2016 Punkin Chunkin Broadcast Canceled

The Science Channel and Discovery Channel have decided not to air this year’s Punkin Chunkin competition after two people were injured in an explosion.

While I wish both of those folks a speedy recovery, I’m still disappointed. Punkin Chunkin was becoming a bit of a tradition at my house. I was even trying to get a viewing party together for Saturday. :frowning:

That’s where you need to institute new safety rules, not where you need to stop doing it entirely.

Oh they’re still going to do it, we just don’t get to watch.

The family of a friend of mine owns the current venue. Despite it’s huge public popularity the event is barely insurable at this point after a fatal accident (IIRC some one flipped in a quad driving across the property and died) that happened a few years ago which caused a lawsuit against the farmer (and others) allowing his property to be used. He said “no more” and the event was put on hiatus for over a year. This is the new location.

This latest accident is not going to help. Unless they figure out something the potential liability is just too huge and no one will insure the event.

What?! Are they out of their gourd?!

Was there a, “hey y’all, watch this!” heard immediately before the incident. Just curious.

The Mythbuster’s “build team” are jinxes.

This is a situation where Jamie “Mr. Safety” Hyneman needs to step in & set things right. He’d bring a certain credibility and gravitas (for the insurance co) and a sense of adventure and opportunity for the participants.

“Hold my beer…”

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Already done back on Nov. 6.

From what I’ve read there haven’t been any human fatalities yet. It looks like the injured quad driver was the one who filed suit but the case was ultimately dismissed. As I said before, I feel terrible for the two people injured, but not showing the special won’t magically make them well again. Other sports have had plenty of accidents and deaths but the rest of the event was still shown. Some even happened during live (or near live) broadcasts and they kept going.

The critically injured woman was a producer for Sharp Entertainment, the company being paid to film the event. There’s some more info here and an armchair critique of the new safety measures here.

The contest was called off after the explosion. I can see why the network wouldn’t want to air a contest that wasn’t completed.