2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

They’ve since corrected his age to 41.

Ray Fosse, former big league catcher and broadcaster, dead at age 74. He was unfortunately best known as the guy that was unnecessarily bowled over in an all-star game by Pete Rose.

Gary Paulsen has died at age 82.

Wrote Hatchet and a book I love a lot called Winterdance. It’s the true story of how he put a team of dogs together and raced in the Iditarod with almost no proper training. It’s nuts and I loved it.

I remember Hatchet. I had no idea he’d done all that other stuff.
Wow, that librarian story made me choke up. RIP, Mr. Paulsen.

He has a story about he and his dogs getting sprayed by skunks that is just hilarious. His attempt to run the Iditarod was so hilarious and great.

I recommend Winterdance to everyone. It’s an amazing book and not aimed at a young adult audience at all.

Dorothy Steel, an actress who launched her career in her 80’s, dies at 95.