Recent poker stories

So I was playing omaha hi/lo last night. I was dealt 567T, which isn’t a great hand, so I folded preflop.

The flop was 567. The turn was a 5. The river was 5. So if I’d stayed in, I would have made quad 5’s…

…and lost to a straight flush.

Ok, this is one of my favorite poker-related stories.

Every quarter, this local bar has a seven-week tournament. No cost to play, since they probably more than make up for it in drinks and whatnot. Just to get other people’s feedback on the format, I’ll explain: They have three tables at the first, for 30 people total. You start out with 200 in chips and the first 18 people who hit 500 chips qualify for the finals for that night.

Now, here’s the rub - You have two “rebuys”, so you’ll get people who will be instantly go “all-in” because they know that, even if they lose, they can always get 200 more chips immediately. Honestly, it’s more of a sprint than a marathon at this point.

After 18 people get 500 chips, or it’s been about 1.5 hours, those that have qualified, as well as those closest to 500 to reach the 18-person mark, are moved to two tables of 9 people each. You then play to the top 5, at which point those top 5 qualify for the finals, on another date, and anyone who made the top 18 get a red ticket for “wild card spots.” This is much more relaxed, since a person can play their normal game, as opposed to being concerned with the progress of all the other players.

There are six weeks of this, and the finals have four tables of 10, so pretty much anyone who has two red tickets should get to play in the finals (once you figure those who don’t show up for the finals, those who might’ve gotten red tickets in earlier “qualifying rounds”, but then made the top 5 another night, etc.).

So, this brings me to my story. I was playing in the finals and doing very well. I was in second-place, in terms of chip count, and ahead of the rest by a wide margin. We’d gotten to the final 9 people and suddenly the emcee noticed that it was much later than he’d thought. So, when I was the big blind, he decided to drastically increase the blinds by 10X the previous amount. I had enough to cover my big blind this round, and then the small blind on the next hand. Knowing that I was pretty much done, I figured I’d just go all-in, regardless.

My cards? 2 - 5, suited diamonds.

Three others call; I go all-in, putting in the equivalent of the small blind, and the first two call. The woman to my right re-raises. I was all-in, and this was enough to scare away the other two betters.

Her cards were pocket 9s.

The flop was 3 - 3 - 3. Of course, none of them were diamonds, so I figured I was drawing dead, since a full house would beat any potential straight.

This was emphasized on the turn card, which was a J. I got up from the table, and was prepared to wish the remainder of the players luck, while cursing the fact that I’d caught the wrath of the emcee in his sudden “turbo-mode” style of play, in increasing the blinds so dramatically.

The river? Another J. The full house on the board played, and the woman and I split the pot, allowing me to stay in the tournament.

From that point on, I continued my conservative style of play and ended up winning the tournament - my prizes being a 500-count chip set, an 8-seater table top, and a 3-day, 2-night trip to Vegas (at the Tropicana), as well as $500.00 in gambling money.

The real kicker? I ended up in a heads-up match against the same woman who had the 9s.

And then there was the time, two weeks ago, where the final hand of my weekly poker game consisted of me having quad 5s, two people having full houses, and one person having a flush.

I miss this game. :frowning: Haven’t played in a while. Trying to save some money. Decent story from the past though:

$30 buy-in. 2000 in chips blinds start at 25/50. I’m under the gun on the FIRST HAND OF THE TOURNAMENT and look down and see two black kings.

Raise to 225. I get a caller from a decent player in middle position and another good player from the BB. Flop comes J-9-6 rainbow. Decent flop for me.

700 in the pot I bet 475. MP…ALL-IN. :dubious:

…BB…CALL! :eek:

WTF IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!? I get KINGS, raise, get a great flop for my hand then get RE-RAISED WITH A CALL!

No way. NO WAY is pocket kings good here. MP could be slow playing aces. I would have been reraised with JJ, maybe 99. And not that it even matters…what could a solid player in the BB be CALLING WITH here?

I decided there was no way one pair was good here. I mucked face up. BB just stares at my cards, “THAT…was a MONSTER…LAYDOWN.”

MP showed AJ. BB shows 66.

