2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

Ray Fosse, former big league catcher and broadcaster, dead at age 74. He was unfortunately best known as the guy that was unnecessarily bowled over in an all-star game by Pete Rose.

Gary Paulsen has died at age 82.

Wrote Hatchet and a book I love a lot called Winterdance. It’s the true story of how he put a team of dogs together and raced in the Iditarod with almost no proper training. It’s nuts and I loved it.

I remember Hatchet. I had no idea he’d done all that other stuff.
Wow, that librarian story made me choke up. RIP, Mr. Paulsen.

He has a story about he and his dogs getting sprayed by skunks that is just hilarious. His attempt to run the Iditarod was so hilarious and great.

I recommend Winterdance to everyone. It’s an amazing book and not aimed at a young adult audience at all.

Dorothy Steel, an actress who launched her career in her 80’s, dies at 95.

Megan Rice has passed away at 91.

RIP Sister; you done good.

Betty Lynn, best known as Thelma Lou from Mayberry, has gone on her last date with Barney. Age 95.

Russ Kick, “Rogue Transparency Activist” who excelled at making Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, dead at 52.

Reports on breaking news state that Colin Powell has died. He was 84.

Of COVID. Fucking disease.

According to his family, he was fully vaccinated, too.

Tom Morey, inventor of the Boogie Board, dies at 86

And yet Dick Cheney lives on.

My thought was Powell was set up by Cheney. Cheney made over 100 (no fooling) trips personally to the CIA to hound analysts for “facts” about WMD and Saddam. Powell resisted some of the claims but still went in front of the UN and made a fool of the USA. Powell was seen as a threat politically to the neocons (I doubt he did have political aspirations but what do I know). Getting him to front the bogus claims was a easy way to derail him.

Powell also had multiple myeloma.

Should be unique points for me.