2018 interesting proposals,ammendments and referenda.

Apologies if there is one already, But I coulnd’t find one.

What fun ones do you have to “Yay or Nay” too?
Michigan 2 is an interesting one.

I agree with the sentiment of ending Partisan Gerrymandering wholeheartedly, but not sure about 13 random schmoes options. That is a hell of an ask for 13 random people, I’d say even an infeasible one. There is going to have to be so much guidance of how to do it, that the exercise seems doomed to be manipulated. Haven’t decided on it yet.

For those interested the state supreme court has looked and said it’s Kosher.

North Carolina has six amendments. They are, in brief:

-Right to fish, hunt, and harvest. I’m not real clear on why this is necessary, or what effects it’ll have; this looks to me like red meat.
-“Victims Rights”. I’m pretty skeptical of this one given how terrible our prison system is currently
-Let the (Republican) legislature, not the (Democratic) governor, appoint members of the board of elections. It’s purely coincidental that many Republican overreaches have been blocked by that board.
-Let the (Republican) legislature, not the (Democratic) governor, appoint new judges (it’s slightly more complicated than that, but that’s absolutely the end result). It’s purely coincidental that many Republican overreaches have been blocked by judges ruling them unconstitional.
-Cap on income tax rate. Republicans are worried that when they eventually lose control of the legislature, their shitty policies will be rolled back; they’re trying to enshrine them into law.
-Voter ID. Voter suppression tactics 101.

I’ll let you guess how many I plan to vote for.

I’m proud to say that one of my childhood friends is now a member of the North Carolina legislature, fighting the good fight.

wolfman, on that Michigan anti-gerrymandering measure, the key is in the details. First of all, are they randomly selected, or selected by the Secretary of State? It looks like, as written, the SoS gets to choose 9 members of their own party (five of whom lie about it) and 4 members of the other party. More importantly, exactly what are those “new redistricting criteria”, and which of those criteria are “should” and which are “must”? Ohio had a measure on the ballot a few cycles back that had all of the actual anti-gerrymandering bits in the “shoulds”, but then mandated maximal gerrymandering in the “musts”, and it quite appropriately got defeated (albeit for all the wrong reasons). The next cycle, though, we had one with a terribly-designed commission, but with the “musts” all in the right places, and it went through.

Yea or nay.

Yay = Woohoo
Yea = Yes

I clicked through and read this one and it’s a head scratcher.

a lot of states have passed the right to fish and hunt amendments , especially red or rural/southern states. It’s basically a way to get people to the polls and vote yes on the other 5.

NC has no statewide races on the ballot this year unlike a lot of states so turnout will be down.

Part of a multi-state initiative.
Voting against that on principle for being emotionally-tinged.

Our big one is energy deregulation. Passed with little fanfare in 2016, but needs to be approved twice. This year the ads are strongly opposed; I’ve never heard a “yes” ad. Some of the ads are questionable, but the yes is also questionable as it’s framed as a constitutional amendment for some reason.