2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

After all these years, I’ve finally made the list! And with One Fucking Point! I should ashamed of myself.

How many years did you say it takes? Just asking for a friend…

John Paul Leon, comic book artist, dead at the age of 49.

Clara Lamore Walker, record-holding swimmer who swam for the U.S. at the 1948 Olympic Games in London dies at 94 from natural causes.

Racecar driver Bobby Unser has taken the last lap at 87.

Fantastic dancer and all-around spectacular human being Jacques d’Amboise has passed away at 86:

Wasn’t he one of the brothers in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?

Oh, I’m able to get to the Dope again. I’ve gone over the latest posts and don’t see any points to award since my last listing.

Aye; the article mentions it.

Daniel Kaminsky, internet security researcher known best for his discoveries of the “cache poisoning” flaw in DNS security and another flaw in public key infrastructure that enabled hacking of SSL.

Helen Murray Free, chemist who revolutionized test-at-home kits for diabetes and other diseases.

He will always be Jim in Used Cars to me.

“Batteries not included.”


Lloyd Price dead at 88.

Bo, no points