2016 NFL season

Training camp starts this week and I don’t see that anyone has started a thread for this season.

Let me start by saying; Fucking Redskins.
Having grown up in DC, my family have always been Redskins fans. But during the season most family conversations start with the phrase “Fucking Redskins”.

They haven’t let me down this season yet…

We usually have weekly threads once the season starts, but this one can easily serve for training camps and preseason.

I’ll lead with this article about Ravens QB Joe Flacco, who says he’s not worried about how playing football will affect him later in life. “I’ll worry about whether I can run around with my kids when I’m 50, when I’m 50.”


I’ll counter with, I totally disagree with calling him an idiot.
Per your article, he is under contract till the age of 36.
He is 31 now and will be making around $22,133,333 per year for the next 5 years.

I’m 54 years old (not 50) and I can’t really run around with the kids anymore despite the fact I didn’t make $22 million a year. Lots of jobs are hard on your body. Most don’t pay millions.

Go Pack Go!

Training camp has started, and I’m already fighting the worry-monster. I’m excited to see if some recent draft picks can step up and handle the heat.

He would Bevan idiot to think differently.

I also like the idea if one omnibus NFL thread.

I heard of NFL network last night that Eddie Lacy lost a lot of weight this off season you Packers fans. I didn’t see a picture, but they did say he was looking fast again.

Kinda-sorta watching Packers Family Night. (Public practice). I get the QB wears a red shirt (a nod to Star Trek no doubt :wink: ), but am not sure why some folks have red helmet covers during special teams practice.


Same deal though, you aren’t supposed to touch anyone with a red cap, just the same as the jersey. Easier to take the caps on and off as needed during practice, unlike a the red jerseys the QB’s wear.