Lay down KK to an uncoordinated flop of all under cards. Never been so pumped to lose half my stack in my entire life. :smiley:

A hand from the last quarter of SDMB weekly games:

Kyyrewyyoae sitting in seat 1 with 737.50
Dag_Otto sitting in seat 3 with 635.00
RobotArm sitting in seat 4 with 3830.00[Dealer]
asterion1 sitting in seat 5 with 852.50
YeticusRex sitting in seat 6 with 2210.00
Oslo_Ostra sitting in seat 7 with 1935.00
asterion1 posted the small blind - 100.00
YeticusRex posted the big blind - 200.00

** Dealing cards to RobotArm: 9s, 9c
Oslo_Ostra called - 200.00
Kyyrewyyoae folded
Dag_Otto went all-in - 635.00
RobotArm called - 635.00
asterion1 folded
YeticusRex folded
Oslo_Ostra called - 635.00

** Dealing the flop: Qh, 9d, 6c
Oslo_Ostra bet - 600.00
RobotArm went all-in - 3195.00
Oslo_Ostra went all-in - 700.00
Dag_Otto shows: Qc, Qs
Oslo_Ostra shows: 6h, 6s

** Dealing the turn: As

** Dealing the river: Js
Dag_Otto wins 2205.00 from the main pot
RobotArm wins 2600.00 from side pot 1

Three pocket pairs, three flopped sets. And mine was the lowest. :frowning:

I have a lot of great poker stories, but I’ll tell my two best both coming from my last trip to Vegas which was just this June.

The first one happens after I’ve been sitting at a 2-4 NL Holdem table for about 7 hours. I bought in with a hundo and at this point my stack was nearing 1 thousand dollars. I decided I was done and after the button passed me I announced I was going to leave. The guy sitting to my left said I may as well play til the BB comes back around, I get to see a lot of free hands. I figure his logic is solid so I sit back down for the last few hands. I get an A-10 suited and raise a hand, I get one caller and the flop comes out A-10-10. Sweet, flopped a boat. I raise and get reraised…I immediately figure the guy has an A so I just call. The turn is another A, I moan a bit and bet the same amount, the guy immediately moves all-in over me. His stack was about 3 quarters my stack. I laugh and say that we’re probably splitting but that I had him on the flop, however should he have a K-Q-J kicker he has outs, and I call. Sure enough he has A-K and rivers his King. I lost probably 700 dollars in that one hand and shouldn’t even have been at the table.

The next came my last night in Vegas, again at the 2-4 NL Holdem table. I was about 9 hours in this time but my stack had gone from the 1 hundo buyin to about 550. It was around 6am at this point and the only people at this particular table (in the poker room at Planet Hollywood) were me, 2 random guys, and 3 dealers who were off the clock. I caught a set with pocket 10s against on of them who had pocket Ks, and he was very unhappy about it. I won about 250 more bucks that hand. The next thing I know I get high pocket pairs 3 hands in a row, catch a set once and have the over-pair the other two times, all 3 times of which he catches a straight with random, low connectors. I lost at least half my stack, but then quit and walked away. I will go to my grave believing they cheated. After the second straight I watched the dealer closely as he shuffled and dealt, I didn’t notice any shenannigans, but it certainly felt shady.

I can’t match the drama or the stakes of the previous posters, but I have now played my first ever tournament(s). :cool:

I’ve enjoyed three successive days of a $30 ( :eek: ) buyin (no rebuys / addons). Usually there are two tables of 11 with 3 prizes.
Did I mention this was in Vegas?!

First time I come 8th, going out (on the ‘final table’!) as the short stack with AK v QQ. Very respectable.

Next day comes another short stack all-in with AJ. (Not perfect, but I’d had no hands and the blinds kept going up…). Called by a KQ suited. Flop is KK6. I liked the A that came next, but the river was a bust. 13th position.

Yesterday I had no cards (honest!) - and an aggressive player to my right kept raising. Good for him, but discouraging for me to act with cards like J3… So while I still had a modest stack, after the agressive chap folded, I put it all in with 89 (unsuited). Next player studied me for a while, then called with A5. Nothing turned up and I finished 18th (out of the usual 22).

