2016: Obama's America (no, not the stupid movie)

It’s 2016. Obama’s second term is winding down. What does America look like? What issues has he faced and how did he handle them? Are we better off than we were four years ago?

I laughed at the many Doomsday predictions from the right about Obama’s first term. Let’s see some predictions for his second… Doomsday scenarios welcome this time as well! :slight_smile:

Well, we’re on the cusp of another recession (the Eurozone is already there), we’re seeing pre-Obamacare layoffs/cutbacks, China is going to gain a lot more leverage over the US as their economy surpasses our own and we’re going to hit the proverbial cliff sometime soon. So it’ll be terrible. But as a country we get what we vote for.

Do you mean layoffs and cutbacks in the style of what we saw prior to Obamacare, or layoffs and cutbacks as a precursor to Obamacare? (The latter doesn’t make a ton of sense to me but then neither did your statement in general, so I thought I’d ask for clarification.)

My prediction is that things will be similar to the way they are now, except that gay marriage will be legalized in many more states, the Supreme Court will possibly be a titch more liberal, and the economy will be doing reasonably well, though probably not booming. People will have become so accustomed to the protections given by Obamacare that they’ll forget we didn’t always have them. Gitmo will probably still house prisoners and we will probably still be making drone strikes. We will not have started any new wars.

That’s all I got, really.

It’ll be pretty much the same, except with a lower unemployment rate.

Just what I said. I realize you guys and gals have been in a post election euphoria and have been too busy to pay attention, but in the past week companies have been announcing layoffs and cutbacks to their workforce work hours in order to circumvent Obamacare. Either that or raise their announcing an increase in prices.

Given the veracity of your 2012 Election Predictions, this bodes well for a prosperous four years!

Oh. I thought you were actually answering the question posed in the OP (i.e., what will things be like in four years), rather than complaining about what’s happening right now. It seems to me that there are probably a few other threads on this message board where you could complain about things that are happening right now, instead of doing so in a thread about predictions for four years on.

What? No comment. Not surprising.

I did answer it. If you want to conclude that it’ll be rainbows and roses in four years while ignoring ominous economic signs, who am I to stop you?

You quoted my comment by saying I was making no comment? :confused:

Instead of worrying about how the 2012 election affected the winners, you might wish to examine how unstable you seem in it’s wake.

Hostess has closed, I don’t see how things could get any worse.

You made no comment regarding my points, rather trying to focus on my election prediction. As it is, while not the outcome I wanted, I’m over it. Now care to tell me what you found so incorrect regarding my initial post?

We’ll have to wait until 2016 to see how good your prediction is. All I pointed out is your track record at the prediction game kinda sucks.

I predict that we here at Subatomic Sympathy, Inc will have perfected our Yotto-Violin technology, leapfrogging our current Nano-Violin technology by several orders of magnitude. We feel that only this level of Subatomic Violin Technology will allow us to properly service the “disappointed that their nation hasn’t failed yet” people in the Republican party.

If employers really had a problem with the ACA, they’d be clamoring for single payer. Let’s hope the next four years brings true universal health care.

OMG, what is the rate of layoffs this year vs. last year at the same time?

If these are the result of Obamacare, we’d see an increase, right. I don’t know what they are, but if you’d cite them for me I’d appreciate it.

One thing to consider, most republicans are mislead by interests that support the Republican party. Some of the things you and others base your policy positions on are not true. Remember the polling, and “oversampling” of Democrats?

Many business owners are similarly misinformed. Mislead by FOX News and RW radio to believe a false view of the world.

They might believe that Obamacare increases the deficit. Or that it is a “government takeover” or other similarly scary and untrue things.
If that’s the case, and some business owners are working under misinformation, then is that the fault of Obama or is it the fault of the news sources that mislead people who rely on them? If someone runs a business and is operating under the same cloud of misinformation, they might make stupid business decision.

Take Papa John as an example. Obamacare will cost him 4-5 cents a pizza. He first claimed 14 cents, then demanded he would raise prices by 50 cents, cut hours so he wouldn’t have to pay it and generally threw a tantrum.

He isn’t operating rationally. And many similarly conservative people who run businesses are probably throwing that same tantrum. So even if layoffs are higher than they might be, I find it difficult to blame the people pursuing rational policies.

Just a relatively small handful of businesses with butthurt conservative ownership slinging their employees against the wall as they throw a tantrum.

Most of the small business owners that I know are Obama-voting Democrats, but most of them believe in providing health insurance to employees and already offer it. My business doesn’t have full-time employees, I use contract labor only…but I sign union agreements and let my guys work through their unions so the time they spend working for me counts towards their union benefits.

Every time we try to increase the minimum wage, an entire parade of “business owners” comes through declaring it will be the end of the world.

Every time we enact environmental or safety standards, they do likewise. “This will put us out of business!”

Every. Motherfucking. Time, this is a LIE.

People still have jobs, companies still make profits, the world spins on.

And it will do so with PPACA in place as well.

I predict most people will look a bit older.

Do you have a reputable cite for your assertion that companies have been announcing layoffs and cutbacks in work hours to circumvent Obamacare?