2016 GOP Covention - Really Necessary? You Sure?

How’s this for the Ultimate GOP STOP Trump:

Cancel the Convention.

Nominate nobody, but save the Party from collapse?

Can “they” do it? Who, exactly says “Book a Hall”? Can they say “Never Mind”?.

I don’t see a way out of this without outright theft of the nomination.

Kinda like “None of the Above”.

I’m not sure the two halves of that sentence are reconcilable.

Wouldn’t work: Trump would just hold an “independent” convention, to which many delegates would show up. They’d vote for him. They’d also vote for enough rules changes to support whatever they want.

They could even rename the party: The Reformed Republican Party, and tell Reince Priebus to take a flying leap.

Trump had already threatened to run as a third-party candidate if the GOP didn’t nominate him. In this scenario, he can run as an “alternative second-party candidate.”

They won’t do this, because it would harm them significantly in other races, such as for the House and Senate, and state and local offices. They aren’t going to set fire to the barn while they’re still inside it.

The “down ticket” elections are all LOCAL - US Senate and House, Governors are the concern of the State Parties.
Money could still flow through the GOP or it could go directly to the local candidates, at the direction of the National Party.

Just leaving the top two spots vacant does not necessarily doom the Party.

And, if Trump wants to hold his own “convention”, fine - but he doesn’t get to call it a “Republican” Convention or invoke any of its various insignia and other trademarked or copyrighted materials.

I think the name “American Party” is open - George Wallace sure ain’t going to use it, and Trump is the current embodiment of George Wallace.
Welcome to 1964, folks!

  1. American Independent Party.

OTOH, I predicted that if there was not going to be a brokered convention, that then we are bound to have a broken convention Cleveland. Just not broken as in seeing riots, but broken in the sense of allowing the appalling and weird elements of the Republican party to turn the crazy up to 11.

All those nativists, evangelicals, anti-science voters will need reassurances from the Trump supporters that they are still supporting them. Specially the evangelicals as they suffered a big defeat when Cruz failed.

Meaning that, if there is indeed a conciliatory move going on by Trump and followers, that we will not see much of the establishment luminaries, but we will see the spectacle of dozens of speakers at the convention sounding and looking like Joe Arpaio, Sarah Palin, etc. (The republicans are now so unhinged IMO that I would not be surprised to see them inviting the real ones to the convention). It will make the convention look as 100 times more appalling to independents and moderate Republicans as when Pat Buchanan (that is also a Trump supporter) made his divisive 1992 speech on “the culture wars”

It is interesting to note that the republicans could control the loose cannons as Buchanan back in the day by banning them from the following conventions, I do wonder how an eviscerated moderated leadership will deal with the Pat Buchanans of today in the coming convention. Because I do think that there will be very little moderation. Fine by me as then the Republicans will become less attractive to most of the American voters.

That’s a very good point; it’s an interesting thought. But would Trump be wanting to move to the center for the general by then? Could that cause him to make efforts to keep the nuts in the back?

Also Trump wouldn’t benefit from having an automatic spot on the ballot in all 50 states & DC; it’s a bit late to start trying to qualify for 51 ballots as an independent/3rd party candidate.

It’s more than “a bit” late. Texas requires 80,000 signatures due Monday.

Somebody better get busy.

The Republican governor of Illinois and our Republican senator are begging off. I guess they’ve been to Cleveland.

In my opinion, this, yes. Trump (or his advisors, at least) know that they cannot afford a racist, hyper-evangelical, sexist, “build the wall” circus for the convention. That would shave a big swatch away from the independents and moderates he must appeal to if he is to have any chance at all of winning in November.

Even as it is, I think he may already have chased too many of them away. But if he is to have even a chance in hell, he must pretend to be a moderate.

One careless word by Arpaio could cost him an entire state or two.

Isn’t the “presumptive nominee” entitled to run the show as he sees fit?

The podium could turn into a real three-ring…

How about the Whig party? He’s a natural for that.

“He’s got a wig for his wig”…

Bonus if you get the reference.

Why would Trump need another party? He won the Republican primaries and is therefore entitled to run as their presidential candidate. He suggested there might be riots if he’s not given the nomination and I think he might be right.

Trumpers rioting in the streets, chanting “The whole Fox News is watching!”. Getting gassed and thumped by the cops. Can’t wait to say it: “All they really need is a haircut and a bath!” Ah, bad times!

Not exactly, it’s just traditional for party officials to defer to the presumptive nominee.

For sure the GOP is letting the Republicans know that they are free to skip the convention.

It is true that in the past that was not a requirement anyhow, but the difference now is that the guys in the National Republican Senatorial Committee are really worried by the potential negative impact of the Donald Trump run.

IMO this also points to not having many moderate voices available when the convention takes place. It is bound to be more loony than when it was just one of the speakers talking to an empty chair.

In 1964, when LBJ (a Texan) signed the Civil Rights Act, he predicted that the Democrats would never again carry the South for 50 Years.

Well, the GOP has the South - and all the most despicable members of it are now controlling the Party.

Is the GOP ready to give the South back to the Democrats?
(short history. Lincoln was GOP. Hence the Solid South voting straight Democrat.
Until the cracks started showing.
In the 1948 Convention Hubert Humphrey called for the Party to denounce “State Rights” (yes, the term does WAY back) and embrace “Civil Rights”. This is where the Dixiecrat left.
By 1964, it was only the disaster of Goldwater (another early Trump) which got the Democrats a majority.

Cue the showgirls and unlicensed music…