2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

At the start of the war he was the division commander of the 4th Infantry Division. His responsibility was to his soldiers. At that level you are not setting policy or even overall tactics and strategy. When he did become in charge in Iraq years later he was in charge of handing control back to the Iraqi Army.

So he went directly from division commander to in charge of the whole schmeer but just at the very end, with nothing in between? Just asking because his name was familiar back in those years. He wasn’t some nobody in terms of the view from back home.

This isn’t really a thread for this sort of back-and-forth, but if you’re going to use hero-worship phrases about a guy who left a very different impression with me, well then.

Nah not interested. Like or dislike my post doesn’t matter much to me.

That’s odd, I never thought of him as fat. He just seems to be folding into himself as he gets older.

I think it is more of “fattest to make it that far”. He isn’t hugely obese, but he isn’t skinny as a rail like so many centenarians. Jimmy Carter is thinner than Kissinger, I think, but is also not as skinny as many 100+ year survivors.

I do agree that he is folding in on himself, though, which may contribute to why I think of him as heavy. I wonder if he has a spinal condition in his old age.

Jimmy Carter, God bless him, looks amazing. I want him to hit 110. I admire him more than any living president and more than almost all former ones, too.

Well, I would put him on my list in order to keep him alive, except I occasionally score, so it would be my own bad luck. And anyway, I generally do not put Americans on my list.

Speaking of seventies presidents, Aboulhasan Banisadr, successor to Shah Reza Pahlavi as top-ish guy in Iran, a 12-point waste.

A.Q. Khan, father of the Pakistani nuclear weapons program, also alleged to have shared nuclear weapons technology with North Korea, Iran, and Libya, dead at 85.

I just got to say I totally missed a joke about his countdown timer expiring here.


Neal Sher, former AIPAC director and the U.S.'s leading Nazi hunter dies at 74.

Alabama teen chef Fuller Goldsmith, known for TV cooking shows, dies at 17.

I debated about whether to post that death since he was under 18 at the time of death.

Born 1923 he has reached an age where to keep on living may be a bigger punishment.

This is weird because I was just reading that Christopher Nolan’s next movie will be based on American Prometheus:

-11 points but still….

Quite a life story!

Nitpick: points = max{(100-age), 0}

Paddy Moloney of The Chieftans has died:


Actor/rapper Ricarlo Flanigan dies from COVID at the age of 40.

They’ve since corrected his age to 41.