2017 wsop

I’ve been following the Vlogs of Doug Polk for a couple of months now and he went out and won the $111,111 buy-in One Drop event.

Also following Daniel Negreanu’s Vlogs. He’s been in a dozen events cashing in six, so far.

Day 16:

Day 18:

Some famous faces in Daniel Negreanu’s videos.


The $1500 pot limit Omaha event was won by a man named Nathan Gamble. Well, that’s to be expected.

In the running for player of the year is Daniel Negreanu. Guy just keeps rolling along. How many poker players have been this good for this long, especially through the online boom?

I note that the Main Event now starts players with 50,000T, which I am certain didn’t used to be the case. It used to started with 10,000T, exactly matching, dollar for dollar, the buy in. I wonder why they did that?

Going by the numbers at Wikipedia, the switch was made from 30K to 50K last year, after going up from 20K to 30K in 2009.

Oh, wait…you asked why, not when.

The original was 10,000 because originally it was winner-take-all, so what was on the table was real money. My guess is, they increased the number of chips to give the players more options to play conservatively in the early rounds.

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