Combining maths with superstition means that today I will be 23rd out of 22. Perhaps I’ll oversleep the sign-in - or have a stomach upset as soon as sit down!

Twice in the past couple of months I’ve flopped set over set, which should be one of the most absolute guaranteed money-making flops. Once I had QQ vs TT on a QT2 board and lost to a third guy who was betting like a maniac just for fun and runner-runner-flushed. Once I had 66 vs 55 on a 567 board and we ended up with a 4-way chop when the turn and river were 89.

At a home game a couple of years ago, late into the night two guys were betting heavily on an all diamond flop, turn, and river. One of the guys went all in, and when it was called, triumphantly stood up and threw his cards on a table. He had hit a straight flush, with his 2d and 3d (and a 4d, 5d, and 6d on the table), and said, “Ha! The only way you could beat me is if you had a seven and eight of diamonds!”. His opponent reacted by calmly flipping over 7d and 8d. :cool:

Played my 4th tournament and went out 17th/22 with QJ suited v 78 suited (he made a straight).

Sat down for my next event, picked up AK suited first hand and after some limpers, one guy went all-in. :eek:
I decided he didn’t have AA or KK, so called.
He turned over A2 suited (you get all types in Vegas!) and after a no-help board I was well away.
Later two players on short stacks went all-in (on ‘any two cards’), player before me went all-in on 99 and my call on AJ suited busted all 3 when an A flopped.
Down to 2 players. He went all-in (but looked shifty), I called on KQ and beat his 83 … to win my first table!!


Whew…I about came across the Internets at you. This is almost IDENTICAL to the most frustrating hand I ever played. I have NEVER been as steamed as I was after this…

I had just stepped up in limits. I got 66, raise, get about a brazillian callers. Flop comes 765 rainbow. I check, then it goes check, bet, raise, I re-raise, guy who checked behind me PUSHES, AND original raiser calls.

I AM worried about a flopped straight but the pot is huge (I think I once calculated it was 200 BBs or something like that). I turn over 66, guy to my left turns over 55, third guy turns over 76.

76…runner runner flush. :rolleyes:

Thank you!

My 6th tournament (the casino guys know my first name now :cool: )
We start with 3 tables (about 30 players).

After some steady gains, I double up when my 10 10 flops another 10 against an AQ. TImmediately afterwards, the the dealers call ‘one table’ (as there are now just 11 of us left).

Moving to the new table, I am 2nd largest stack, with the biggest on my left. First hand we two are the blinds. I pick up 77 and after a few limpers, decide to go all-in:

  • he doesn’t know my style (but he knows that I have won a lot of chips at the other table)
  • the blinds are high (I only have 6 big blinds left)
  • if he’s got nothing, I make my mark on the table

He ponders, then calls with AK.
The flop is K98, the river is a 10 and … nothing on the turn.

I am content with my play. A man needs some luck!

If a runner-runner flush is your worst bad beat, you’re doing pretty good.

I’m getting the hang of playing in our weekly on-line tournament, but I think I suck at cash games and in-person. I’ve been promising myself to try a tournament down at Foxwoods, so a few weeks ago I drove down. $100 buy-in, about 130 players. I told myself not to be too ambitious, no dreams of parlaying it all the way to the World Series; just play smart and be content if I don’t bust out early and finish in the top half.

I stared at crappy cards for about two hours. I was getting desperate. Went all-in once and just picked up the blinds and antes. All-in again and one caller. I was ahead, but he sucked out on the river for a split pot. All-in for the third time and one caller. I was behind, got a lucky pair on the turn, and he hit a flush on the river.

I finished exactly in the middle of the field.

That’s a pretty boring poker story, but it’s the only one I’ve got.

Okay, just had a miserable night of 11-cent sit-n-gos.

At the last table, one guy just wouldn’t die. He survived 11 all-ins, some of them automatic because he couldn’t cover the blinds.

