2018 Indianapolis 500 thread

Anyone else want to talk about the race as it progresses?

No one?

I’m watching, but no comment on the race so far.

I think that Pennzoil commercial was shot at the Nürburgring.

The commentators on the F1 race in Monaco said that Alonso probably wished he were competing in the I-500.

I was trying to figure that out. It didn’t look like any of the 20 or so US tracks I’ve driven.

I watched the grand prix live, but for the benefit of any US fans who may be planning to watch the replay later today, let’s box any spoilers about Monaco.

I’ve driven the Nürburgring; that’s it.

What kind of fool takes the high line and spins their tires through the Karussell?

I’m trying to watch, but it keeps being 10 laps worth of commercials for every 3 laps of full-screen racing.

Well, I came here to say that as this will be Danica Patrick’s final race I wish her well. Huh.

One who’s taking instructions from a director who wants a “cool” shot. :smiley:

Disappointed that Tony had a puncture. If he can’t win, it would be great if Helio could make it #4.

Does anyone know why IndyCar coverage shows the standings as a horizontal crawl across the top instead of a vertical list like F1 does, which shows the whole field at once? Here at IMS, with 33 runners, it might not be possible to show everyone, but it would be better than showing only 4 or 5 at once. Very annoying.

Whats with all the pit fires?

Who cares about going fast, let’s make as much smoke and noise as possible! I hate that way of thinking.

I should check the lap charts, but after coming in to fix the puncture, it seems like he should have been able to go a few more laps before his next stop. Looked to me like he wound up on the same cycle as everyone else, though.

Why all the visible pit fires? I thought Indy cars ran on methanol, and the flames weren’t visible.

Ethanol, but that surprised me, too.

Damn, Helio’s out.

Yellows are breeding yellows.

It seems clear they’ve taken too much downforce off these new cars for this track.

They talk all sorts of bullshit if you listen long enough. Goddamn, I wish they would shut up once in a while.

Just tuned into the 500 from Monaco. Despite all the drama, that was pretty damn boring.

Geez, these Indy cars have tiny wings.

I see she is out. What happened?

Good day Down Under!

Yes!!! Will Power!!!

He deserves it.

Glad to see Danica fail. I’ve never liked her. Bummer about Helio and TK though. :frowning:

Finally, Will had the power!

I was excited to have a close up look at the Borg-Warner Trophy back in November.

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They are the low-downforce speedway wings. The ones for the road courses are bigger.

She (and four other drivers) just lost the rear end coming out of one of the short chutes. That’s what I was referring to with my comment about downforce in post 14.