2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Florida), 84, pancreatic cancer.

Gianluigi Colalucci, art restorer who restored the Sistine Chapel’s Michelangelo paintings, dead at 91.

Winfred Rembert, artist who survived a lynching and depicted scenes of Blacks in the South, dead at 85.

Midwin Charles, legal analyst for CNN and MSNBC, dies at 47.

Walter Olkewicz from Twin Peaks has died at age 72.

Hans Küng, Swiss Roman Catholic priest and theologian who was frequently at odds with the Vatican, including having his teaching license revoked by them, leaves 7 points to the ether.

Former MMA Fighter Tyler East, age 30, has died from a gunshot wound he received after trying to shoot her girlfriend.

HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has fallen, aged 99. RIP Mr Queen.

I loved ‘Square Pegs’.

I mean, on the bright side, Queen Elizabeth is back on the market, gentlemen.

You’re going to hell for that one, you know. :smiley:

I feel a little better about the “Condolences to the Queen on the death of her favorite cousin” crack I made earlier.

And 11 of us can take heart that it wasn’t a pointless death after all…

I’m kinda sad I dropped him this year.

His family says DMX, the rapper and actor known for iconic hip-hop songs and a gruff delivery, is dead at 50. (WBZ)

Another source:

Peter Manso, biographer of Mailer and Brando, dies at 80:

Is DMX dead? His manager Steve Rifkind was insisting it is a false rumor and he is (for now) alive.