are younger than 65? Where are the younger Baby Boomers and the Generation X presidential candidates?

They’ve been too busy embarrassing themselves on Twitter and Instagram.

people need to see what liberal* really *looks like

He’s not going to win, and I think we all know that (including him). But hopefully, he’ll manage to pull the Overton window a bit to the left.

Yea, its a little silly to analyze his campaign in terms of his chances of winning, he won’t win and winning isn’t what his campaign is for.

He’s a pretty good spokesman for Progressive causes (better than Kucinich, anyways, who I think was the last person to run a similar Dem campaign).

There is no way a self-described socialist, albeit a democratic socialist, will be on the democratic ticket for president. Not in 2016 and not in any foreseeable future.

(I-VT), surely?

It’s mainly a vanity candidacy. He will get some tv coverage to speak out on issues that are important to him. I’m not even sure he’ll get to the debate stage.

No, he’s not. But if he could, he would make the best POTUS since Truman.

Brilliant strategy by the DNC.

Hopefully, and much more importantly, he’ll help spark a resurgence and insurgency in the left-progressive wing of the Dems, a counterpart to the Tea Party.

I had the same thought. I almost find myself wondering if Clinton is funding his campaign, so that he can be the Washington Generals to her Harlem Globetrotter primary campaign.

I wonder which candidate Warren will endorse now?

The only thing Bernie Sanders does is make me like Hillary Clinton more. Incidentally, Liz Warren and Barack Obama accomplish the same feat. I am consoled that even if Clinton wins, at least it’ll be better than the alternatives on the Democratic side. Well, not totally. O’Malley and Biden would probably make better Presidents but they don’t seem to be under consideration.

Depends on what you consider “Best.” If Best means most correct-thinking, humanitarian, reasonable, bold etc. Then yeah he’d be fabulous. But when it comes to crippling the oligarchy that’s gotten control of the country, then no. He’s too old and not ruthless enough. Hillary, if she wasn’t already part of the problem, would fit the bill.

As it is, I have no hope the election will be anything more than picking which flavor of diarrhea garnishes the shit sandwich we’re all gonna have to choke down. Barring an independent willing to purge opposition (Joe Stalin style) I can’t see future elections being more than a distraction to keep the masses divided.

If that’s the reason (which I doubt), then it’s not a very good strategy. By the time the general election rolls around, which is when such things will matter, Bernie will be a footnote. There is no need of such bracketing in the primary.

Republican voters pay attention to Democratic primaries too, you know, and vice versa. It’s almost impossible not to. Independents follow both. The general election campaign does not start from scratch, and candidates’ identities are well-established by then.

So you’re wrong.

Plus I doubt the DNC would recruit an independent who has never been a reliable friend of the party. He’s defeated Democrats in his career as well as Republicans and in one case even defeated a candidate that both parties endorsed over him.

There are plenty of liberals they could have used for that purpose. Barbara Boxer has nothing better to do, she’s retiring, and she’s actually a loyal Democrat.