From the history:

7s-Qs survived against Kc-Js (flush on the turn)
4c-Qh survived against 8c-Kc and 10s-Js (5-high straight on the turn)
Ks-3c survived against 9d-Ad (runner-runner ace-high straight)
4s-Ac survived against 3h-Kc (paired his ace on the flop)
5c-Ks survived against 7s-7d (paired his king on the flop)
2d-6h survived against 8h-6c (split pot on the river)
Qs-10c survived against Kh-7c (paired his 10 on the river)
2h-Ad survived against 4h-8c
8c-Jh survived against Qc-Ac (paired his 8 on the flop)

And then:

Jc-7h knocked out my 4h-Ad (paired his 7 on the flop)

Luckiest son of a bitch I’ve ever seen. He just wouldn’t die.

I’ve had someone go runner-runner on me many times, but never for a pot that was almost 2X the maximum buy-in after you’re a 75% favorite.

My most recent tournament:

I like to switch things up from tournament to tournament- sometimes I go balls to the wall… sometimes I’m mr. conservative… it kind of depends on my mood, the play of the table and of course, the cards. Anyhoo… this particular one… I was playing pretty tight. A lot of people were making crazy moves- so i was trying to stay out of the way unless I had a hand to make them pay.

So, I get AK off in the big blind. A bunch of folders except for the button and small… so I raise it up 4x the blind. Button folds, Small calls. Flop A95… top pair, top kicker- heads up. I have been showing conservative play- if he checks, I’m putting in a pot sized bet in hopes to take it down. He checks, I bet, he hems and haws and calls.

Hmmmm… pocket pair? 9’s? 5’s? and hit a set? a9 or a5? Doesn’t seem likely, but maybe. Can probably rule out 95 or some such thing like that… surely wouldn’t have called the conservative player with a crap hand like that, especially first to act.

Turn- 5

SB- Check

Me- another pot sized bet… I’m curious how committed this guy is, and I do have the chips to cover it at this point, with some left over.

SB- calls

River- 4

SB- Check.

OK, WTF? There are no draws… he clearly has some piece of this- but what? He’s been aggressive all night- this would be the first hand all night that he didn’t get something and just bet straight at it. I’ll bet he’s got the A with a weak kicker, and is putting me on something weaker like 10 9. How much am I willing to bet?

I move all in

SB- quickly calls and turns over— 5 4!


ok- first to give the guy props- because he really mixed it up and had me confused by altering his style when the 2nd five came up. From there on out I was outplayed.


WTF WAS HE DOING IN THE POT AT THAT POINT TO BEGIN WITH?! I can even see him calling the preflop raise, maybe, because of the connectors. But why are you staying in the pot when the preflop raiser, and conservative player comes back at you when an Ace hits on the flop and you have BOTTOM PAIR and 4 kicker. That was a crazy dumb call, IMO- and from there on out the poker gods just decided to reward him.

Whatever- in retrospect- I’d have done the same… because I think 90% of the time that pot is mine in that same situation after the flop. Of the remaining 10% of the time- I’m going to end up winning from better cards over half the time.

By any chance, were his initials “DoR”?

This was live… I don’t remember his name. My buddy called me and said he was going and I tagged along.

I think a big problem that tends to come up is that we think there IS logical reasons behind many people’s move.

His call pre-flop could very well have been “because it’s my blind.” Or plainly he felt obligated to not let you have the pot for free. Call on the flop because “I could make two pair or trips!” :smack:

He gets extra points if he told you, “Sorry. I had to call.” :rolleyes:

If you were the second-largest stack at the final table but only had 6BBs left, that sounds like a rather crappy structure. Given that, your move was probably decent (assuming you’re out to win the tournament, which is usually a better strategy than just trying to make the money). You were unlucky twice, firstly that he had a good enough hand to call, and secondly that he hit it.

What you say is true, and it was undoubtedly a bad beat, but I really don’t like your bet on the river. He’s called you down all the way so far, so either he has you beat and is going to take all your money, or you have him beat and he isn’t going to call anyway, making your bet pointless at best and terrible at worst. I know this is easy to point out with hindsight, but it’s quite a common situation and learning when to recognise it should increase the profitability of your game dramatically.

Your bet on the turn is probably OK as it was a good “information bet” - if he was just messing about on the flop, he’ll probably fold here, if the turn has hit him he’ll call. Unfortunately you failed to use the information :).