2021 NFL QB Carousel Thread aka the NFL Offseason Thread

They talked about it on local sports radio when it happened. That was particularly reprehensible. Honestly I didn’t even know his name prior to that incident; he was a backup player who’d barely gotten any attention as a player.

I was really saddened when I saw this news. Sherman is really one of my all-time favorite players, not just because of what he did on-the-field, but also off. He’s a complicated guy, and as a player never really seemed to let go of the Superbowl loss. But as a person, I always got the impression he had his shit together. I never saw this coming. Very curious to learn more…

Him going off on Skip Bayless (I’m better at life than you) is still one of my favorite sports media moments of all time.

He came from a humble background in Compton (his dad was and might still be a garbage collector) and made his way to Stanford, and wasn’t just a jock but was a real student athlete, he even tutored other athletes to help them with academics. He also graduated with an undergraduate degree in Communications and was working on his Master’s. He graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA, and was salutatorian. He’s a very smart man as well as being athletically gifted (he was All-American as a track star in high school).

He’s also a Vice President of the Executive Committee for the NFLPA, and has been a representative there since 2014. He’s very active in charity work, and has had a charity since 2013 which helps provide clothes and school supplies to underprivileged kids in Compton. There is a lot to admire about him.

He’s also known as a hothead though. He had a number of conflicts with the media and he had problems with coaches, notoriously getting into fights on the sideline during games. When he left Seattle there was some animosity there. I’ve never heard of him actually getting in trouble before now.

He must really be going through something. There are some very troubling details in this new story.

Wait. Let me make sure I’ve got this straight.

Tom Brady. 43-year-old Tom Brady. Played big games like…the Super Bowl…with an MCL injury.

Shit, there are 23-year-old elite athletes who couldn’t pull that off.

In my mind, that pretty much settles it full stop: Brady’s the best football player whoever lived.

I guess I’ll cut him some slack for that game where he forgot what down it was. He probably stepped wrong and couldn’t think through the agony.

Looks there will be public shaming of the non vaccinated players and I completely support this:

From what’s known so far, identification methods would definitely apply only in the team facility - so any “shaming” would be by other staff and players, who conceivably might be interested in whether the unvaccinated players/employees had legitimate medical reasons for avoiding vaccination.

Looks like the NFL is not playing around with Covid postponements this year.

I have a feeling they also don’t want to play last year’s whack a mole of moving bye weeks around and playing games on all days of the week.

This should be a kick to the vaccine hesitant players, especially those on the cusp of a roster.

… if a game cannot be rescheduled during the 18-week season in 2021 due to a COVID outbreak among unvaccinated players, the team with the outbreak will FORFEIT and be credited with a loss for playoff seeding …

Amen! I can’t read the memo in that tweet, but I hope it also says, “However, the game shall be counted as a win for the purposes of determining draft order in 2022.”

Apparently it does later, in so many words.

Also, if that happens, NEITHER team’s players get paid for that week.

With player vaccination rates estimated at around 50 percent, the league and the NFLPA are lowering the boom on unvax’d players:

Basically, if you aren’t vaccinated, you live in a bubble. If you are vaccinated, it’s anything goes.

That article’s a month old. According to this, more than 78% of players have gotten at least one dose. There’s been a lot of noise from a few players against vaccines, but for the most part, vax rates for player have been above the rest of the US.

Thanks for the correction… I should have checked more carefully.

The Vikings fire a coach for not getting vaccinated, I love it.

Same. It should be noted that this wasn’t the Vikings’ decision entirely (if at all):

The NFL is requiring Tier 1 staff — the people in closest contact with players, such as coaches and equipment managers — to get vaccinated. Players cannot be forced to get vaccinated.

So it’s not so much the Vikings taking a stand for player safety, it’s the NFL doing that. And I expect to see more coaches fired. Hopefully not a large number of them (I’d like to think that most are smarter than that, maybe I’m wrong).

Can you possibly imagine giving up your NFL coaching gig, surely one of the most coveted in US sports, because you refuse to take a life saving vaccine?

The mind, it absolutely boggles.

My mental picture of a coach in the NFL is a guy who wakes up at 5:00 a.m., maybe works out but probably not, but his day starts at 6:00 a.m. and goes until like 10:00 p.m. They eat, breathe, and sleep football.

That may be an unfair mental picture, but the idea of an NFL coach wasting time reading qanon conspiracy theories on the internet? Yeah, fire him immediately with extreme prejudice.